Fatigued Glenn gets a rest; Minister of the People joins PM’s sack race

Minister of the People Glenn Ramadharsingh arguably made history yesterday for the most ridiculous dismissal in local politics after the sack race also-ran lost his job for effectively mistaking a CAL plane for his living room and incorrectly reading the future of a flight attendant that he took for his night nurse.

Photo: Your days are numbered!
Photo: Your days are numbered!

Ramadharsingh, like most self-indulgent tykes, got cranky, wailed at the authority figure in the room and then, allegedly, reached for the nearest tot-tots. He blamed fatigue.

Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha general secretary Sat Maharaj called for Ramadharsingh to be immediately rested from his Cabinet portfolio and, within hours, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar fired him.

Perhaps the public should send future suggestions on Persad-Bissessar’s Cabinet to the Maha Sabha.

Ramadharsingh is the second Cabinet member to be forced out due to foreign intervention.

Former National Security Minister and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner did not survive a meticulous investigative report tabled by former Barbados attorney general Sir David Simmons; for Ramadharsingh, it was a police report by annoyed Vincentian flight attendant Ronelle Laidlow. Incidentally, Simmons and Laidlow have already accomplished more than the Integrity Committee managed in four years.

Mr Live Wire looks back at the Prime Minister’s dirty dozen of replaced Cabinet members:

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her former National Security Minister Jack Warner. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her former National Security Minister Jack Warner.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

Mary King, the Irish-born ex-Transparency International head, was first to go after she was involved in awarding a $100,000 IT contract to a company she jointly owns with her husband. The Minister of Planning was sacked for the obvious laziness of her execution and the shocking lack of ambition in the scale of her indiscretion. The Attorney General probably earns more for the sale of one car.

Collin Partap, minister in the Ministry of National Security, took a joyride with flashing police lights and then refused a breathalyser test. He should have checked into Room 201 until he sobered up; or borrowed the helicopter.

Justice Minister Herbert Volney went for failing to sneak through Section 34 on Independence Day. Maybe he should have waited until Carnival.

Communication Minister Jamal Mohammed was not smart enough to hide his stupidity; and Brigadier John Sandy could not get a handle on Reshmi Ramnarine let alone dangerous crime.

And Warner was just an absolute fire-trucking disgrace who was allegedly involved in everything from ripping off poverty-stricken Haitians, wishing death on a respected environmentalist, facilitating bribes and possibly money laundering for a Qatari FIFA colleague, cheating World Cup players and Chaconia medal winners of promised bonuses and arguably using taxpayers money to solicit political favours from the local football body.

Photo: Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.
Photo: Chaguanas West MP and ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner.

And that was just what he did before breakfast.

Therese Baptiste-Cornelis, Verna St Rose Greaves, Nicole Dyer-Griffith,Subhas Panday, Christlyn Moore and Nan Ramgoolam just did not fit the way the PM thought they might and found themselves hurried into obscurity like last year’s Louis Vuitton shoes.

No one will forget Ramadharsingh though. He was the miniature Nostradamus in reverse who lost his job after promising to get a flight attendant fired and allegedly touching her breast while grabbing at her name-tag.

If he wants to be accepted by disgraced politicians worldwide, the ex-minister should at least tell friends he was reaching for her wallet. On the bright side, though, Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne could do with a number two.


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