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Tunapuna Police creates own SOE on Un-Fairley Street

Upper Fairley Street in Tunapuna is supposedly plagued by drug trafficking and suffered two murders within the last two years.

Senior Superintendent David Abraham thinks he knows just the right response.

Start making drug-related arrests and let the courts clean up the area? Nope. That would take too long.

Infiltrate the drug blocks and set up a system of informants? Nah. That would be too much work.

Set up regular police patrols to unnerve the criminal elements and offer a sense of security to the innocent residents? Steups. The last guy who suggested such nonsense got shipped back to Canada. And haven’t you seen gas prices these days?

Instead, Tunapuna Police ordered villagers to stay inside and make its job easy. And, on Friday night, lawmen arrested seven persons for breaking their possibly illegal curfew. The charge was “loitering.”

Abraham told TV6 that everyone on Upper Fairley Street is considered a suspect. One hopes that the public does not copy his sweeping generalisation in case we believe that every law enforcement officer is a complete idiot.

So, rather than fighting crime by investigative work and targeting the miscreants, the Tunapuna Police chose to take away the Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties of its villagers by a possibly illegal State of Emergency and random arrests that have nothing to do with the specific crime problem. Empty streets equal no crime and easy Friday nights for lazy lawmen.

Now where could Abraham have gotten that bright idea from?

Mr Live Wire thinks Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams should watch his back. This Abraham fellah has real promise.


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  1. Police claim that citizens do not cooperate with them..now you know why!! Rather than forge good relations with the honest, hard working ones to foster trust ,they do the complete opposite.Mr Abraham you’re a dunce!(and I am being kind)

  2. The Commissioner of Police and the Police Complaints Authority should be requested to investigate this. The Police have a difficult job, but that is no excuse to bully citizens!