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Moderate THA debate leaves candidates un-flushed

The three candidates for the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary post turned up and there was a respectful tone with no cross-talk.

Otherwise, the THA debate was as illuminating as a campaign advertisement and all candidates coasted through with the facilitator, Ronald Ramkissoon, interested in little besides the clock while the moderators never considered or were not allowed follow-up questions.

Orville London and Ashworth Jack easily sidestepped controversial issues like racial utterances and the failure to comply with integrity requirements respectively without a meaningful challenge while Hochoy Charles was allowed to paint his tenure in the post as heaven on earth without being pressed.

Mr Live Wire has seen puppies get more taxing interrogations about tipping over the water bowl while getting their bellies tickled.

Photo: Can I have another question please?

So how can we improve by the time the next General Election comes around?

Mr Live Wire suggests that Debate Commission should contact Blackman’s Private School principal Arlene Blackman to be the next moderator. And have her walk with a portable toilet.

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