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Wired868 has a four-letter word for the Sport Minister

Sport Minister Anil Roberts is never short of an opinion that he doesn’t want to scream into a reporter’s tape recorder.

Wired868 cannot confirm that, as a schoolboy, his impossibly loud and unfettered voice routinely reduced librarians to tears.

But Roberts gets quite quiet when “Jack” is mentioned and mumbles “sub judice”—although the World Cup bonus case was decided more than two years ago—before finding the nearest exit.

An April 21 letter from Jack Warner to Roberts, which was leaked to Wired868, made the TTFF so nervous that it promptly nominated the ex-FIFA VP’s preferred choice for the Caribbean Football Union presidency. But the Spalk Minister doesn’t want to talk about it.

So, in case COP Political Leader Prakash Ramadhar was not paying attention, Robert’s safe word is: “Jack.”

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