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Doh hot yuh head: Crime Watch featured in primary school textbooks

Trinidad and Tobago’s first Prime Minister Eric Williams said the country’s future lies in our children’s bookbags.

If so, then pray.

In the “Trinidad & Tobago Social Studies for Primary School: Standard 2” book, author Kevin Jeanville listed crime shows and letters to the editor among the country’s viable solutions to crime.

And there, like Big Brother, stood a photograph of Ian Alleyne in a bullet-proof vest with Crime Watch’s email address and the message: “Ian Alleyne and crime watch… Hotting up De Place!”

Photo: Crime Watch is featured as one of the nation's crime solutions in the "Trinidad & Tobago Social Studies for Primary School: Standard 2" textbook.
Photo: Crime Watch is featured as one of the nation’s crime solutions in the “Trinidad & Tobago Social Studies for Primary School: Standard 2” textbook.

Is the Trinidad and Tobago Government, through our tax dollars, teaching every child between the age of seven and nine that an unusually flamboyant man who loves poking around dead bodies and uses his cell phone while driving is considered an answer to crime?

If ever there was a case against State-sponsored education that was probably it.

What next? Will home economics students be asked to watch “Desperate Housewives?”

Are we now in a world where Crime Watch is considered a mainstream, positive programme? Is Alleyne our great hope for a law abiding society?

No wonder sex and drugs are on the rise in the schools. The little buggers are trying to cope with the messed up world they are about to inherit.

Either that or they are auditioning to replace Chandresh Sharma and Anil Roberts in Cabinet.

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  1. coletteburnett@yahoo.com

    Just saw this and This is craziness. We MUST begin a petition/action to get this removed immediately. This is NOT OK! Our children’s minds are at stake people. This is beyond ridiculous now!

  2. Nothing’s wrong with this.

  3. stupes! but what the A#! is this!

  4. A flamboyant caricature with badly matched foundation and ridiculous eye wear who acts more like a gossip longer than a conscious crime fighter. Hmmm. Okay then.

  5. this guy is a big f**king joke..

  6. And that is a very dangerous situation and why we should not allow this

  7. Exactly, but whether kids see crime watch, news or papers, the amount of violent crimes are totally desensitizing our children.. Nothing is shocking & nothing is sacred:-/

  8. Yet another sterling example of why this government needs to be voted out. I want to know who sits on the textbook review committee, who appointed them and how much of my tax dollars they are paid to do such a shoddy, shameful job!

  9. Re textbook craziness… Well the depiction of emancipation in our schoolbooks was a smiling Kamla in a yellow turban… We must join the dots between the author, a family member of the cabal and the bank… Nice pay day for quacks…. And these falsehoods and stupid snippets are not corrected.

  10. Sorry no. Context is important. Crime Watch should not have been featured for many reasons – not the least of of them being that children should not be watching Crime Watch. The police. Tips hotline. Crimestoppers. These are appropriate for that age.

    At another stage, crime watch and other avenues could be presented – ALONG WITH a discussion on social justice, pros and cons of vigilanteism, eyewitness testimony, social judgement of accuser and accused.

    It is irresponsible to simply direct children to a channel/avenue which has been held up as exploiting children.

  11. *Facepalmheaddesk* Rock bottom eh have nutter on we…

  12. There are many things that adults turn to for one reason or the other Kester Lendor. The reason we won’t share them with children is obvious to me.
    For me, the author could have gone as far as say that some people turn to crime shows for solutions. But the photo of Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch was too far.
    You say you have no problem with it. But suppose Alleyne was in jail right now for showing the rape of a minor?
    Then what? Doesn’t that possibility alone show it was a bad idea by the author?
    For me, he got it wrong. I don’t want the Ministry of Education using tax payers’ money to endorse Crime Watch no matter how subtly it is done.

  13. Is it that we withhold information from our children on what the show Crime watch about? I guess if i were an educator I’d have to inform my students about it. My 9 year old has not watched that program but she’s aware of the it. Like u’ve published in a previous article I do agree that the program should not be on at 6pm and that he should not be allowed televise some of the footage he gets but that’s another story. I agree with the book’s author on this one, for quite a number of people Crime watch offers solutions to (petty) crime in T&T.

  14. Yuh mean to say Uncle Jack initiatives couldn’t make it boy…waysss…I’m dissapointed !

  15. And that is why I stated clearly what the author said. So we can dissect it like this.
    It is true that people look to Crime Watch for solutions. Whether they are right to do so and whether Crime Watch offers solutions at all is another question.
    But my point is this Kester Lendor: Are between the ages of 7 to 9 the right time to expose students to Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch in any manner whatsoever?
    And should the Ministry of Education not be very careful about what show it advertises on its textbooks, which then go out to thousands of students?
    My answer to that is no. So that is what I consider to be the big deal in this story, even though mine is just one opinion.

  16. Hold on hold on, Lasana ur article says that the author lists reality tv show and letters to the editor as viable solutions to crime but exactly what is wrong with that? Let us try to divorce ourselves from our disgust for Ian Alleyne and keep the focus on what the author is conveying. Probably if that book was written a couple months ago it would include photos of Zanda, Malan Hopkinson and Beyond the tape. I, like many I’m repulsed by what I’ve heard is shown on That program (I don’t look at it) but I’m don’t see the big deal with it being mentioned in the way it was in the article.

  17. *heavy sigh* I too shame tuh say I know de fella who write dis book. And he right from almost rong de corna een Mon Repos!
    When ah see him…steups.

  18. Wat d asss Who d hell ok that nonsense

  19. Just when you almost run out of things to cuss about they come up with some new sh*t. If this is the answer I’m sorry for country. He’s an A**

  20. Needless to say, we hotting we head though. Talk about not taking good advice..

  21. Sigh. I pity the children with that choice. Police or Ian Alleyne.

  22. But no sex education or Civics or moral studies

  23. getting free advertising from the MoE, there . talk about dumbed down.

  24. They should be teaching kids to trust and rely on police officers, instead they are teaching them to trust and rely on a crude reality show host and former ruling party candidate.

  25. U kidding…. Goes to show once ur contacts are good u can get ur book on textbook rental

  26. What part of Ian Alleyne is a role model?

  27. If Crimewatch is crime fighting then the P.T. Barnum & Bailey Circus is wildlife conservation……….hear nah!!!!

  28. These people are sickening to put this flaming drama queen in a text book for young impressionable minds.

  29. Well my books have to make high school literature now. They must. Every time you think you have seen it all..

  30. It just seems surreal. Children aged 7 to 9 being introduced to Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch by the Ministry of Education.
    The textbook was printed in 2012 btw.

  31. Let’s ask the reviewers on the text book committe?

  32. Why would anyone think that between the ages of 7 to 9 is a good time to be introduced to Ian Alleyne and Crime Watch?
    That is what I would like to know.

  33. This is only obscene because we allow it….who the ass sits on the text book review committee?

  34. Is only because Lasana write it I believe this, eh….

  35. I had to go and come back to this post yes! And ah still trying to digest this lil revelation

  36. So wait nah! How come nobody never mentioned this before?! Is a good thing I doh have chirren to go thru this yes

  37. Yes Lasana! Yuh too lie. You have got to be kidding me. What total and utter rubbish. A host whose command of the English language is so limited and who is highly critical of persons and not in a constructive manner leaves much to be desired. Dr. Tim! You sanctioned this?

  38. The textbook was printed in 2012.

  39. Seriously. What propaganda press printed that

  40. What were we thinking in 2010.

  41. No one should have to tell them that this is wrong.
    Are they trying to engender enmity in the populous?

  42. I’m trying to find the exact sequence of words that would adequately capture my views on this latest development………buh it hard, it relly hard!!!!!

  43. Rhoda just when you thought the assness reached it’s climax………

  44. I wish it was a joke Susan. That is a screenshot from the textbook and it is on page 288.

  45. And mind you, this man aired the sexual assault of a mentally challenged minor.

    For me to eff up as consistently and as completely as this government I would have to make a mammoth effort.
    It wouldn’t even have enough hours in the day!

  46. Is Wired 686 the T&T version of the Onion? If not well this textbook has to be a brainwashing exercise of the highest order! OMG

  47. This cannot be for real, tell me it is some kind of joke.

  48. There is a screenshot in the article and it is page 288.

  49. Just spotted in daughter’s textbook and couldn’t believe it myself.

  50. And they laughed at Dan is the Man in the Van.

  51. The bright side, if there is a bright side is at least the children only reading about it and hopefully will never see the rubbish live on television

  52. Lasana yuh lieeeeee. This cannot be real.

  53. I actually don’t know what to say. Smh

  54. This is not even a laughing matter. I am disturbed that this would be allowed to happen. Our education system is getting worse and worse. Steupssssssss.

  55. For all of us who don’t know what to say, Sparrow has already spoken. Twice. First in “Education:” “Children go to school and learn well/otherwise later on in life yuh go ketch real hell…”
    And later at the end of “Dan is the Man in the Van”: “If mih head was bright, ah woulda be a damn fool!”