AG eulogises murdered lawyer; right after some comforting words to himself

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News about the shocking murder of former Law Association president Dana Seetahal SC, which occurred just after midnight today, was swiftly followed by a tribute from Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, who claimed a long-standing friendship with her.

He offered the Trinidad Express an anecdote of his relationship with the brilliant attorney.

Photo: Dana Seetahal SC, the former president of the local Law Association, was gunned down this morning. (Courtesy i95.5fm)
Photo: Dana Seetahal SC, the former president of the local Law Association, was gunned down this morning.
(Courtesy i95.5fm)

“In fact, we spoke this evening as she’d called to ask if I’d read her column in the Express over the controversy over the SG’s letter,” Ramlogan told the Express. “I read it and called her back to thank her.”

The AG was referring to Seetahal’s column entitled “Investigate what exactly?” which criticised ex-Solicitor General Eleanor Honeywall’s request to the Prime Minister for an investigation into certain “key office holders” within the Office of the Attorney General.

Ramlogan, who got a second life as AG with the political death of former Justice Minister Herbert Volney, did not say that Seetahal’s last words were: “exonerate the AG.” But Mr Live Wire noted that he did not not say it either.

One suspects that the AG’s offering will not be among the treasured anecdotes retold by Seetahal’s family at her funeral.

Ramlogan went further:

“She was one of the few people to step forward and be in my corner,” he said. “I had even asked her if she would consider assisting the committee. And she’d agreed.”

Is that how you earn selection on one of the AG’s investigating committees? By stating the outcome you expect to find in advance?

Photo: Anand Ramlogan SC has proven to be a better Attorney General than a eulogiser.
Photo: Anand Ramlogan SC has proven to be a better Attorney General than a eulogiser.

Since Ramlogan is so interested in using this tragedy to discuss his own political health, it is worth pointing out that there were two SCs who discussed Honeywell’s letter in the Express last week.

Martin Daly SC wrote: “It must be strongly emphasised that the concerns about prison damages litigation have emerged from sources additional to the Solicitor General’s correspondence.  Other principal sources are the judgment of Master Sobion-Awai containing the grave finding that there were cut and paste claims, as well as the assertions of the Prison Officers’ Association.

“From the aggregate of these sources, these questions arise: Is there one or more external Counsel chosen for briefs by the State in civil law matters who also act in prisoner damages claims against the State?  Who chooses the external Counsel?

“Are some of these damages claims fabricated?  Real or fabricated, are these claims properly defended?  Who are (in the former solicitor general’s words) ‘the key office holders taking action to support unethical business practice’?”

There is no word as to whether Daly was also invited to assist in the AG’s investigations.

Ramlogan, an amateur eulogiser at best, further pointed out that the late SC who publicly came to his defence was not only a personal friend but also involved in critical on-going work for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

“Hers was an unbiased, independent voice,” said Ramlogan.


Meanwhile, the police said one of its two theories about the murder is Seetahal ‘allegedly was on her way home after spending some time in a casino’. Mr Live Wire has no training in police investigative work but is guessing that this theory is based on the fact that Seetahal had left a casino, was driving at the time of her murder and had a home to go to.

Photo: The good news is that the Trinidad and Tobago Police is investigating. That is also the bad news.
Photo: The good news is that the Trinidad and Tobago Police is investigating.
That is also the bad news.

Mr Live Wire also has a theory that the police officer in question does not understand the meaning of the word ‘theory’.

For once, National Security Minister Gary Griffith offered the most dignified response to the assassination-styled killing. He gave no information, offered no solace or comfort to bereaved family members or the stunned public and, best of all, did not say that the people responsible were cockroaches running scared from his brilliant work as minister.

Griffith, eloquently, said nothing all.

The bar is set quite low these days.


Editor’s Note: Wired868 offers heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of Dana Seetahal SC and would like to pay tribute to a lawyer who made the legal profession seem more accessible, sensible and relevant to most of us.

It would be a double-tragedy if the perpetrators of this horrific crime are not brought to justice.

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  1. Two years already since she was murdered and case yet to start. See what I was talking ’bout? Banana.

  2. They know who killed Dana. We do also.

  3. Hey wait….didnt tv6 said dat d phone was wiped for some hrs in d evening? When did he and Dana spoke then? D only person who was truly her friend was Machel. He was at d scene, sitting on d pavement and was crying.

  4. Evidence gathering must stick and hold up in a court if law.
    No mistakes because it is a high profile case.
    Just hope the small people also get justice too

  5. Remember when society was in an uproar of such a high profile murder then simply went on to the next issue….sad how the leaders treat citizens and how citizens treat their rights.

  6. RIP my sis gone there are people will always remember you

  7. The AG took in front by offering what his conversation with Dana was about. Since finding out from tv6 that his call was among several that were wiped from her phone did the police seek to get recordings from the conversations on her phone?

  8. Obviously this hit was put out by someone with large connections in all the right places. If it were some two by four criminal something /someone would already have been broken.

  9. System has failed us all over amd over in my opinion.

  10. All the investigations under the PP are ‘ ongoing ‘ .

  11. Still sad that the system has failed her.

  12. well the MONS did make a comment and well i have to say WHAAAAAT??!! this man for real?!

  13. rest in peace mrs seetahal. u didn’t desrve to die like dat.

  14. What a sad day for our country R.I.P. Miss Seetahal . God saw who did this.My heart bieeds for our beautiful country and your family.

  15. It’s a sad day I’m my country when criminal are targeting our laws and the police. The so-call politicians are siting on their asses. When they start to kill ministers, then you we will see these criminals being hanged. Personally all murders should be treated the same.

  16. Rose-Marie Lemessy-Forde

    Well written analysis. From the time I read the AG comments i thought well de woman aint cold yet and you already milking this tragedy!

    I really hope this one does not go the way of Selwyn Richardson’s assassination. To this day that remains unsolved.

  17. If those murderers get the right attorney with enough money they will get off. This is our judicial system! I remember subash panday pulling one for some criminals.

  18. One week and everyone in trinidad go forget bout she and how she died

  19. Sigh…my heart is bleeding.

  20. Shut up Anand… I don’t want to hear another word

  21. No OPVs, no SAUTT, no blimp. Ppl stood silent 4 yrs ago and applauded the PPG for stripping our inland and border security when we began to realise results… RIP Mrs.Dana Seetahal.

  22. SAD this country have so much money and few cameras.

  23. Lasana, you should be ashamed of yourself! Using such a tragedy to produce such, as Latoya Cadogan says, brilliant work…

  24. When I read his comments, I thought the same….she was also his friend, so what does he expect?

  25. Using someone’s death to vindicate yourself, this man is so self consumed

    • He has vindicated himself only in his mind. The reality is that the discerning public has other ideas about our esteemed Attorney General, his professionalism, competence and culpability.

  26. Smh… I want to respond to that eh Stacy Cadogan. I really do. Sad.

  27. Very well written as usual. No thoughts about the ACP’s boasting of five solved murders for the year???

  28. Well said man, the AG is using someone’s death to gain support to investigate himself (way to go AG) also the police with their theories are trying to connect the dots. If this plays out like V is for Vendetta, then this might be the first big case the Police solves in years. smdh. As always on point bro keep up the good work.

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