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Police Commissioners abuse statistics and union leader

Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams said yesterday that he was hurt by criticism of the nation’s police work. Although, possibly, not as hurt as the dozens of persons who his lawmen detained without evidence and released, without charge, four days later.

Williams explained that “from a policing perspective, using statistics, (2013) has been a successful year.”

Photo: Don't despair, The Trinidad and Tobago Police is here.
Photo: Don’t despair, The Trinidad and Tobago Police is here.

Mr Live Wire has a statistical poser for Williams: If you send a troop of lawmen, acting on information, into a “hotspot” and arrest 100 persons, what is the statistical probability of leaving that hotspot without one person who you can charge for a serious crime or even a single gun or bullet?

Or, to put it another way, the odds that Williams and his men know what they are doing is less likely than you blindfolding yourself, putting your hand into a stranger’s cooler at Carnival time and pulling out a non-alcoholic beverage.

And, if you are still unsure of Williams’ ability to spot a criminal, just ask him for the name of the best Minister he ever worked with.

“We can only (address crime) when we all work together, law-abiding citizens and the police,” said Williams.

Presumably, Laventille residents and citizens allegedly involved in wrongdoing—who Police believe to be one and the same—are not included in Williams’ proposed coalition; unless they are wealthy, influential politicians, of course.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson also grabbed the spotlight as he told the media that he saved the country from OWTU president general Ancel Roget.

Roget and his union colleagues were marching around the Hall of Justice in black tee-shirts, waving black flags and with black bandanas around their mouths. Although the outfits did not hinder Richardson’s ability to identify Roget from distance, the Deputy Commissioner marched the union leader back to his station.

I thought it was another coup,” said Richardson.

Photo: He was dressed in black and thinking bad thoughts about the government. If that isn't a coup attempt then what is?
Photo: He was dressed in black and thinking bad thoughts about the government.
If that isn’t a coup attempt then what is?

Richardson—who once abandoned a grocery expedition with his wife because a few shoppers told him where to put his “e-mailgate probe”—did not explain why, if he thought a coup was kicking off, he did not walk over to Roget with guns raised.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm whether or not Richardson got his police training in George Zimmerman’s neighbourhood watch group. But, all the same, Roget is probably lucky that he was wearing a bandana and not a hoodie.

Good thing too that the police did not say the protesters’ clothing was like dark tint and then make them scrape it off in the middle of town.

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