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Party time for two-year-old PP; babysitter wanted

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar shrugged off criticisms of tonight’s People’s Partnership anniversary celebration by asking, rhetorically, if one shouldn’t celebrate a two-year-old’s birthday just because he cannot walk properly.

Fair point and Wired868 recommends that parents love their children regardless of any perceived learning disabilities.

Following up on the Lady PM’s analogy, though, it might be another 16 years before our infant PP can be trusted behind the wheel; so the public is advised to significantly lower expectations.

Works Minister Jack Warner said on TV6 Morning Edition today that the PP has a string of achievements it needs to share with the public. Wired868 wonders if that is comparable to the Burger King staff stopping to throw a self-congratulatory party in the middle of preparing your meal because someone located the pickles.

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