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Army Private exposed before Valentine’s Day

A Trinidad and Tobago Army private and his female companion were exposed yesterday after being found guilty of indecent behaviour in the Port of Spain’s Magistrate Court on Carnival Monday, three days before Valentine’s Day.

“Indecent behaviour”, in this case, is a euphemism for having sex in public. And by “public”, Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar meant in the Private’s car overseeing the Lady Young lookout in Morvant.

Mr Live Wire assumes that the moon was full, the panoramic view of downtown was alluring and the capital’s waterfront was open on that romantic night.

The Private was granted $10,000 bail for getting a jump on Valentine’s Day as well as his sweetheart and by “grant” the Magistrate did not mean that the State was giving him money for a hotel. Rather, he must pay the Government for letting the moment get the better of him.

The Private will probably always go red in the face when he drives over the Lady Young—no pun intended.

Perhaps he should have ravished his darling at the Piarco International Airport instead. Taxpayers were royally screwed there without giving consent or being offered protection and, rather than being offered a cell, the alleged perpetrator was allowed to retain a kiosk at the crime site as a keepsake.

Justice in Trinidad and Tobago can certainly tell the difference between a lowly exposed private and a connected political sugar daddy.


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