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  1. There’s a reason why the email scandal is not going away. It’s because it was handled properly by the leader of the opposition. The govt is boxed in by the way he dealt with it.

    • Are you serious soldier ?

      look, I really not feeling like voting in the next election..

      but is people like you who will force me to vote PP …..

      this brand of stupidity that defends every misdeed of the PNM is exactly why i prefer the PP or UNC or NAR.. or anybody else in government …

      other parties are held to task for their wrongs …

      that you could stand there and say that Rowley, “handled this well” is shameful ..

      Rowley handled this , unethically, immorally and incompetently …

      Just because the man is leader of the PNM does not mean every piece of BS he does is automatically “right” ..

      Kamla does get called out on her BS …

      and she does at least ATTEMPT to make amends ..

      Keith is a wrong and strong bully, and people like you give him the gumption to never IMPROVE himself or his party …

      it is BECAUSE you do not criticize the PNM , is why the ARE they are as rotten as they are…

      You accept incompetence and stupidity for the PNM , and will not accept it from others …

      • And it’s people like you who say they rather not vote or rather vote for the PP that have this country in a mess. Everybody fedup of the PP’s nonsense but but you rather sit on your hands and not vote?
        You’re a fool. If you wanna take another 5 years of this then that’s you, but some of us have sense and intend to use it.

  2. They could run and hide Mr Rowley but the truth will come out in the end and every one will see and understand. They can try to fool the wider population but they cannot fool me.

  3. Very well said Dr Rowley

  4. In today’s politics where it seems like it’s more of a popularity contest where the focus is on appearance, or how a person sounds, or if he or she smiles or doesn’t smile a lot…as opposed to that desire of just sheer honesty, integrity, proper ethical standards and the dissemination of facts (and God knows this country is crying out for higher standards right about now), after having listened to Dr. Rowley’s speech I was more than impressed.

    To be honest, I have been impressed with Dr. Rowley for some time now (having sat on the other side of the like him fence)…you know why? I have accepted him for who he is and what he brings to the politics of this country… you are not going to get the charisma and charm of a Manning or the wit of a Panday. Nope. Not him. Or even the smile and wave of our current PM (can’t think of much else.) Don’t know of any intelligent, right thinking person who would buy into “my heart is pure” after the Reshmi fiasco which she had direct involvement. Nope. Definitely not that either..Or if you are looking for a voice a la Hansley Ajodha or some sort of semblance to a Barry White type thing where there is less husk and more soothe..well then you’re definitely looking in the wrong place…

    What Dr. Rowley does bring however is intelligent analysis, pure unadulterated logic and fact combined with his own honest and matter of fact style for reasonable thinking people to be the judge themselves..minus the fluff and fanfare. If you’re looking for peripherals and fluff then he is not your man.He has proven his intelligence too by his explanation on what transpired from when he received the emails ,why he did not tamper with it, and why in his opinion the defeat in Parliament was a resounding success as he managed to make the wider public aware of what could be ,and an investigation into the emails started when nothing was happening. And I would have to admit..if that was his intention from the onset then it was quite clever.

    So once Dr. Rowley continues to deliver to us, the wider public who are interested in the facts, continues to exhibit honesty and integrity, without fear or favour and with continued clinical logical analysis then he would continue to grow in stature and popularity(for the right reasons). Who cares if his voice is husky or if his delivery appears aggressive?? I would rather a husky sounding, honest person than a smiling assassin any day of the week. He has impressed me and I am not afraid to say it. Keep it up and may God bless you.

  5. seem to be one of the most honest politicians in Trinidad right now! God bless you Dr Rowley.

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