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Cancer probe will find passive lump… In the Minister’s office

The People’s Partnership government was voted into power on 24 May 2010 and, three months later, the Sunday Express reported about possible overradiation at the Brian Lara Cancer Treatment Centre.

Two years later and after a reported 91 deaths from 223 patients treated, the Health Ministry has finally decided to have a formal probe; so much for early detection being the best treatment for cancer.

The Austria-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)—formed in 1957 to campaign for the use of atomic energy—will conduct the investigation and Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan might have a fair idea of what the group will find. The IAEA did a preliminary examination in January, which impressed Khan enough to hire the group.

Khan, Wired868 assumes, has decided not to risk the possibility of being surprised. If only the cancer patients had that choice.

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