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Warner, Wired868 grieve for 2012’s last murder victim

King Canute almost found the answer to global warning. The Danish King strode to the seaside and commanded the tide to stop rising. Simplicity is thought to be golden; but not in this case.

Canute ended up wetter than Ian Alleyne.

National Security Minister Jack Warner, faced with a stubborn murder rate, aims to do even better. Yesterday Warner, in a flashback to his special advisor days with the TTFF, ordered the Police Commissioner to simply stop telling people when anyone is killed or not killed for that matter.

“People are being encouraged when they see no crime in an area,” said Warner, who has given Laventille updates ad nauseum for nearly a month. “They want to make news, they want to make headlines that want to spoil the record and they get an incentive to do this…

“I am saying that this murder could have been avoided if the PNM was not trying to glamorise murder and mayhem in their own constituency.”

So, the media reports of Warner’s own murder-free updates can supposedly instigate a killing. However, the PNM allegedly talking up murders curiously provokes the same effect. Warner did not say what scenario makes the rising murder rate his own fault.

COP leader Prakash Ramadhar agreed with Warner and explained that it was a matter of psychology. Incidentally, neither Ramadhar nor Warner is a psychologist.

Where is Verna St Rose Greaves with her special 15-day St Ann’s Hospital vacation packages when you need her?

Never one to disobey with an Honourable Minister, Mr Live Wire wishes to use this opportunity to express condolences to those who loved dearly the last murder victim of Warner’s tenure.

Farewell Common Sense; you have gone too soon and will be missed. Undoubtedly, you have moved on to a better place.


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  1. A matter of psychology? Are these two jokers for real? That’s the best “Action Man” Warner can come up with?