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SSFL shuffle fixtures to postpone title decider; Shiva Boys protest Naps midfielder Murphy

The Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) executive has decided to shuffle its fixture list to ensure that the Premier Division’s potential title deciding games—involving St Anthony’s College, Naparima College and Presentation College (San Fernando)—are played on the final match day.

St Anthony’s and Naparima are locked on 30 points each, although the former team has a superior goal difference. Presentation are on 23 points at present but also have two games in hand, which could take them to 29.

Photo: A St Anthony’s College defender (centre) tries in vain to clear an effort by Presentation College attacker Jaiye Sheppard (left) which has already crossed the goal line during SSFL action at Westmoorings on 25 October 2017.
Looking on (right) is St Anthony’s goalkeeper Oba Augustin.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

The “Westmoorings Tigers” were due to travel to St Mary’s College on Saturday for their final league match of 2017 while “Naps” were hosting second from bottom, Trinity College Moka.

However, a flood of postponements due to inclement weather meant that the Premier Division would have continued next week with rescheduled matches on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

It is unclear whether the SSFL’s final decision was made on its own volition or after needling from television network, SportsMax, which broadcasts the league live across the Caribbean and North America. Either way, the fixture reshuffle will ensure a dramatic final match day thanks to key adjustments of the fixture list. (See below)

The drama off the field shows no sign of slowing down, though, as a new protest was lodged this morning. This time, Shiva Boys Hindu College are the complainers and not the complainees.

Naparima College are in the hot seat now, as they will be asked to prove that midfielder Rushawn Murphy—a former Malick Secondary student and Trinidad and Tobago National Under-20 Team player—is eligible to play school’s football.

Photo: Naparima College utility player Rushawn Murphy (centre) and St Anthony’s College defender Nkosi Salandy (left) contest the ball during SSFL action at Westmoorings on 20 September 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

The 19-year-old Murphy, a former Pro League player with St Ann’s Rangers and Club Sando, is a form five student at Naparima. It is unclear what rule Shiva Boys think might have been infringed upon by Naps in using the promising utility player.

Murphy sat the SEA examinations in 2012 and passed for East Mucurapo Secondary before eventually transferring to Malick and then Naparima. Already on his third secondary school, Murphy is yet to sit the CXC exam and is not a form five repeater.

Naparima, who won the season’s first protest by querying Shiva Boys’ registration of Kierron Mason for the opening game of the 2017 term, are confident that they followed proper procedure in recruiting Murphy.

“He is a form five transfer student,” Naparima team manager Percy Samlalsingh told Wired868. “He never wrote CXC.”

If Shiva Boys’ protest is successful, though, Naparima could lose most of their points this season and are likely to be relegated, alongside the suspended Fyzabad Secondary. Ironically, Shiva Boys cannot gain any points themselves since they used an improperly registered player, Mason, in their own clash with Naparima.

At present, the SSFL still has to rule on St Benedict’s College’s protest against Speyside High for alleged insufficient security. Speyside defeated St Benedict’s 1-0 on Wednesday 11 October.

Photo: Speyside High goalkeeper Jonathan Thomas looks on in despair as St Mary’s College captain Gabrial Nanton collects the ball in a dangerous position during SSFL action at Serpentine Road, St Clair on 7 October 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

Fatima College also filed an appeal today against a SSFL Disciplinary Committee decision not to deduct points from Shiva Boys, despite finding them guilty of using Mason in six games when he was improperly registered.

St Anthony’s won their own case against Shiva Boys on Wednesday morning and the two points gained took the Tigers a whisker ahead of Naps on the standings.

Shiva Boys manager Sheldon Maharaj indicated that the school will appeal the Disciplinary Committee’s decision.

In all, four schools—inclusive of Fyzabad—will be relegated from the Premier Division while three teams will be promoted to replace them, which means the competition will have 15 schools next season.

Valencia Secondary, Bishop’s High School (Tobago), East Mucurapo Secondary, Moruga Secondary and Chaguanas North Secondary are battling for the available positions in the ongoing Championship Division Big 5 competition.

Photo: St Anthony’s College midfielder Jodel Brown (centre) pivots away from Naparima College midfielder Rushawn Murphy (second from left) during SSFL Premier Division action at Westmoorings on 20 September 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

SSFL Remaining Fixtures

(Saturday 28 October)

Presentation College v St Augustine Secondary, 3.40pm, Guaracara Park;

St Benedict’s College v Trinity College East, 3.40pm, Lewis Street, San Fernando;

Carapichaima East v Shiva Boys HC, 3.40pm, Carapichaima;

Signal Hill v Fatima College, 3.40pm, Signal Hill;

San Juan North v Speyside High, 3.40pm, San Juan.

Photo: Shiva Boys Hindu College playmaker Judah Garcia (right) attempts a pass while Fatima College midfielder Zach Welch (centre) stays close during SSFL action at Mucurapo Road on 30 September 2017.
(Courtesy Annalisa Caruth/Wired868)

(Monday 30 October)

Trinity College East v Fatima College, 3.40pm, Trincity;

St Augustine v Trinity College Moka, 3.40pm, St Augustine;

Shiva Boys HC v St Mary’s College, 3.40pm, Morne Diablo.

Photo: St Mary’s College attacker Trey La Motte (right) tries to get past St Augustine Secondary defender Jamal Meloney during SSFL action at Serpentine Road, St Clair on 2 October 2017.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

(Thursday 2 November)

Signal Hill v Trinity College Moka, 3.40pm, Signal Hill;

Presentation College v Trinity College East, 3.40pm, Mannie Ramjohn Stadium.

Photo: St Anthony’s College playmaker Che Benny (left) sidesteps Presentation College star Jordan Riley during SSFL action at Westmoorings on 25 October 2017.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

(Saturday 4 November)

Fatima College v Presentation College, 3.40pm, Fatima;

St Benedict’s College v Shiva Boys HC, 3.40pm, Barrackpore;

St Mary’s College v St Anthony’s College, 3.40pm, St Mary’s;

Naparima College v Trinity College Moka, 3.40pm, Lewis Street.

SSFL Standings

(Played-Won-Drew-Lost-Goals For-Goals Against-Points)

  1. St Anthony’s       13-9-3-1-42-20-30
  2. Naparima            13-9-3-1-30-13-30
  3. Presentation       11-7-2-2-25-14-23
  4. Shiva Boys HC    11-7-1-3-28-14-22
  5. San Juan N         13-5-6-2-29-1521
  6. Trinity East         11-5-2-4-20-12-17
  7. St Mary’s            12-4-4-4-27-26-16
  8. Fatima                 11-6-0-5-15-15-18
  9. Carapichaima E 13-4-3-5-19-20-15
  10. QRC                    14-4-3-7-23-30-15
  11. St Augustine       12-4-1-7-24-28-13
  12. St Benedict’s      12-3-3-6-18-26-12
  13. Signal Hill           12-2-2-8-11-25-8
  14. Trinity Moka        11-2-2-7-13-30-8
  15. Speyside High     13-2-1-10-7437

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  6. Drama indeed! If Murphy wrote the SEA in 2012, he is in his 6th year of Secondary School so a repeat took place at some point. The repeat doesn’t have to be Form 5. So waiting to see on which rule Shiva’s protest is based. Wonder if any academic studies are actually taking place or if he is in Form 5 at the age of 19 to play ball. This is the first season that I’ve learned so much about SSFL Rules…lol

  7. Naps jus vex Shiva beat them along with their supporters its to bad & Shiva do produce educated young man so get with all d stupid talk

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  9. Editor’s Note: St Benedict’s College v Trinity College East, 3.40pm, Lewis Street, San Fernando… Match moved from Barrackpore to Naparima’s Lewis Street ground.

  10. so Murphy just only studing to play footballer and ain’t nothing to even rite exam u can’t blamed he blamed the sch for taking him to play football dem don’t business about him come and play football and scored goal for my sch and I don’t care if u write exams

  11. So Sakal from Shiva said when he realised that Mason was not properly tranferred he went to the Credentials Comm. and told them and due to his honesty that is why they only received a warning…..well that is the most amount of BS I hear in a while “due to his honesty” hah….he heard the talk and tried to take in front but the Credentials Comm were already on it …they knew fully well what was the situation….So Sakal gih we a break nah…..Honesty you say ….give me a ……..Break

  12. A 19 yr old in Form 5, is that even possible? lol

  13. Update:
    Murphy sat the SEA examinations in 2012 and passed for East Mucurapo Secondary before eventually transferring to Malick and then Naparima. Already on his third secondary school, Murphy is yet to sit the CXC exam and is not a form five repeater.

    “He is a form five transfer student,” Naparima team manager Percy Samlalsingh told Wired868. “He never wrote CXC.”

  14. It is possible. The latest you can enter secondary school (form 1) is 15

  15. Subject to correction- a student cannot be 19 year before writing CXC based on Ministry of Education rules not so John Trinipelvic Patterson

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