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Kamla ignores Police and IC to sanction Rowley for ignoring Police and IC

Now, please have a seat for this one.

The People’s Partnership Government yesterday imposed the ultimate sanction on Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for taking email transcripts to Parliament without waiting for authentication by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service or the Integrity Commission.

And the People’s Partnership, whose charge was led by Leader of Government Business Dr Roodal Moonilal and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, imposed its vengeance without waiting for authentication regarding the accuracy of those emails by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service or the Integrity Commission.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)

In the words of self-declared US asylum seeker, Nikki Minaj: Let that soak in, like seasoning.

“(The Parliament) is the domain where we must look at the evidence that has come to the fore, not to wait for the police.”

You might think that was a desperate statement from Rowley to justify his decision to circumvent a police investigation and take a stack of emails to Parliament. But you would be wrong.

That statement was made by Moonilal to justify his decision to circumvent a police investigation to suspend Rowley for circumventing a police investigation.

This is not a fete in here, as David Rudder once poignantly explained, this is madness.

Persad-Bissessar explained that, although the Parliament supported freedom of speech, that freedom ‘must be regulated and should have a foundation of evidence.’

You might be thinking that the Prime Minister was referring to Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin’s scripted and repulsive attack on Rowley, which was the headline act of Persad-Bissessar’s own no-confidence motion.

If you did, please try and keep up.

Photo: This. Is. From. Tanty. Kamla!
Photo: This. Is. From. Tanty. Kamla!

Yesterday, Moonilal slammed Rowley for supposedly desecrating Parliament with “unsubstantiated allegations” that spoke to high crimes and misbehaviour in public office by senior public officials.

Moonilal then hinted, without substantiation, that Rowley had put missiles and cocaine in the water tank of a former minister.

“If you lie, you must also say goodbye,” said Moonilal, in his best Reverend Al Sharpton prose.

Yet, it is Rowley alone who will have to take his leave. Clearly, there are no mirrors in Parliament.

As the People’s Partnership enters its last month, Persad-Bissessar and her touted “rat pack” are treating Parliament in the same manner that reckless youths treat a rental vehicle. And, of course, MPs don’t have to put up a security deposit when they take the wheel in Trinidad and Tobago.

On Sunday, an unnamed mechanic took a TT$1 million dollar Nissan GTR for a joyride and totally destroyed it in a crash. The “supercar” was a gift by businessman Imtiaz Edoo for his son, who has had to ‘make do’ with a Range Rover since the accident.

Photo: When Imtiaz Edoo is done with the old Range Rover... Can I have it?
Photo: When Imtiaz Edoo is done with the old Range Rover… Can I have it?

“He (the mechanic) said he knows he is responsible and that he messed up big time,” Edoo told the Trinidad Express. “I asked him to sign a disclosure stating that he is responsible and that he is willing to take full responsibility of trying to repay me something. He signed it without any apprehension… but as everything else, you could always find some way that you don’t have to pay…

“It was just a ridiculous situation… I won’t give him any other jobs again.”

Methinks a sizeable portion of the Trinidad and Tobago electorate knows exactly how Edoo feels. And we don’t even have a Range Rover as consolation.

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  1. For those pnmites who have been buring there heads in the sand raise your and take a look at this.
    Corruption Allegations Against The PNM 2002-2010

    1. Nepotism, Patrick Manning making his wife Hazel Manning a Minister

    2. Planting Missiles and Cocaine in MP Sadiq Baksh Water Tank

    3. Granting Brian Manning a Gun License in 24 hours and disregarding all rules and procedures

    4. Giving Brian Manning $9 million for a basketball competition ……(Has it start yet?)

    5. The scandal and embarrassment of the $2 million legacy flag

    6. $50 million dollars Boat that never Float

    7. $45 million secret skullarship fund

    8. John Rahael as Minister of Agriculture lease a house and parcel of land belonging to Caroni 1975 Ltd. To his sister

    9. John Rahael as Minister of Health give his sons the contract to provide drugs for the CDAP programme

    10. Penelope Beckles father got CEPEP contracts while she was an MP

    11. Barry Sinanan law firm get government briefs while he was speaker of the house

    12. Patrick Manning rented a house from Lenny Saith brother for $38,000 per month while the Palace was building

    13. Jerry Narace Company got the contract to provide insurance for T&TEC

    14. Kerwyn Garcia, husband of Christine Kangaloo, gets $530,000.brief from government

    15. PNM Chairman Franklyn Khan wife get a $60 million contract days before the 2010 election

    16. $5 million worth of materials from the Tobago Hospital went to develop Dr. Keith Rowley wife private project

    17. Robinson-Regis husband $50,000 per month job at WASA

    18. Tobago Hospital going from $136 million to over $800 million in overrun

    19. Tarouba Stadium going from $275 million to over $1 billion in overrun

    20. Patrick Manning call to the Marabella Police Station demanding his driver be released

    21. Cocaine found in diplomatic pouch

    22. Patrick Manning $240 million Palace with $3 million drapes

    23. Calder Hart$368 million contract to his brother-in-law

    24. $2 billion summit of no return

    25. Camille Robinson-Regis credit card scandal

    26. Maco Manning SIA spying on law abiding citizen

    27. $650 million incomplete Legal Affairs Tower

    28. $700 million incomplete Chancery Lane Complex

    29. $500 million incomplete South Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA)

    30. $576Million Rapid Rail feasibility study scandal

    31. Dustbin Terrorist a.k.a Mr. Big still at large

    32. Bombardier jet joyride

    33. A condo for the Profitess/Prophetess at UTT

    34. $30 million mystery Guanapo church

    35. $30 Million Bamboo Networks Scandal

    36. EMBD Chairman Uthara Rao using $400,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for sexual harassment claims

    37. Manning/Bakr Land Deal for Election support

    38. Manning giving CJ Sat Sharma an ultimatum to “resign or else”

    39. Former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil Scandalous $110 million HMB Shares

    40. T&TEC Street Lighting Scandal

    41. $1.8 billion overrun on Waterfront Project

    42. Shaw Park Tobago Cultural Center $600 Million overrun and 8 years late

    43. Karen Nunez-Tesheira conflict of interest when she withdrew her monies from CLICO

    44. Udecott Calder Hart scandal

    45. Patrick Manning bolting into a Radio Station demanding 2 announcers be fired

    46. Petrotrin $12 billion world GTL, Scandal

    47. Making former murder accused David “Buffy” Millard coordinator of a $250 million NHA refurbishing project

    48. Appointed Mark Guerra as national adviser to the URP

    49. $50 Million Blimp that always Limp

    50. $500,000 Skullarship grant to Louis Lee Sing daughter-in-law, Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing

    51. Radio License for Louis Lee Sing in 24 hours

    52. $55,000 bribery to the former occupants of the Guanapo Church Land

    53. Cleaver Heights $10 million attempted fraud

    54. Patrick Manning calling Tobago Police Station and ordering 4 Bajan fishermen be released

    55. Discrimination against Feroza Ramjohn, Ganga Persad Kissoon and Harridath Mahara

    56. Discrimination against the Maha Saba Radio License

    57. Rushed to bailout their financier CLICO with billions of taxpayers money

    58. “Female” Minister calling the Point Fortin Police Station demanding her son be released after he was caught in a drug bust with 2 Venezuelans

    59. Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit

    60. $126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal

    61. Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex—$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay;

    62. Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers—$300 million over-budget

    63. Ministry of Education Towers—$300 million over budget

    64. NAPA (PoS)—$234 million over-budget

    65. NAPA (San Fernando)—$238 million over-budget

    66. Beverly Hills Housing—$106 million over-budget

    67. Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)

    68. Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal

    69. $100 million to fix shoddy work done EMBD with Water pipes and Electricity together

    70. $150 Million to repair poorly constructed houses under Dr. Rowley watch

    71. The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd. And Destruction of Thousands of Lives who depended on Caroni to feed their family

    72. Auditor-Generals Report stated $1.6 billion spent on CEPEP between 2002-2007 with lack of accountability

    73. How was Landate reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use and where the money came from to build that development project?

    74. Tobago Financial Complex $81 million cost overrun

    75. Tobago Library $80 million cost overrun

    76. Patrick Manning use of a licence plate bearing the nation’s Coat of Arms on the Prime Minister car.

    77. DAWI Services Ltd ( Dane Wilson ) awarded $4 Million to construct Bagatelle Community Center. NO CENTER BUILT!

    78. DAWI Services Ltd ( Dane Wilson ) awarded $250,000.00 Cocorite project. Wall COLLAPSE

    79. $375,000 Cheque paid to a Ghost NGO belongs to the Common Law husband ofMarlene McDonald

    A Careful check will show almost $25 Billion in Scandal under the PNM 2002-2010

    • I totally agree with you, people in glass houses should not throw stones. You left out the red house, it became totally dilapidated before it can be refurbished. I agree that the PP government had some missteps, but what the PNM have done is far worse, diehard PNM calling for election, who says it will be in their favor, I guess we will wait and watch

    • Omg, could not believe the list was so long. People have short memories, they are so quick to jump on the bandwagon to bring down this government, if this happens I hope they can take it

    • These are PP Lies and Propoganda: 2. Planting Missiles and Cocaine in MP Sadiq Baksh Water Tank…..I could list all the lies you have posted and debunk them but that will be wasting a lot of time. Those PP lies and Propaganda would not work this time around. Trinis are no longer a foolish bunch who will believe lies and propaganda from a Fascist Regime. These are Facts and a few becasue I don’t want to waste precious time on educating you: Reshmi the start http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2012-03-04/reshmi-explains-name-change, I could mention the Gopaul’s, Annad’s, Griffth’s, the two pull man but why hide missing 60million from the public of Trinidad and Tobagohttp://www.trinidadexpress.com/art…/20150512/LOCAL/150519889
      Why your UNC/PP Government is hiding these Crime Lords from being Extradited to the USThis is a Government Supports Corruption…How Long will they Hide Ish Gabalrasighn & Steve Ferguson?
      It has many more Facts to bring fought to Prove this Government is a Wicked Cripping Dictatorship and we Should at all Cost Protect ourselves from this Evil they call Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her band of misfits. Keep posting you lies and propaganda. Did you know is your UNC hired and brought Calder Hart to Trinidad. Get your Facts and spreading your Diseased Evil Propaganda. Anyway explain $512…..This Government is hiding secert monies for Chinese firm FACTS:

    • what about THA audits…2002 to 2006??

  2. Justice delayed is justice denied.Well done Kamla.

  3. Up to now I haven’t seen any justification of the opposition leader and his party concerning their actions yet…Most people studying what happened in the past that was already dealt with and moved on…Mr ROWLEY made a presentation in parliament against the ministers of a serious nature of concern without proper facts or proof. When there are questions imposed to him to justify his actions, he ran out of parliament. .The opposition is obligated to disagree but it is their duty to oppose respectfully. …This is a matter of concern to the public because it’s a serious one. ..How can a leader of our country fail to firmly stand his ground and deal with a matter he started. ..Total weakness. ..Then he wants to baffle the public with ABC excuses. The ppl are not stupid

  4. Face looking like Rum self can’t wait to vote them out

  5. Good read you should bring out a news paper or better yet try calypso

  6. everyone of u people fooling yourselves no one, government or private would countinue to wait while having in their possession documents from no less a group than the u. s. justice dept. that these things don’t exist. note i did not refer to them as emails

  7. The PP Gov’t has been taking full advantage of all the loopholes in Parliament and the Constitution while citizens remain dumb and dumbfounded. What helplessness !

  8. Now wondering what %$%$ President allyuh talking about? He’s a frigging joke and just another eat ah food shithong. Look i cyah afford to raise meh blood pressure nah.

  9. The only thing Lord Pussyfoot overseeing is Lady Pussyfoot tan belt!

  10. He too busy enjoying he state housing and state housing allowance to be bothered with that right now Rhoda.

  11. Has the President, the person with oversight of the Constitution, weighed in on Dr Rowley’s suspension yet?

  12. Isn’t she the same Prime Minister that never takes action against her Ministers until after the completion of a full investigation? Eg. Room 201 and Lifesport to name a couple.

  13. Millions of dollars was spent to prove that Rowley was talking crap as usual. Members of parliament must be held responsible for what they say. He tried to destroy reputations and tarnish this country with random shit with no evidence. Influencing so many perceptions with rubbish. Rowley needs to have a sense of personal and social responsibility. Have so class and professionalism.


  15. The bible said DAT the wise will b lead by the fools whatever d party

  16. How dat face looking flush so/ Ah wonda….

  17. It looks like she made a deal with the man below

  18. Who say call election now.Me me me me.

  19. I have said that many times this year, Debbie! I do not believe there will be an election. I propose if no date is set by the end of June 2015 that the Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago express voices of ‘NO CONFIDENCE in the government’. Have nightly meetings in Woodford Square, San Fernando and Scarborough to drive the message of no confidence home. But I hope that my feelings are wrong.

  20. Debbie, girl im hoping you’re wrong inno

  21. Give it up. They are NOT calling elections at all. Not now or not September. I’m placing a wager they will do all within their power not to hold another General Election in this Country. For all our sakes i hope i’m wrong. May God help us.

  22. Remember what you sow u will reap

  23. Kamliar is a damn dictator
    One day one day Congo Tay

  24. People know your constitution and rules of the parliament. Parliament is the highest court in the land for the PM and ministers. Reason MPs or the PM could send whatever to the IC or the police for investigation when it is read in parliament. If it is still being investigated how could the PM, Moonilal, former AG et al investigate themselves. Go get educated people, go read the hanshard and the constitution. Dr. Rowley over and over keep asking for an investigation into the emails, he never ever accused anyone, but as my grandmother always said, a guilty conscience needs no accusal. If their hands are so clean why all the investigation by themselves let the appropriate authorities do their jobs and they should stop lying to the citizens. They have and are compromising the investigation and they know exactly what they are doing and set out to do. Every time the government say they are vindicated from the emails, the police and IC comes out and deny their claims and embarrass them, don’t they think it’s time to stop getting embarrass. If they are so clean they should be sitting back and laughing and not peeping around every corner to get a piece of paper to wave in the faces of the citizens.

  25. well they might be writing their epitaph on their own tombstone,this is not going away just like that,and the ppp ,has abused parliament ,the best out come is to call elections and let the people decide

  26. Kamla, yuh have no shame, dats why yuh could continue yuh disgusting display in Parliament, yuh hug up Jack when the country tell yuh he corrupt, yuh say lets move on when de nation realised dat yuh hired yuh liming pardner Reshmi Ramnarine to head the spy unit, the same clerk who was instrumental in feeding you information from the unit before you became Prime Minister, padded her resume to fool de nation, yuh gave a multi-million contract to yuh friend whose home you stayed at for eight weeks after your elevation to Prime Minister, yuh was forced to cancel it, yuh solicitor general write yuh a Confidential letter tellin yuh that some ting sinister was taking place in yuh Ag’s office and she feared for her safety, she was thrown under the bus by you with yuh response which was to give said letter to the AG, the person whom the solicitor general was fearful of, eventually yuh was forced to fire that snake if a AG, yuh fire Ramadharsingh yet yuh give him work in another Government department, send him to foreign land to represent while he still under a long running investigation, yuh coddle Anil Roberts after everybody asked for him to resign after he was seen on video rolling **** in room 201 in the company of foreign *****, you alone could not make him out, yuh is a completely corrupt woman, now yuh illegally expel Dr Keith Rowley from the Parliament in order to complete yuh dutty agenda, making sure that the evidence against yuh Finance Minister will not be heard in Parliament but as the good Doctor say” Yuh could run, We go run yuh down, yuh could hide, we go dig yuh out, yuh could cry, yuh go have to wipe yuh own tears “

  27. Well she should get the same treatment then

  28. Clearly from the arguments above we know who voting for who and who dont give a damn about corruption, morality, decency or integrity.

  29. Kendall Tull, here are your answers:
    So Parliament is above the rule of law and can punish you for being guilty without the benefit of the Police and DPP? IN THE 10th PARLIAMENT? OBVIOUSLY, YES!
    Is it proper for the Parliament to pronounce on a matter that is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the institutions charged with that responsibility? DITTO.
    Did they reveal the evidence that purportedly prove that the emails were false for the benefit of the accused to review as is required in a court of law? EMPHATICALLY NO!
    Any more questions or can we take the popular vote now and get rid of these crooks?

  30. Ehy some poeple dont seem to understand why rowely was suspended.he had a lot to answer for which he failed to do.
    False statements.emails etc
    But everyone is entitled to say what they want.

  31. Every dog have their day. Even pothounds.

  32. What they know about honesty??

  33. Responsibility in parliament must be preserved otherwise, people who should know better will make comments that they know are wrong, will influence the laypeople and will change the course of history. Rowley was irresponsible when he made those comments… while he may have trusted his source… history will show that he was wrong to do so. Anyone can alter an e-mail and fabricate a new message and he may have been conned by one of his followers…. let us not fool ourselves… he should have known better

  34. It all began with Granny Quilla, but of course, no one wanted to believe!

  35. Thought i’d seen and heard it all from this government but like the party now start. They are so desperate it’s scary. One wonders who’s next. This is real madness.

  36. Watch for a possible replacement in the PNM. Indian sword don’t break only bend….

  37. The Google info shows no information was provided.

  38. This headline got it all wrong, he was censured for the lies accusing the Prime Minister and other Ministers of a conspiracy to commit murder, anyone who can’t see how serious this was better take their heads out of the sand.

    • The pm kill dana.go check ur facts.and see why they fire rowely .and check how much billions the pnm wasted with motting to show for it

    • Kirk Rodriguez-Seijas I can see that English and reading is not one of your better subjects. Dr Rowley never ever accused anyone go to the Hanshard, when he read the emails all he asked for was an investigation into the emails. So everyone who asked for an investigation into a situation is guilty. Then we have a hell of a lot of guilty people in T&T, including the citizens of T&T who wants Dana Seetahal murder investigated. Why don’t the government await the IC and police results of their investigation, they know exactly what they are doing. compromising the investigation. So get your facts straight.

    • Pundit Mehindra Rambally Maharaj the PM and her cronies are all sitting in all the buildings the PNM built, including the Admin building in San Fernando that she has put an office into, having people laughing because first time in the history of the world a PM has an office in a hospital. All their children is taking in the free UWI education that the PNM decided to give and I can go on and on.

    • Pundit Mehindra Rambally Maharaj, if your head wasn’t so far up your a**hole you’d be able to see where those billions were spent.

    • Jacqueline Benjamin, maybe English and Reading is not one of my better subjects, but at least I am not blinded by the PNM propaganda that seems to be obscuring you thinking, not surprised because all the PNM supporters like yourself ever say is ” Ah born ah PNM, ah go dead ah PNM, PNM till ah dead ‘ without ever seeing the other side, ‘ Poor Dr. Rowley, Mr. Innocent ‘ way to go Madam Prime Minister.

    • You’ve just justified everyone’s claims as to how you surely cannot read with your totally irrelevant comments. Clearly the person clouded by party politics are you kirk since you don’t understand simple logic that a man seeking answers to an email is not accusing anyone of anything how much simpler can I say it and I’m sure you still wouldn’t understand that

    • Jacqueline Benjamin what in heaven and earth are you all trying to defend the fact that he did not leave it there in Parliament and went outside on a platform to repeat it again adding to the accusation that the government was spying on the DPP and also try to bribe him by offering him the position of judge on the bench while bugs were planted in his office.All of this this serial liar put out their in the public and still there is a defence. As far as I see you all care for Rowely more than he care you. His plan was to bring down the government and did not care one hoot about the safety of the journalist who the emails claim life was in danger.

  39. Ok – the MS report shows some activity in 2013 but the Google data not showing anything.

  40. what a bunch of desperate people

  41. This Microsoft report runs from March 2013 and also shows no activity for Trinidad and Tobago.