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Jack confuffles the Guardian

National Security Minister Jack Warner was up to his old Jedi mind tricks yesterday as he denied any knowledge that he was being investigated by the IRS as reported exclusively in Wired868.

And, possibly sensing the chance to rewrite history, Warner added the bizarre claim that: “I have never faced a court or have enquiry against me. Nobody has accused me, I never take money from anybody pocket and I have no allegations of any kind.”

The Trinidad Guardian published Warner’s monologue without contradiction despite the fact that: he is currently under police investigation, a High Court Judge is insisting he be brought to court over his role in millions of missing World Cup revenue, FIFA indicted him as an accessory to bribery last year, he was named in several local multi-million lawsuits over the last two years including a successful $7.5 million action by Doc’s Engineering for breach of contract, he was the target of a national Commission of Inquiry in 1990 over the 19 November 1989 World Cup ticket fiasco and he has several matters before the Integrity Commission.

Perhaps the reporter didn’t hear of those incidents. Or maybe the force is indeed strong with Warner.

Wired868 notes that being unaware of something certainly doesn’t make it untrue.

Warner further distinguished himself as local politics’ “Special One” by officially became the first person to refer to himself in the “fourth person.”

The Chaguanas West MP suggested that people wanted him out of the job as National Security Minister because they are concerned about friends of politicians who are benefitting from illegal enterprise including money laundering.

Wired868 wishes him well in his efforts to apprehend the political financier that allegedly helped a FIFA political candidate to enter Trinidad and Tobago with an undeclared US$1 million in cash.


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  1. At his age it could be alzheimers you know.

  2. Who is the reporter @ Guardian?? He or she shouldn’t even be called dat, They just print whatever Jack says??? We all know it’s a blatant lie. Jeeeeeez………….its soooo annoying!!

    • My bad…ok so he wasn’t aware…as Lola says…that person shouldn’t be called a reporter if all they can do is print verbatim everything Jack says….there are no real journalists working for our national newspapers apparently….

  3. Well yes, another day in my sweet la la land.

  4. Ras Abdalla Tafari Wadada

    Nothing unusual> Typical ‘Jack’ the Ripper.. I also recall him admitting to over selling the Stadium when The Strike Squad played USA in 1989. What came out of this? In TT ‘Jack’ is above the Law.

  5. If he never did anything wrong as his “statement of innocence” suggests…why resign from FIFA? That is one undeniable fact that proves his culpability, but of course he may refute it by saying he only did it to focus on his job as MP etc….

    • To be fair to the Minister, he did say–as a colleague just pointed out–that he was “not aware of the IRS investigating.”
      The Trinidad Guardian interpreted that to be a denial and ran with the headline: “Jack: IRS not probing me.”
      You have to keep your wits about you when you are in the presence of the National Security Minister.
      A lot of people are not aware that Tallinn is the capital of Estonia but that doesn’t make it untrue;-)