Fack Fucebook: PP voyeurs defile social media

Remember when Facebook was about puppies with guilty faces, funny clips of adventurous babies and vacation photos?

Hold that thought for a bit. Hold it. Now exhale. You have a better chance of fitting into your Form One school uniform than seeing that place again.

Now Facebook has become a place where sadistic rulers, desperate to hang on to power and crush or neuter critical thinking, resort to crude bullying and intimidatory tactics to silence perceived opponents.

But enough about Libya’s besieged government. Things are not too rosy in the “Land of the Hummingbird” either.

Photo: Troll? I prefer to be called an "activist."
Photo: Troll? I prefer to be called an “activist.”

Yesterday, the Trinidad Express editorial criticised the fact that some of the most vitriolic, racist and sexist slanderous attacks on the social media are emanating from persons who make a living off taxpayers’ dollars.

No State funds for slanderers and racists” would hardly be considered a controversial stance in a civilised country. Although these days, Mr Live Wire wonders what a civilised country looks like.

The response from one State-funded cesspool was a further example of how our country has regressed.

“The witch of Tumpuna Road masturbates on express drawing board,” radio talkshow host Marcia Braveboy wrote on her Facebook page yesterday, “writes Saturday editorial and calls her own name in the process with orgasmic pleasure.”

The fact that the peeping tomboy was one hundred percent wrong—in her insinuation about the editorial’s author and so much more—is the nicest thing you can say about her these days. For the People’s Partnership to offer so much as a penny for her voyeuristic thoughts looks more like State-sponsored intellectual terrorism every day.

Photo: Hmmm...
Photo: Hmmm…

When taken in tandem with Tobago East MP Vernella Alleyne-Toppin, it would appear that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is using the same handbook to empower women as Hugh Hefner.

On 15 September 2013, UNC activist Jaishima Leladharsingh posted instructions to mobilise a protest in a closed UNC group: “… my pick would be for the niggers they pushy enough and gullible it would not take much to sway them it would also enhance the look of the PPG having the African members protesting.”

It took another 19 months after that post before the State stopped providing Leladharsingh with a salary as a Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) board member. And it will not be easy for the People’s Partnership to distance itself from Leladharsingh’s proposed strategy when Alleyne-Toppin was given the job of suicide bomber in the Prime Minister’s No Confidence motion against Rowley and Tourism Minister Gerald “Rat Pack” Hadeed openly eggs on Braveboy to attack the country’s foremost investigative journalists and columnists.

Already accused of defiling everywhere and everything from Point Fortin to Chaguaramas to the judiciary and the Integrity Commission, the PP seems to be eyeing up Facebook in the same way that Glenn Ramhardsingh allegedly eyed up needy female constituents. Already it seems safer to send our teenaged children unchaperoned to a nightclub than for a stroll through the popular social media network.

Photo: You best not even THINK about putting me on Facebook!
Photo: You best not even THINK about putting me on Facebook!

At present, Facebook has 1.3 billion users and a market capitalisation of $212 billion, which makes co-founder Mark Zuckerberg one of the world’s richest men.

But give PP strategists a few more years at this practice with taxpayers’ money and see what happens. Zuckerberg better save his money.

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  1. So where is he media association in all of this? There’s supposed to be a new board or something, and something is usually said when a journalist is being brutally attacked for doing his/her job. This time it is at the hands of a fellow journalist…… if that’s what the woman could be called.

  2. I know what’s going on and I’m about to share…………..Hold on.
    Every Thursday night the PPG PR personnel have strategy meetings after the air of SCANDAL.
    Olivia Pope is the political guru 🙂

  3. Trust me the PNM will play that audio again and again. Lol.

  4. William people suppose to forget that audio tape boy

  5. Could always count of meh boy Gerald to pee on someone head

  6. He so lacks credibility that it ain’t funny but then again he just like the rest of them anyway.

  7. Lasana I’m unsure as to the protocol but I wonder how would the goodly minister reconcile this? http://www.tv6tnt.com/home/rotator/Hadeed-on-Express-299224411.html

  8. election day will be the day of reckoning

  9. It’s truly difficult for me to engage with the likes of Marcia Braveboy et al. without a hazmat suit, or at least facemask, breathing apparatus and a stout pair of gloves. It’s patiently obvious that her personal attacks on certain reporters and columnists have nothing to do with journalism or defending free speech but is part of the government’s media strategy; what we are dealing with here is state sponsored trollism. Braveboy is a continuum involving Alleyne-Toppin and a whole host of overt UNC racists (not going to degrade the term activist by attaching it to them) just take a lot at her FB friends/supporters. That a government MP is openly condoning her and coming to her defence, is indicative of the extent to which her actions are encouraged and sanctioned at the highest levels. To be frank it’s pretty nasty, scary stuff, not being able to refute the validity and credibility of the arguments, they launch into personal insults and slander. Not even the dead are safe! Braveboy continues her unsubstantiated attacks, very much like Toppin, Proverbs 26:11 ‘As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly!

  10. for a few dollars more,what we are seeing is the Americanizing of politics,Dwayne bravo appearance is an endorsement,using hi profile figures to appear om the platforms, part of the plan,so the Keith Rowley bashing is scripted,the high price strategist who is divorced from reality,money to spend and fete voters,rum and roti with a new name

  11. I’m trying not to provide the oxygen of fame but instead examine the government’s role in what is unfolding. But I think that talk show host deserves to have that quote stapled to her name just like Vernella should never outlive her vile attack.

  12. Touche Lasana, people with degrees making an honest living selling KFC, but these trolls sit behind a computer with rum bottle in hand then handed a nice $6 000 plus, at taxpayers’ expense.

  13. So what’s new with this excuse for a Party Lasana?? They’ve stood behind Toppin who said the vilest things while the Speaker allowed her to carry on without interruption and when you call him, the Speaker i.e a UNC he will want to sue. All this while the so called President on vacation and Rome burns and a former Insurance Exec is acting for him. As for the COP i don’t know how much more kiss ass Prakash planning to do but it’s sickening now. I would be so ashamed to call myself a COP right now. We really reach oui. SMDH!!

  14. THIS is why we so out of favor with Westboro Baptist Church, Lasana Liburd! Irreverence!

  15. The PP is free to have its groups that discuss the positive things they have done. But I have a problem with people drawing State salaries routinely slandering journalists or critics in the most offensive manner.
    It is bad enough that the party has not called its supporters to order. But worst when our tax dollars are rewarding those trolls.

  16. Farmer Nappy have d right chune fuh dem…Dhey go get me in trouble

  17. Well I guess those who couldn’t be brought are paying the price by the attempts to destroy their credibility and label them as the PNM cohorts

  18. Braveboy trying to run competion with Toppin as to who can sink lower. Asha don’t study them and keep on writing.

  19. At the risk of making myself a Braveboy target, I shall be a brave boy and say this: the level of fanaticism with which MB dives in after a particular Express editorialist, I fear MB might in fact be the one indulging in some gratuitous journalistic masturbation in regular, prolonged sessions! Tobago love style too!

  20. Lasana it’s best to ignore and keep encouraging the positive. No sense getting involved in that mess. They’ll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. One other thing though, a lot of these bloggers are actually nationals based abroad. Don’t think some of them even understand the damage they’re doing.

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