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Who you calling Ho?! Live Wire examines Newsday’s titillating headline

Ho ho ho!

Like jumping behind a stranger and trying to ram your groin into her back pocket, some indiscretions are only culturally acceptable during a particular period of the year. Any other time and you’re facing sexual assault charges and, possibly, psychological evaluation.

And the Trinidad Newsday newspaper, according to critics, might just have gotten its seasons mixed up.

Trinidad and Tobago and West Indies cricketer Lendl Simmons is accused of sharing intimate photographs of a local woman with whom he shared a brief sexual relationship. Incidentally, Simmons is a limited over specialist.

Photo: West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Lendl Simmons on the pull during a one-day affair. (Copyright AFP 2015)
Photo: West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer Lendl Simmons on the pull during a one-day affair.
(Copyright AFP 2015)

The Trinidad Express went with: “Woman suing WI cricketer for sharing intimate photos.”

Newsday choose the snazzier: “Ho accuses Simmons of sex photo leak.”

Cue women’s rights and media tastes advocates choking on their morning’s cup of tea all over the country.

The Newsday was absolutely right. Undeniably. But could the daily newspaper be right and wrong?

Simmons’ alleged victim was born a Ho and, presumably, comes from a long line of Hos. Her name is Therese Ho.

Before we credit the Express for being more gracious in this delicate matter, bear in mind that the paper did not name the cricketer in their headline. The term “WI cricketer” could just as easily mean an obscure figure like Jamaican Nikita Miller. So the Express failed to establish value in the minds of anyone but avid cricket fans or “intimate photo” enthusiasts.

But did the Newsday keep it too real? Did editor-in-chief Jones P Madeira take too many liberties with Ho?

Elsewhere in the social media, top sport photographer Allan V Crane shared his own photos of a half-dressed Ho. On this occasion, it was triathalon starlet and 2014 First Citizens Sports Foundation Youth Award nominee, Joshua Ho. And there were no shares.

Is the sexism then solely on the side of readers who see nothing wrong in a teenaged male Ho yet feel compelled to rescue his female namesake?

Was Madeira Ho-shaming? Or has Trinidad and Tobago become so politically correct that it is no longer possible to call a Ho… ‘Ho’?

Photo: Who are you calling Ho?
Photo: Who are you calling Ho?

At school, where teachers refer to children by surnames, would there be righteous indignation during roll call? What if it was a co-ed school?

That’s a ticklish one. No pun intended. Honest.

So, Mr Live Wire would like to elevate that Ho discussion. Who’s with me?

As for Simmons and his alleged childish and hurtful actions, he should, if guilty, face the full brunt of his actions. Everyone deserves respect and privacy. Would he like anyone to treat his mother or sister like he did Ho?

And for the outraged readers, Live Wire can only hope they were not sharing DJ Lurbz own “leaked” video, a few weeks ago, with a woman resembling ex-Minister Two Pull’s wife.

Ho deserves civil courtesy regardless of her indiscretions. Hoes too. If the woman in the video isn’t your hoe; it isn’t your business!

So let’s ease off that Ho.

About Mr. Live Wire

Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. Yea….but they does call he SimHo.

  2. Is that the old bat he made a stroke filled 69 with?

  3. Trinis like too much bacchanal!

  4. Oh my, what’s in a name? Call me anything, but a…HO?

  5. Omg Lasagna this too funny. But Simmons should have definitely been more mature even if he is a limited over specialist.

    • And now he is in court and further embarrassing his friends and loved ones. Hope he learns his lesson.

    • Very true. Not only that but what about the young cricketers that want to be like him? Thankfully my son doesn’t like him (my son is a budding all rounder) and even though we all make mistakes, being able to say I was wrong is part of setting a good example.

    • Actually, I understand that Ho was the first person to send photos. She sent to his fiancee (now wife). So she is on very shaky ground I think.

    • Lasana Liburd she claims only to have contacted the fiancée, giving a detailed account of their affair…including their ‘sessions’. He claims she did send a photo… Since neither provided proof of that and the judge did pointedly ask if he was not going to call the wife as a witness… He said no…so it will be for the judge to decide who is telling the truth on that … Either way it was/is a mess of a situation.

    • Oh. In another thread, they claimed she confessed to sending the photo. Thanks Jay Ven

  6. I’ve learn not to expect much class and or professionalism from the media in Trinidad and Tobago ..Apart from poor decisions like this one they continue to make major errors in everyday broadcasting but quick to criticize other people or institutions when they make a blunder

  7. No morals for a black man sue him big times

  8. Very sad that someone hoping to be a national hero continues to act in a manner that would get us all reluctant to allow him that status. He needs to grow up in many ways. His indiscretions continue to show him in very bad light.

  9. It was absolutely dispicable.A puerile display by a newspaper with NO credibility whatsoever.

  10. Simmons must remember he has a daughter!

  11. The entertainment tabloids have spoken. It is so unfortunate that these indiscretions are now viewed as newsworthy.

  12. Are we sure she is d victim, or she put it out like what people do in d states for attention. Dont know d details but this adds no value to anybody in the country . Therefore not news

  13. I think the judge might do the deed poll for her and add the E if she’s lying

  14. correct!!!…Because if I was the judge and you’re lying in your initial claim….NEXT!

  15. And if Ho is being dishonest in a major part of her claim to the court, she is off to a bad start.
    I doubt the judge would be tickled. Only the lawyers will win here.

  16. I meant all the interpreting of what was done and why it was done and who did what first. The only absolute we know. Is that there are pics. And he shared them. Well another absolute is that unless she is visually impaired she is lying when she says they were takin without her consent. Cuz home girl looking into the camera eyes wide open

  17. Sad thing is these encounters between groupies and sportsmen never end well for the women.

  18. Wait, what? I need to go back to the news reports then. Because I thought it was confirmed that the case being brought against him is for the photos and his defense is a lack of a relationship with the woman, not a denial of sharing. I confused now

  19. Ummmm nothing we are commenting on here is officially confirmed actually. It’s all speculation.

  20. It seems to be part of his defense, hence the reason for him saying “the relationship was not of a confidential nature”

  21. Ok. So not officially confirmed. Because if that is the case it should be part of his defense. Even Lasana says he’s not sure who is telling the truth. The only thing not in question right now is that he shared the photos.

  22. Where was that reported, I would like to read it. If she desiminated the photos then the breach of confidentiality case is made weaker.

  23. Well if we’re commenting based on reports. The same judgment has to apply in how we interpret everything is reported. And what had been reported is that she showed the wife the pics to which he retaliated

  24. Nicole, I am saying I agree (although we don’t know if she showed the wife pics or just told her yet, do we). I am also saying scale is important in this case. Especially as it relates to precedent.

  25. But Fayola Bostic if sharing the pictures is wrong it’s wrong on both sides. If she showed them to his wife all expectations of confidentiality are out the door. His share was probably bigger than hers. But goose and gander must live by the same rules here

    • That’s not at all how that works. She can share them with whomever she wants. They are HER pictures. HE is not allowed to disseminate them without her consent.

  26. Beverly Jardine. Both women and men seem to like their sexual encounters taped. It is just that like most things regarding sex (pregnancy, date rape, etc.) women are held responsible for the consequences. Perhaps because they stand to lose more. Perhaps because of a system that does not hold men accountable for their behavior as it does women. But yes, this can act as a valuable lesson to both men and women. My fingers and toes are crossed that the lesson is more accountability not less

  27. I still don’t understand why women want their sexual encounters taped and via smartphone at that. She could not have been that smart not to read the signs of what role she played in his life and his level of emotional maturity. I hope this case serves as a lesson to both men and women.

  28. Lasana that is why I said sure. But disclosing indiscretions to a wife is not the same as sharing intimate pictures with multiple people without permission and I don’t wish to conflate those two

  29. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…or a man sold out by a groupie who sent photos to his fiancée to prove that they were doing the dirty.

  30. The issue can never be about who is disloyal or not. It has to be about intimate photos. And it has to be one rule for both sides.
    If he can’t show them to anyone, then neither can she. Fair Fayola Bostic?

  31. For telling the wife you mean? Sure. Is protecting a disloyal cheating man as big an issue as protecting people from cyber sex crimes? Dunno if I will join you on that one

  32. I agree Fayola. But same applies to her though right?

  33. Confidentiality refers to intimate pictures not to the existence of the relationship. She has a reasonable expectation that such pictures, which if released could cause her embarrassment or injury, would not be released without her permission. I wish that the judge cleans his clock and that Mrs. Roberts also dealz with Lurbz accordingly.

  34. I see what you mean Alana. But the judge might be in a ticklish position if he tried to define which relationships are worthy of legal protection. Particularly in this age where less people are getting married.
    I personally think a blanket rule should be there for everyone.

  35. I meant if the philanderer should get confidentiality. As in, if the side piece reveals the infidelity to the wife/fiance. Anybody going beyond the triangle though and entering the realm of revenge porn in social media or anywhere else is wrong.

  36. And for anyone wondering about the photo of Lendl used in this story… Pure coincidence! 🙂

  37. I think she should get confidentiality as a courtesy. I think there should be legal protection for both parties as a general rule in such arrangements.
    But I’m not sure if, with the present laws, she is on strong ground.

  38. Not judging you Lasana!! I’m just observant lol

    But that’s an interesting question you pose. He broke his fiance’s trust no doubt… But if you’re engaged or married, should you expect confidentiality from a side piece?

  39. As long as Simmo make runs
    I good

  40. In short, my personal opinion is that they are both wrong. I have to suspect it will be settled out of court.
    His wrong is worse though.

  41. Hahahaha. Part of her case is that photos were taken without her consent. I doubt that will stand up based on the photos.
    Another part is that he violated the confidentiality of their relationship. But she seems to be admitting to doing that with his wife.
    I have my doubts that Ho will be the poster girl for the campaign against “revenge porn.”
    Not to mention she is talking about a relationship with an engaged man.
    Clearly Tanty Kamla isn’t the only person that fails to adhere to due diligence.

  42. Yuh better go to court and report back eh Lasana.

  43. But Ho herself admitted that she took it upon herself to inform his wife of their “relationship.” Does that also constitute a breach of the confidentiality she is asking for?
    Let me say again that I sincerely think he is absolutely wrong to share the photos even if he felt provoke.
    It was classless. And if there is a law that deals with that, he should be punished.

  44. You are indeed a responsible investigative journalist Lasana! You always get the “inside” scoop.

  45. Lol. Someone showed me the photos tonight. I didn’t see them before. Nor did I ask to see them.
    But as a responsible journalist seeking to enlighten readers, I felt some responsibility there to take a peek… :-/
    Don’t judge me! Lol

  46. Now we have a clearer picture

  47. Scroll up MelLissa, Lasana says she was looking into the camera lmao

  48. Mel Lissa, Lasana like to use words like alleged eh….

  49. Savitri only time will tell on how this plays off…………

  50. Alana …Lasana said it is alleged that she was the one who started the photo sharing

  51. Brian, I wait to see what the Judge says….he’s a tough man

  52. That’s a good point Brian Manswell

  53. They passed laws against this in the US and they recently convicted and jailed the guy that was running the revenge port site. He was convicted on multiple charges including extortion because he ran a parallel site that would help get your picture removed from his porn site for a fee.

    For me, the relationship seems to have ended acrimoniously. If she went to his fiance/wife, I understand how that could happen and why but she didn’t share his pictures with a host of other people via social media (I hope). Simmons on the other hand did. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I find it repugnant, immature and disappointing… Among other things…

    But a thought just occurred to me… Lasana you sound like you’ve seen the pictures!!

  54. I wonder how much money could compensate you and how you going to make it better?

  55. She “is seeking compensation from Simmons for breaching the confidentiality of their relationship”.. hence the reason why “he is denying he was in a relationship with her which warranted the level of confidentiality”

  56. Savitri I agree with you but my point was how many ppl would be willing to place themselves into the limelight?

  57. Yeah I understand that hence my point above re the injunction etc.

  58. Which is not the same thing in this case

  59. Now they both have to “open” up in court because she’s saying one year he’s saying one night.

    Lasana, the UK doesn’t have specific legislation for “revenge porn” either, he was prosecuted under the harassment laws after failing to adhere to two previous warnings.

  60. Savitri they can’t use that if the laws here are different. They can’t use what is done in the UK.

  61. I was thinking that Mel Lissa, but the article doesn’t say if he continued to send pics after the injunction was first granted.

  62. This entire thing is the result a ‘relationship’ gone bad

  63. Well Brian, the precedent may deter people from doing this sort of thing, no?

  64. The guy in the UK had 2 previous warnings..that’s not the case with Simmo

  65. Set a precedent? IMHO Not much ppl would want this sort of scandal attached to them especially if there isn’t anything to gain from it financially.

  66. “Last November, 21-year-old Luke King became the first person in the United Kingdom (UK) to be jailed for engaging in revenge porn. Like T&T, the UK does not have any specific legislation which outlaws the practice. As such, King was prosecuted under that country’s harassment laws for failing to adhere to two previous warnings from police when he decided to post a nude image of his former girlfriend on instant messaging app Whatsapp.” – TT Guardian. I wonder if they will cite this case?

  67. In her statement, Ho said that the photos were taken without her consent. There were several photos and if there are two naked people in the room then I can’t understand how he was hiding the camera. Which she was looking right into.
    Also she said she informed his wife. How did she prove to Lendl’s wife? With photos?
    This will be a dirty case. But the court is there if anyone feels they have been wronged. So good luck to her.

  68. This will apparently set a precedent….

  69. But there is no real precedent for damages in these matters. Not saying she shouldn’t go to court. But she won’t get much money.
    So it has to be about something else. Only the lawyers will get paid.

  70. If she allegedly sent photos to his fiancé then she’s just as wrong as he is.

  71. Or maybe he’ll get his wrist slapped, Lasana, I don’t think Justice Seepersad will take too kindly to his defence of ” his encounter with her was only a one-time affair” and also considering that Justice Boodoosingh had granted her an injunction last year. I hope she wins in court, but he has “screwed” her reputation too.

  72. Alana, I suspect neither party will come out smelling of roses in this case. It is just a matter of who comes out worse and if anyone pays.

  73. Isn’t this also the distribution of Porn? Isn’t also illegal? I am disappointed in Lendell, he has a lovely family, beautiful daughter… He should have had confidence in his marriage, let Ho talk, she had no right to go to his wife….. Still, he shpuld have k own better…. Stay strong Simmo….

  74. The editor is a man so what do you expect? Therese Mills, deceased editor, would never have stood for such low standards. A headline like that doesn’t make the editor any better than the cricketer. The cricketer humiliated Ms.Ho and the editor made fun of her. These two men are disgusting creatures!

  75. You never know… I know of some men who invite their side pieces to the wedding and those who never stopped having encounters or whatever they want to call it. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  76. So he was planning his wedding and posting nude pics of a one nighter? I dunno Alana…just not normal

  77. Why not Mel? Once a dog learns to suck eggs, it doesn’t stop….

  78. The double entendre is obvious and in extremely poor taste. I’m certain Newsday thought themselves so witty for it.

    Had her name been Therese James, the headline would not have read ‘James accuses Simmons’. Media houses do not regularly use surnames of private citizens in their headlines. They do so primarily with known figures.
    e.g. Manning responds to PM.

  79. That stupid little boy is an ass. And Newsday, I never read but I can imagine the low class headline.

  80. Nicole Philip Greene, the difference is if the person is trying to have a discussion or disrupt one. I had no problem responding to Kerry Peters for instance.
    Most people know Ian Gooding by now and wouldn’t take him too seriously. I happen to know a few more trolls by now and I step away from them.
    You are free to ask me anything you like. 😉
    I’m about to start a Pro League meeting so I might be a while before my response though.

  81. Sometimes even trolls have a valid point. If I agreed with any of the points above (and I do) should I worry about voicing that in this forum while the trolls are being bashed?

  82. clearly “hypocrisy”…isnt a concept you understand…You’re really gonna lecture people on what satire is? or how satire has no holy cows? .. you who got into a rage over the wayne kublalsingh reptile ad?? ..(by the way have you accepted that hes lying yet or does that still not matter..)

  83. Clearly, there is no curfew under certain bridges. 🙂

  84. In all seriousness Ho is a very likely candidate for that elusive “e” at the end of her name eh

  85. Lasana Trinidad only has two satirists ..you’re not one of them

  86. Thanks Nicole. It isn’t only this topic. I know whenever I write on capital punishment or police slayings, which I both disapprove of, I’m gonna get stick off the bat. That’s ok.
    I prefer when people genuinely disagree on an ideological level and we can discuss it.
    But there are some people who are just mischief makers and are always looking to take a dig. I just ignore such folks and wait for them to return under their respective bridges. 😉

  87. once upon a time my EXGF threatened to publicise photos of me…In flagrante delicto…i told her two things:
    #1 I have 3000+ friends on Facebook; she had 350.
    #2 I could use the fame.

  88. It didn’t make sense to me that he would do something like that the same year he got married..

  89. I know is don’t need to explain my support to you. But I felt the need to say – people need to be free to say their say. Even if it’s not popular.

  90. hey bro…yuh doh even have tuh try to break it down…even Santa loves his Ho Ho Hos!

  91. If Ho really sent pictures, there would be proof. Whether she would really sue after having sent photos is another story.
    Either he is lying or she is a very silly girl. Not that I’m excusing his “revenge” anyway. Because it is still wrong.
    If he is telling the truth, Ho isn’t a saint. No pun intended.

  92. Satire has no holy cows really. I can understand some people will always be put off. I know that before I even know what I’m going to say or start writing.
    My hope is that laughter breaks the tension and allows people who take different sides to come to the table a bit easier to discuss a topic.

  93. An aside: I understand Lendl Simmons’ defence is that Therese Ho kicked off the photo sharing by sending photographs of him to his wife.
    The courts will rule eventually. But thought I would add that to the debate since some people want to discuss the incident too. I have no idea who is telling the truth or not.

  94. Hope he has proof of this to present it in court

  95. Interesting indeed Lasana seeing that he got married last year
    I was wondering about that

  96. I have always been a big supporter of Wired868, but to think that this topic and this treatment of it was not going to invite opposition is… unusual.

    There are things a satirical site can get away with that the mainstream news cannot/should not.

    But playing the same tongue-in-cheek game as one side while inviting discussion on their treatment of the issue is going to come across as disingenuous to some.

  97. Whether this makes a difference to this thread or not, I understand Lendl Simmons’ defence is that Therese Ho kicked off the photo sharing by sending photographs of him to his wife.
    The courts will rule eventually. But thought I would add that to the debate as well. I have no idea who is telling the truth or not.

  98. I have to wonder if some people read the entire article?? Or maybe they just don’t “get it”. I guess, like Lasana said these things aren’t meant for everyone. ; )

  99. Long live satire. Just to clarify, my comment is specifically about this story.

  100. Jonathan Swift would have been beaten badly if he had lived in these times.

  101. Noble thing to invite us to have this “discussion” but coming from a satirical blog, can anyone–“hoes included”–take it seriously? Here, satire cheapens either the invitation or the discussion, if you ask me. Or both. And Newsday’s bad taste and Wired’s self-indulgent satire starts to have the same net effect. Just a thought.

  102. You are so easy to read Lasana. Wish I could say the same for the writers in the local newspapers

  103. I know an honest request for information or clarification Dennis. And I know when someone has a different agenda. No matter. The internet is teeming with them and there will be plenty people looking to disrupt conversations in 2015.

  104. One can see what one wants and comprehend what one chooses to in most situations. I shouldn’t have to explain the reference behind the main character in Kill Bill either. One either gets it or doesn’t.
    These things aren’t meant for everybody. No love lost. Blessings to all.

  105. Darryn it is good to see that there are still decent people like yourself in this world. Some of us have convenient standards of right and wrong. Which just reminds me of an old saying Empty vessels make the most noise.

  106. Sorry to say but Newsday has a targeted audience…remember they had a competition where who ever had their Newsday on display could win money…that is how desperate they were to get people to buy it…I don’t expect nothing better from them…that is the ratchet/gutter newspaper….I rather buy a Sushine than ah Newsday..

  107. Congrats on you getting whatever you choose to get Darryn. I personally won’t get anything out of a debate with you. So I decline your invitation. Go with God.

  108. I think he’s very aware of it. Just trying to capitalize on a poorly worded headline in an attempt to go viral. And what does Uma Thurman image have to do with this?

  109. You don’t even see it do you?..you write an article questioning new days taste and then post it with the description..did ledil simmions and the news day double team ho….your lack of self awareness is astounding

  110. Feel free to repost anything you like here Darryn. No street side interrogations. Just make your point and back it up.

  111. Didn’t you write an article mocking anil Roberts sex tape calling the woman in it a pornstar?

  112. Naaa Soyini, Doh say that….its hard to understand why Newsday would be so blatent with the heading…Guardian i doh know what they were on when they did the storr with GG

  113. Smh Colin Benjamin. Time to unfollow. Lasana Liburd you can see why I can barely even visit this group for any length of time!

  114. Stww is so bad she want a carnival raise. Should be glad an athlete went there and stay quiet..

  115. Now, in TRUE TRINI ENGLISH, it would read as if the lady is ah Hoe…in REAL ENGLISH, if yuh add the letter A, then the lady is being called a Hoe…i just fint the TRUE TRINI ENGLISH version, along with the fact that its on the FRONT PAGE rather funny

  116. Guardian has some Porn revenge Title to the story…

  117. Sorry Lasana..i wasnt clear with that last statement. I was refering to GG fingering 3 other ministers….and im dying laughing as i type here……….

  118. Nah man …Guardian wasn’t bad..they only named him

  119. Nicole Philip Greene I agree 100%.

  120. WHo yuh know society at play…..

  121. Ravi Maharaj what did the guardian have? I don’t enjoy finding my way around their new website.

  122. they see the Guardian didnt get scolded so, what good fuh d goose good fuh d gander

  123. This was intentional to sell the paper…totally insensitive, sexist, selfish…

  124. And we still eh reach where we going yet. Believe that!!

  125. And I’ll repost it here too:

    It was in poor taste. Joshua Ho’s achievements were in no way connected with a situation where his character would be compared using derogatory adjective that sounds like his name. In another circumstance, it would be one of those “unfortunate” headlines where people would ask where the editor was. In this case there’s plausible deniability being raised about the double-entendre.

  126. Not unlike the “spurned lover” who was set on fire. Headline didn’t indicate that he was abusive, had a restraining order not to contact the ex, and that she had called the police for 20+ minutes who didn’t arrive until after she took matters into her own hands. Sexism in journalism deserves better scrutiny. Tabloids, expected. Respected news – we have that still in T&T?

  127. Didn’t expect anything better from the newsday…not surprised

  128. Bad headline !
    Lil boy behaviour by Simmons!

  129. Really embarassing and cringeworthy. And I bet many are wondering what exactly is her problem. Sad.

  130. It’s tasteless and they knew what they were doing by printing it that way! They intentionally went for a salacious headline and a double entendre instead of affording the woman full respect and avoiding swaying public opinion. Situation made worse by both the alleged sexual crime involved and the fact that the case is going to court and efforts should be made towards impartiality

  131. The Guardian is a real newspaper the way the COP is a real party.

    People still taking them on?

  132. It was in poor taste. Joshua Ho’s achievements were in no way connected with a situation where his character would be compared using derogatory adjective that sounds like his name. In another circumstance, it would be one of those “unfortunate” headlines where people would ask where the editor was. In this case there’s plausible deniability being raised about the double-entendre.

  133. No one could have said it better

  134. i must admit…I nearly choked laughing when I say this…but Newsday went a tad too far with this imho

  135. The Newsda and The Guardian going Extempo competition!!!!!!

  136. Yes!! Saw that…so nobody said, ‘ allyuh, this eh lookin good’ ?

  137. Dislike and disagree!

    It’s tasteless and they knew what they were doing by printing it that way! They intentionally went for a salacious headline and a double entendre instead of affording the woman full respect and avoiding swaying public opinion. Situation made worse by both the alleged sexual crime involved and the fact that the case is going to court and efforts should be made towards impartiality.

    Trinidad media and Trinidad people need to be taught more maturity and sensitivity. No like for this post. 2