Glenn in dog house for trying to vet CAL stewardess

Minister of the People Glenn Ramadharsingh found himself in the dog house today after the Trinidad Express revealed that the MP allegedly threatened a 25-year-old CAL flight attendant after a flight from Tobago earlier this month.

Ramadharsingh, according to a report lodged with the police and Airports Authority, appeared intoxicated and was uncooperative and rude on the flight. Flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow also claimed that the minister brushed his hand against her left breast while reaching for her name tag before telling her that her “days were numbered.”

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether Ramadharsingh was reading from the book of Revelations when he delivered his apocalyptic warning.

Photo: Minister of the People Glenn Ramadharsingh is allegedly not a people's person.
Photo: Minister of the People Glenn Ramadharsingh is allegedly not a people’s person.

The Minister refused to confirm or deny the allegations when contacted by the Express. But these are confusing times for him indeed.

In Senate on Tuesday, Cabinet members discussed whether the Minister was still operating as a veterinarian after owners received their pets back from his Centau Veterinary Services with the card signed “GR.”

Ramadharsingh denied it and insisted he has not practised since 2009. But is it plausible that the demanding nature of the job has lead to splintered realities and split personalities by People’s Partnership ministers?

Nizam Mohammed famously thought he was a telephone operator and tried to patch two officers through to the police commissioner when they actually stopped him for traffic violations. Collin Partap thought he was the police commissioner after a night out at Zen and, when asked to do a breathalyser, tried to phone himself to make sure.

And now it appears that Ramadharsingh, the little Minister with the hampers, occasionally tires of playing Santa’s elf. So, on a flight from Tobago, he auditioned for the lead role in Leprechaun 3 instead and rudely tried to vet a flight attendant.

Photo: Can someone please explain why this little fellah does not have adult supervision?!
Photo: Paws off, Minister!!!

Perhaps it is time for Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to let some more dogs out of her Cabinet.


Editor’s Note: Minister Glenn Ramadharsingh apologised to the public today for his threat to the flight attendant and explained that he was “fatigued” on the flight.

Mr Live Wire concurs that the 10 minute trip from Tobago to Trinidad can be quite taxing and wishes to advise cynics: Let he/she who has never tried to have an employee fired while fatigued cast the first stone…

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