Readers’ choice! Wired868 reveals its top satire for 2014

‘Tis the season for giving and Mr Live Wire is a generous soul. As we prepare to enjoy the holiday season and wish goodbye to 2014, Wired868 revisits the stories that you read and shared the most in this calendar year.

Our “Good Morning” section, which takes a satirical slant at the morning news, has grown in popularity since our site’s launch in January 2012. Here are the satirical pieces that caught your attention in 2014:

Photo: New York's famous gals ponder a wardrobe malfunction.
Photo: New York’s famous gals ponder a wardrobe malfunction.

10: Will and no Grace

The Trinidad Express unleashes its investigative arm… to find out who got deceased lawyer Dana Seetahal’s paintings and whatever else was listed in her will. Mr Live Wire promptly put the editor-in-chief into Santa’s naughty list. Click HERE to read more.

9. T&T survives Fay-Ann and Rachel spat

P*****p, the Diego Martin-based part-time blogger and full-time race baiter, sees the “black community collapsing” after a Twitter spat between comic Rachel Price and soca star Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez. Click HERE to read more.

8. Tendering gone awry, DJ Loose Lips and Johnny-gun-lately

Ministers grow tired of screwing citizens and turn on each other, Minister Two Pull discovers he isn’t the only porn star in his home and the Chaguanas Cowboy is recommended as COP. Click HERE to read more.

Photo: Former Sport Minister Anil Roberts.
Photo: Former Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

7.Sport Ministry allegedly millions to murder accused

The Sport Ministry is revealed to have allegedly handed millions in taxpayers’ money to murder accused. And that was before the murder accused in question was charged for supposedly conspiring to murder the aforementioned DJ. Click HERE to read more.

6. Sweetman Sharma goes ballistic, MPs are atrocious

Fresh on the heels of MP Glenn Ramadharsingh’s impromptu frisk of a CAL flight attendant, MP Chandresh Sharma runs afoul of some ex-lovers who didn’t mind hitting a “Brahmin Boy.” Click HERE to read more.

5. The Case of Minister Two Pull

Anil Roberts confuffles reporters by refusing to answer questions on Room 201 until Keith Rowley explains a mysterious 69 in Tobago. Mr Live Wire solves an unexpectedly intricate and hilarious case. Click HERE to read more.

Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley. (Courtesy Jyoti Communication)
Photo: Opposition Leader Keith Rowley.
(Courtesy Jyoti Communication)

4. AG eulogises murdered lawyer; right after some comforting words to himself

Anand Ramlogan was about to offer his regrets on the shocking murder of attorney Dana Seetahal; but first, he stopped to take a selfie. Click HERE to read more.

3. Zero tolerance! Anil breaks silence on dope video

Sport Minister Anil Roberts’ condemnation of banned T&T sprinter Semoy Hackett comes back to haunt him as “Room 201” and “two pull” enters the local lexicon. Click HERE to read more.

2. Pussyfoot goes HAM; Carmona tries to gag Price

Oh dear. President Carmona vastly overestimates the powers he thought he had when he tries to ban comedian Rachel Price from discussing his wife in the “Battle of the Belly Button.” Click HERE to read more.

Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.
Photo: Top Trinidad and Tobago comic Rachel Price.

1. Live Wire Chronicles: It wasn’t she neither?!

An outrageous video of a woman resembling the wife of the Sport Minister sends Mr Live Wire into meltdown as he produces a comic dossier as to why Trinidad and Tobago is adrift of sanity. Click HERE to read more.

Best of the rest:

Still want more? Here are five pieces that did not make the countdown but easily could have…

Ato Tea Party Down Under: A married Australian Senator apparently had her heart set on some “Tim Tam thank you ma’am” with T&T’s former Olympic star Ato Boldon. Click HERE.

Leaked e-mails catch Live Wire pandering to CNMG: Who needs North Korean hackers? Live Wire raids his own sent box and discovers embarrassing emails involving several Gov’t Ministers. Click HERE.

Seetahal update: Police suspect criminal killed Dana: The T&T Police get investigations moving… in reverse. And the PM’s reward for information on Dana’s slaying has a suspicious catch. Click HERE.

Photo: Former prime minister Patrick Manning.
Photo: Former prime minister Patrick Manning.

Happy Independence Day: Ex-Prime Minister Patrick Manning turns down an award from Tanty Kams and promptly becomes the first recipient of Wired868’s “I not in that sh*t” medal. For our list of winners, click HERE.

Sexy secondary: Our children doesn’t see the future in their book bag anymore as students in central Trinidad are caught on their knees preparing for careers in politics. Click HERE.


Editor’s Note: Wired868 wishes all its readers a safe and enjoyable holiday season and a bright and prosperous 2015.

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  1. All the money in the world can’t pay for that shame to go away” so was it worth it “

  2. Some great laughs as well as some sadness. Well done Lasana. Next year should make for some interesting topics and i’m sure they will top some from 2014.

  3. 🙂 These were the readers’ choices though. I bow to their judgment!

  4. Oh Gorm…… Christmas. People still belching dey ham and pastelle.

  5. This country sweeter than honey
    We could make anything into a joke – Murders, Violence, Indecent Assaults, Doltish Ministers, Money Hungry Pastors, etc, etc.
    Guess that’s what happens when our leaders are jokers

    T&T – Leaders Wanted!

  6. what photo you want of him in boxers or acting in a porn clip,nah that will let him become to brash,the evil boaster is good ,i lke that shot

  7. Where will we get such an acceptable photo? I don’t think it can be helped if the subject is almost always photographed as a beliigerent stale drunk.

  8. Thanks for bringing the most serious issues in a not so serious light so that members of this page can not only enjoy, but understand and be informed… yuh raise we presha wit a smile… like a six pack of Mack!!!!
    Merry Christmas to the Wired Fam!!

  9. Have to agree, that Anil Roberts has certainly become the poster boy for satire in this country, smdh lorl


  11. Thanks Kendall Tull. Very kind of you. And I will keep working hard. 😉

  12. Great year Lasana Liburd. Excellent thought provoking articles and several key investigative pieces. Journalistic integrity and excellence are alive and well in Trinidad.

  13. Think Santa can make it across the border with Gary jumping him? Especially with that “ho ho ho” talk… He might think the big fellah is a rival arrival.

  14. Hey Melville. I’m inside ‘ere trading.

  15. i enjoyed the discourse. this is better than writing letters to the editor hoping they will be published. the social media has evolved and in particular, hot on the issues,live and direct. happy new year

  16. Well he certainly broke the JW streak you had running!

  17. Anil has become the poster face for satire?-)

  18. Yeah. I think the timing of the stories might have worked against some that I liked which didn’t get in… But the readers spoke! 🙂

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