Gordon’s got a gun… and he’s not afraid to lose it

Eighty-two-year-old Integrity Commission chairman Ken Gordon faces the possibility of a charge for neglecting to secure his registered firearm and ammunition after losing his loaded .38 handgun near the Brian Lara Cancer Society on Carnival Monday.

The loaded weapon was found by a schoolboy, according to the Trinidad Express, and handed over to the police on the same evening. Mr Live Wire wishes to distance himself from any unintended puns as reports suggests that the police investigation would centre on the fading memory of a senior citizen rather than the wonders of modern-day drugs.

Gun control remains a controversial topic worldwide and, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, South African Paralympic star athlete Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend dead after supposedly mistaking her for an intruder.

Most men at Gordon’s age would be forgiven for forgetting where they parked their cars. But the former CCN chairman clearly does not plan to leave this life quietly, even at the risk of endangering his fellow citizens.

Why on earth would Gordon take a loaded gun to carnival? If he thought his life would be at risk, why not stay home?

And having taken the gun with him, why leave it in the car? Did the 82-year-old Gordon intend on outsprinting an assailant back to his vehicle if trouble broke out?

Thankfully, there was no damage done in this instance. Anyone with hopes of thiefing a wine from this gun-toting great-grandpa has been warned though.

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