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Tobago Love: PM’s hubby cracks a funny

“Take my wife… Please!”

It is one of the most memorable one-liners of the 1960s and was a catchphrase for late British-American comic Henny Youngman.

However, Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar believes her husband, Gregory Bissessar, had only the best intentions when he asked her to stay in Tobago and help TOP leader Ashworth Jack in his bid to become THA Chief Secretary.

“I was supposed to leave Tobago this morning (Tuesday) for the debate (on the Tobago bill in the House of Parliament) but I got a text from my husband saying stay here and help Jack,” said the Prime Minister, in a Speyside political meeting on Tuesday night.

It can be difficult to gauge the sender’s emotions in a text message though and Persad-Bissessar did not say if her husband added a digital “wink” or “thumbs up” to indicate his mood at the time.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that the National Security Minister was asked to set up one of his proposed army camps outside the PM’s Phillipine home; just in case someone gets carried away after receiving greater autonomy this weekend.


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