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Prime Minister SC unearths suspicious plot… that she started

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC reminded Trinidad and Tobago of her sharp legal mind and selective memory on the weekend as she pointed out that her former minister Collin Partap was “innocent until proven guilty” and questioned the haste with which DPP Roger Gaspard moved to charge him for drunk driving.

Only a selected few lawyers ever get the chance to be named Senior Counsel; even fewer get to give the title to themselves. Persad-Bissessar stands proudly in the latter category.

And her irreproachable legal know-how smelt a conspiracy in the fact that Gaspard advised police to charge Partap, just four months after he was held on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and then allegedly refused a breathalyser.

Sport Minister Anil Roberts, who is eminently qualified too as his brother is a lawyer, and National Security Minister Jack Warner, who has faced enough lawsuits and probes to know how the system works, both concurred with their Prime Minister.

And what of the fact that Partap was initially detained by the police at 5 am on 26 August 2012 and was fired by that very Prime Minister SC before he had a cup of tea on the same night, although he was not charged with any crime?

Mr Live Wire can only assume that the Prime Minister SC must, on a point of principle, support Partap’s case for wrongful dismissal. The Prime Minister SC would need a good lawyer for that one. And there is none more elite than the Prime Minister SC herself.

The Prime Minister SC prosecuting and defending herself? It makes as much sense as anything else in local politics at the moment.

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  1. The Prime Minister SC prosecuting and defending herself?

  2. She probably said that sober or after 11 o ‘clock! lol