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Volney verbal volley to voters

Justice Minister Herbert Volney was identified in today’s Sunday Express as the Cabinet official responsible for the proclamation of the controversial Clause 34 of the Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) Act 2011.

Thankfully, the St Joseph MP had an explanation for the hasty proclamation of that clause, which he shared with the Trinidad Guardian.

“You know unless there is certainty in introducing change and in this case unless a date was fixed certain for the operationlising of the new system,” said Volney. “No one would take preparing for it seriously.

“In order to facilitate that it was necessary for the legislation act to be proclaimed in part so that governance would recognise the existence of the need in a live statute, because when a statute is enacted and requires a proclamation, it gets its life from the proclamation.”

All cleared up then. Mr Live Wire is anxious to hear the St Joseph MP repeat that explanation to his constituents at the next general elections.

Not that Volney thinks he would be required to.

“It is a ten-day wonder, if as long,” said Volney, of the clause that might have freed without trial several persons charged with stealing millions in taxpayers’ money.

If a public does indeed get the government it deserves, Trinidad and Tobago citizens must have a collective fetish for S&M.

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  1. S&M fetish indeed! LOL This is nothing short of verbal diarrhoea from Volney….he may fool some of the people some of the time, but he can’t fool all the people all the time!