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PM’s Ministry of Mystery and Obfuscation

Four days after the announcement of a Ministry of National Diversity and Social Integration, Trinidad and Tobago remains confused about the deliverables of the new State body.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar did not help much when asked for details.

The PM offered that Ministers Clifton De Coteau and Embau Moheni would deal with issues like “patriotism, national heroes, protocols” and “unity”. She did not suggest a budgetary figure.

De Coteau and Moheni, it seems, would just have to wing it with whatever they can put their hands on.

Wired868 assumes that it would be out of the question for the new Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration to get National Security Minister Jack Warner to finally and truthfully tell the 2006 “Soca Warriors”—who are all Chaconia Gold medal recipients—how many millions he owes them.

Ditto for having the PM respond to letters from the World Cup footballers that remain unanswered on her in-tray.

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