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Queen’s english left breathless at HCU Enquiry

Amidst the shouting and terse exchanges in a variety of accents at the HCU’s Commission of Enquiry, Charles Mitchell, the commissioner of Cooperative Development, yesterday delivered a verbal gem befitting of a wig and robe.

Trinidad and Tobago’s court rooms have been overrun by British Lords and Queen’s Counsels in recent times and they can twist the language in more directions than a Kama Sutra manual.

Edwin Glasgow QC, for instance, referred to the former HCU President as a “reformed passivist”—by which he seemed to mean that Harry Harnarine doesn’t threaten to beat up accountants anymore.

But Mitchell painted a different picture when he described Harnarine as “a concocter of terminological inexactitudes.”

Wired868 cannot confirm that Harnarine asked his attorney if that means he is more qualified than he thought and should have received a higher salary; or if he should punch the witness.

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