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Tobago Hilton stuck in an ugly, racist past

The Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) has alleged that THA Deputy Chief Secretary and PNM representative Hilton Sandy told a political gathering “if you bring the wrong results, (a) Calcutta ship is coming down for you.”

If the allegation is true, Sandy not only needs a lesson in racial sensitivity but one in geography and history as well. “Calcutta” was renamed Kolkata, 12 years ago, and Mr Livewire doubts that anyone there has ever heard of Roxborough.

Sandy, if the TOP is correct, was presumably attempting to associate the self-declared People’s Partnership with a particular race. And, perhaps aware of the discomfort right-thinking listeners should feel at an overtly racist plea, he clumsily attempted to juxtapose ethnicity with nationality.

It is a very risky business when silly people try to be clever.

Tobago is still trying to find a buyer for the Hilton Hotel, which is now in its fourth life as the Magdelena Grand Beach Resort. The PNM leadership in Tobago might also be put up for auction if THA boss Orville London cannot muster a speedy and appropriate response to the TOP’s accusation.


Editor’s Note: Hilton Sandy apologised on January 8 for his statement and claimed he was “overwhelmed by the exuberant atmosphere”  of the public meeting.

PNM leader Keith Rowley rebuked Sandy and insisted that the statement did not reflect the thinking of his political party.

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  1. Well, I clearly understand that the statement may be construed as racial, but Sandy boy ah see wey yuh going with this. And while I hold no racial beef (hmmmmmm) with anyone, I completely understand what he is trying to say. But say what me saying that may also be construed as racial because in this banana republic of ours we seem to have no say once it may be seen as anti-PP. But then again “WHO THE HELL CARES” not me.