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Cameron’s back! WICB turkeys vote for Thanksgiving

At best, the majority of the West Indies Cricket Board’s territories are sadomasochistic. At worst, they are suicidal.

Either way, regional cricket fans should look forward to be on the receiving end of some hearty spankings in both the immediate and distant future. And it would probably be sensible to have a Pastor start rehearsing for the last rites.

And that is because, on 7 March 2015, eight of the 12 associations that comprise the WICB voted to re-appoint Dave Cameron as regional cricket president ahead of the challenger and former West Indies cricket great Joel Garner.

Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA's office in Jamaica in 2014. (Courtesy WIPA)
Photo: West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron during a function at WIPA’s office in Jamaica in 2014.
(Courtesy WIPA)

Mr Live Wire did not receive a copy of Cameron’s manifesto. But, based on his record at the helm, we can only assume that he campaigned on a platform of: financial bankruptcy or becoming a outpost of the BCCI (Board Of Control For Cricket in India), conceding all responsibility to develop and run the regional game to anyone with a gold credit card though the CPL, replacing WICB doormats with players—or vice versa—and running the West Indies Players Association (WIPA) through ventriloquy. Presumably, there were free plane tickets  and grants as sweeteners.

Live Wire knows even less about Garner’s mission statement. But, to lose to Cameron, the former Barbados and West Indies pacer must have pushed for higher mortality rates in infants, regular independent audits and administrative restructuring and diligence.

WICB’s directors probably care even less for new-born infants than they do about the dignity of the likes of Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo. But financial scrutiny and no guaranteed free lunches would be a definite no-no.

Photo: West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo will have little to celebrate today. Party done.
Photo: West Indies cricket stars Chris Gayle (right) and Dwayne Bravo will have little to celebrate today. Party done.

So, the turkeys voted for Thanksgiving.

Rather than seek new leadership to get across the manic super-highway that is the BCCI, they chose blindfolds. And, once properly blindfolded, Cameron’s plans probably looked better than ever.

So, Wired868 welcomes in a new era of enhanced S&M techniques. The cricket associations have been bound, the players are gagged and fans are going to be whipped until they start liking it.

Enter: Fifty Shades of Dave.

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  1. Ah want to say someting. Buh is Sunday morning so all ah cud do is SMFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This thing is unbelieved ,corruption is truly the order of the day

  3. Wicb fast reminding me of FIFA…just a more poorer version.

  4. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!…

  5. Well now they hv to find that f….ing money God help us …..

  6. On a serious note, the level of “friendmanship” and corruption in the Caribbean is unreal.

  7. A set of pantyman votes.
    Yes! Is vex ah vex….

  8. thats just for them old men who think the young bloods getting to much money than their got to keep take the money and f***ing up the team

  9. as far as i see….Jamaica rules cricket in the Caribbean .

  10. What on earth did those 8 who voted for this ,,,,, smoke

  11. Politricks corruption and stupidity go hand in hand -may WI cricket RIP

  12. Therein lies the problem with WI cricket. Mediocrity and failure gets rewarded at the very highest level

  13. Same!!!! What a JackA–, Let him Pay the $42M Bill to the Indias, that he created….WI Cricket Dead.

  14. BOYCOTT Digicel and other WICB sponsors until they demand a board that listens to the FANS. Fans must use our economic power to fight this cabal.

  15. well…. time for Trinidad and Tobago to strike out on their own….. under this regime no way Trinbagonian cricketers getting to play…. If Cameron don’t like/ want Gayle, Trinidad and Tobago will gladly have him.

  16. We need a New Association . Named WEST INDIES REAL LEADERS CRICKET BOARD !!!!!

  17. After all de sh.t I do all yuh put me back in power?! well is now ah go make a mass. Let’s see if the same thing will happen in the General Elections

  18. And here it is I thought only the Trinidad electorate was dotish but apparently it extends beyond our borders hope it’s not something in the water.

  19. WI cricket have no where to go smh

  20. ..the culture in the Caribbean in all sports is punish the players and elevate the administrators……

  21. the regional boards NOT SERIOUS

  22. just curious, what qualifications this DICKWAD has 2 b in charge of cricket, F#in Ireland beat us wat nx

  23. The regional cricket boards are responsible for this fiasco. They have killed and buried WI cricket by putting back these idiots

  24. I can’t believe this! I think WI cricket now is as good as dead and buried.

  25. When I think how particular my father was when he was the chairman of the WIBC I now shudder. A disgrace!

  26. I’m shocked. But come to think about it I should not. Accountability was never part of our region’s philosophy in politics, sports or business.

  27. And the definition of insanity is…?

  28. Like these people who vote are sadistic.. is punishment they enjoy so much..and we the people..the real West Indies and present and future players have to endure their non stop bullsh.. being dumped on us..and I’m sure is ..he is ah we boy thing that had him returned eh..lawd fadda ..

  29. This will surely end West Indies cricket.

  30. The WICB is on shakier ground and with less momentum than Greece. Life will certainly not be boring for our cricket in the coming months and years.
    If they thought the enemy was Bravo, Pollard and Gayle, they will soon learn a thing or three.

  31. I’m not all that surprised. The smaller territories always felt scorned by the ” Big Islands” note the Hunte board and its wars with Ramnarine, and the bitter barbs hurled at then Captain Sammy etc. A siege mentality has probably set in and that mindset will empathize with Dave Cameron. They will see him as another ” brother”,under siege .

  32. Michael Samuel, I think the BCCI will turn on the lights and start to clean up the dance floor just now…

  33. Pay back BCCI their US 40 million now. End of WI cricket.

  34. In his play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare laments that “Judgement has fled to brutish beasts and men have lost their reason.” Before that, he had talked about wanting to “be rid of Caesar and not dismember him.” Shakesoeare’s genius clearly allowed him to write the agenda for and the report on today’s meeting just about 400 years before it actually took place.

  35. RIP West Indies. Gone and forgotten….

  36. Lasana Liburd

    People will vote for their own extinction next week if they think there is a dollar in it today. The height of stupidity, recklessness and selfishness all in one.

  37. “The core business of the WICB should be cricket. Two of the issues which I think have been neglected by the WICB are that of cricket development and performance. In recent times I think we have been focusing too much on finances,” said Garner, a quote from an article on Sportskeeda.

    And Joel Garner lost ??? So what do the WI cricket fans have to look forward to for the next two years ??
    Maybe it is time Marijuana legalization sweeps through the Caribbean region.
    The fans need it….Jamaica went first. Who’s next ??