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SSFL dumps Fyzabad! “Fyzo Tigers” suspended for “fraudulent” exam documents

Fyzabad Secondary will take no further part in the 2017 Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) Premier Division competition after the SSFL executive committee today took the decision to suspend the South Zone school today.

The SSFL decision, according to a media release, is “directly related to the fraudulent January Caribbean Examination certificates which were received by the League on behalf of [team captain and defender Dez Jones and midfielder Maurice Dick].”

Photo: The Fyzabad Secondary team poses before kick-off against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
Maurice Dick (bottom row, far left) and Dez Jones (top row, far right) were both in the starting line-up.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

Jones and Dick, in an interview with Wired868, insisted that they played no role in the deception but merely handed over their examination certificates to Fyzabad team manager Nigel Lakhan.

Neither Lakhan nor principal Troy Jebodhsingh has publicly commented on the issue so far or responded to calls from Wired868. However, SSFL president William Wallace alleged that Fyzabad officials claimed to have been duped by the two players.

The SSFL found the school liable, though.

“The League, having completed its investigation, is satisfied that the two students did not have the necessary qualifications for placement [in Lower Sixth Form],” stated a release from SSFL general secretary Azaad Khan, “and moreso that the documents submitted to gain admission into Lower Sixth Form were in fact fraudulent.

“The League regrettably has not option but to suspend Fyzabad Secondary. The Ministry of Education would be so advised and copies of all the relevant documents forwarded.”

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary head coach Brian Williams gives instruction to his squad during SSFL action against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
Looking on are (from right to left) assistant coach Kerry Jamerson, team manager Nigel Lakhan and principal Troy Jebodhsingh.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)

The decision means that the SSFL standings will be adjusted for the third time this season—following a successful protest against Shiva Boys Hindu College’s use of midfielder Kierron Mason for the season opener and the SSFL’s initial decision to deduct points from Fyzabad.

All results against Fyzabad will now be nullified.

The SSFL’s updated position puts Trinity College Moka and St Benedict’s College back into the relegation zone. The last three schools will fall through the trapdoor to join Fyzabad.

Fyzabad Secondary’s 2017 outings

(Saturday 9 September)

Fyzabad Secondary 3 (Sharkeel Louison 10, Natini Jones 53, Maurice Dick 62), Trinity College Moka 1 (Saleem Henry 61 pen) at Fyzabad;

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary team manager Nigel Lakhan.
(Courtesy Expression House Media/Wired868)

(Wednesday 13 September)

Fyzabad Secondary 1 (Jeremy Duntin), Fatima College 0 at Fyzabad;

(Saturday 16 September)

Shiva Boys HC 2 (Kierron Mason [2 pen]), Fyzabad Secondary 0 at Penal;

(Wednesday 20 September)

Trinity College East 1 (Josiah Lord 87), Fyzabad Secondary 2 (Sharkeel Louison 7, 55) at Trincity;

(Wednesday 27 September)

St Augustine Secondary 3 (Akeem Hosten, Alan Hogan, Anthony Samuel), Fyzabad Secondary 1 (Sharkeel Louison 47) at St Augustine;

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary principal Troy Jebodhsingh.
(Courtesy Expression House Media/Wired868)

(Saturday 30 September)

Fyzabad Secondary 2 (Maurice Dick 21, Tyrese Reefer 55), Presentation College 3 (Jordan Riley 13, Jaiye Sheppard 61, 72) at Fyzabad;

(Monday 2 October)

St Anthony’s College 4 (Che Benny 16, Jaydon Prowell 37, Jodel Brown 72, Jordan Barclay 85), Fyzabad Secondary 1 (Des Jones 85) at Westmoorings;

(Saturday 7 October)

St Benedict’s College 2 (Reuel Tyson 63, Kyjuan Sampson 71), Fyzabad Secondary 0 at Barrackpore;

(Wednesday 11 October)

Fyzabad Secondary 0, Signal Hill 0 at Fyzabad;

(Saturday 14 October)

Carapichaima East 2, Fyzabad Secondary 1 (Nicholas Blake 43) at Carapichaima.

Photo: Fyzabad Secondary midfielder Maurice Dick (centre) is surrounded by teammates [from left] Tyrese Reefer, Sharkeel Louison, Shamor Mahabir and Aaron Jordan during SSFL action against Trinity College East on 20 September at Trincity.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-Images/Wired868)
SSFL Standings

(Editor’s Note: Standings reflect league positions before kick-off on Thurs. 19 Oct)

(Played-Won-Drew-Lost-Goals For-Goals Against-Points)

  1. Naparima             11-8-2-1-23-11-26
  2. Presentation        10-7-1-2-22-11-22
  3. St Anthony’s        10-6-3-1-33-16-21
  4. Shiva Boys HC    10-6-2-2-26-13-20
  5. San Juan N          11-4-6-1-23-1018
  6. St Mary’s              10-4-3-3-25-20-15
  7. Fatima                  9-5-0-4-9-12-15
  8. Trinity East           9-4-1-4-16-11-13
  9. St Augustine        9-4-1-4-20-17-13
  10. Carapichaima E  10-3-2-5-15-18-11
  11. Signal Hill            10-2-2-6-9-17-8
  12. QRC                     11-2-2-7-15-25-8
  13. Trinity Moka         9-2-1-6-11-27-7
  14. Speyside High     11-2-1-8-7357
  15. St Benedict’s       10-1-3-6-13-23-6

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. So how it is Trinity Moka manage tuh get de info dat tings were not right with Fyzo?

  2. All the others that cheating … their turn coming. It’s about time! Worst part about this is that these adults trying to pull themselves out and blaming the students.

  3. All this madness happening now,but there were whispers since the first games,and they took Soooo long to investegate the issues,and there are still stuff going on, but we the fans watching and waiting,

  4. Like is we alone laughing at this shit lmaoooo

  5. This throws the whole standings out of whack.

  6. False papers….submitted by little people….they get ketch.

  7. Wayyzzzz real fight down for south teams Bai ,

  8. so…football aside—are these two kids registered with the MoE for CAPE or not though? Will they be allowed to finish their Form 6 study at the school or not?

  9. Why now I sure you had known of this before if is true why is only now we hearing about fraudulent doccuments papers take care because is African children you trying ti keep them down so sad

  10. I cannot believe that the administration in the school allowed this to happen! What are they teaching our children about morals???

  11. This is an indicator to re-evaluate all those principals . One from, Siparia lamenting at a student” He father made a mistake making him and go a learn to read and write” , the other one in Fyzo bringing in non-qualified students.
    If they know these things shouldn’t they put things in place to remedy.

  12. If two consecutive years of irregularities and fraud does not galvanize the SSFL into overhauling their administration of the game, then I don’t know what will.

  13. The thing is this is not the 1st time something like this happen we have to say tank god we have internet so most of the stuff we didn’t no about coming to the front light now

  14. unfortunately the school or club always pay for the mistakes regardless of who made it everyone knew what was going on but this is Trini….a place where one never expects to get caught doing wrong….

    • Whilst I agree with you, we have a unique situation in this country…one of crime…one of lack of talent…lack of opportunity and for me, 18 or 20 possibly submitting to a life of crime becoz football may very well be their only vehicle to a better life or simply falling thru the crack is too many to risk… just my view….

    • AHEM!!! Bass Cleff of course they are staved for talent in our sweet country and also with the academics to eh, hence the reason why some of these schools continues to do ilegal things in order for players to represent their school to win trophies. Them really good yes.

    • submitting to a life of crime whatever the circumstances is wrong and will always be wrong because when you are caught you will have to pay for it…..

    • Hassan C Araujo I’m not disagreeing with you eh my concern here however is the other boys…whether or not they knew they are not responsible for this FRAUDULENT act so why take their dream of playing SSFL as is the dream of most players if not all…why take this away from them???

    • I know that’s how it is but the SSFL ultimately has the final decision which in my view, in this instance does not serve the greater good which is football and those other 18 or 20 footballers

    • Whilst I agree about the other players…in any other place the school would be banned….Mexico got a couple years banned for playing over age players

    • And that madness even happens in the over 40 football tournaments where the managers and coaches knows that the players that they have representing their teams hasn’t reached the age to play but allows them to play any how, there is an over 40 league that takes place in Brooklyn and the organizer himself even allows that madness to happen. I will never understand in a million years why the players who isn’t of the age just cannot wait until they turn 40 yrs and over eh, Them really good yes. steeuuppss.

    • they like to beat up old men but the old men show them a thing or two most times

    • There is a small goal tournament taking place in meh home town by the St James youth center and there is a old man team from Morvant that is beating up the younger teams with their touches and their slow playing style , while the younger fellas just want to play the beautiful game fast, fast, eh which tells me that these nowadays players doesn’t have a clue about playing the small goal/futsal game eh only maybe when they becomes the old fellas eh they will finally undestand . Them really good yes. hahahahahaha

  15. A clear reflection of what’s going on in society
    Imagine !!!
    And I guess this is not the only school !!!!

  16. so is only academics can qualify you to do a levels. The powers that be should rethink that position.

  17. This is very sad… it’s a sad day for football… REALLY… i say tgis because…what’s the greater good here? The persons responsible for this should be held accountable i.e. the manager, the principal AND the TWO STUDENTS! Yes the TWO STUDENTS. In as much as they simply “handed” over their certificates, they’re adult enough and KNOW they DON’T deserve to be placed in no form 6 class… Deduct points, take whatever measures as it relates to FOOTBALL but DO NOT penalize the other 20 or so players… it is highly UNFAIR to the innocent ones involved in this. These are YOUTHS!! These are young aspiring footballers who now WILL NOT have the previlige of playing in the SSFL “colleges league”. A league where most if not ALL real players FIRST MAKE THEIR MARK!!! Why does the new coach who also may not have have been part of this FRAUDULENT ACT be made to suffer those consequences as well?? IT IS FRAUD!!! Fraud committed by TWO players, a manager and whoever else the SSFL deem “responsible” for doing this… CERTAINLY NOT THE OTHER YOUNG ASPIRING PLAYERS… it is unjust and can very well prove to be career-dampening to many of those young men… is that what we want for football in a country where we already STARVED FOR TALENT??? We need to ask ourselves what is “THE GREATER GOOD”? “WHO IS REALLY SUFFERING when we make these decisions”?

  18. So the principal and teacher claims the students handed false papers. As far im aware there is a stringent process to be admitted to A levels, one must have a certain amt of subjects at a certain grade etc. You really want me to believe that these two boys duped everyone and gained acceptance to do A’s?. In my opinion the principal and teacher are fully complicit in this and want to make the boys scapegoats now that they have been found out

  19. My thing is how can two ppl alone pulled of something like that ? Or are they the once who taking the hit for it alone ? am sure that’s not the case .

  20. The 2017 SSFL season will not be remembered for the eventual champion but for this unfortunate fiasco and criminal act. Again I suggest a seperate independent body to deal with credentials at the Premiership and Championship levels. The league has grown beyond the current SSFL administrative structure. They need help.

  21. Transfer the teacher and principal to teach at YTC

    • Earl Best

      What is joke about schoolboys might be death fuh the teachers. Isn’t that what the old proverb says? Or something like it?

  22. you know what’s sad, they forget that it is children’s lives we are dealing with. all this to win a secondary school football league? (i know it isnt as black and white as the league win but get where I am coming from.) It is just sad! People need to be held accountable. This has been going on for too long and will continue to happen if nobody is held accountable. There must be consequences and not just for the team but an investigation needs to take place and the perpetrator/s must be held accountable. You just don’t do this to young people. Uplift them and teach them the right thing! You don’t have to cheat to succeed. If they didn’t do well in their exams, encourage them to re-do them outside if they cant get back into a school and are past the age. Don’t use them! They are not TOYS! This is rubbish!

  23. I hope they deal with the rest of issues before the league ends….Lasana why bring it back to 15 teams because of the lil coup that takes place to keep up SanJuan….leave the damn thing with 16 schools so nobody on a bye….What about the CapsEast and Shiva issues?

  24. Choices….Chances….Changes….Trini life…

  25. So wnat about the Coaches Brian Williams and Kerry Jameson eh Alyuh really feel that they didn’t have the slightest clue that they were coaching illegal players eh and this same madness also took place with Technical South school when the Magician Russell Laterpy, Marvin Faustin, Sean Walkes , Leonson Lewis and a few other over aged players represented when they use to beat up everybody except CIC that put it on them with Shaka Hislop, Colin Rock and their bomb Squad team. Them really good yes.

    • The coaches are not at the school, the manager and the school administration deal with eligibility. Williams and Jemmerson work with those who they are sent, can’t blame them for this. That’s like unai emery having to second guess Neymar contract before playing him in the UCL for PSG, there are people handling those details.

    • Well in my second sweetest country the coaches are responsible for recruiting and making certain that nothing illegal taking place eh and if they are caught in any kind of illegal activities just like what happened some time ago with a few top of the line basketball coaches at some of the top of the line universities in my sweet country, they all got their throats busted and even might be facing the courts and then jail time , so maybe it is time that the coaches in our sweet country take care of the recruting of the players in our sweet country, all this backward third world mentality really needs to stop eh steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

    • Well coaches do recruit, think Grovey for St Anthony’s, but the nitty gritty of registration etc is handled by the manager and/or school administration. This is not dissimilar to the US’s system.

  26. Are these the standings after today’s games? So unfair to teams who now lose points re wins against Fyzabad .

  27. There is a bigger problem here. Young lives have been ruined.

  28. Tell that to the principal and manager

  29. These adults really need to look at themselves. This season would be remembered for all the controversy rather than the football which is very sad.

  30. SSFL did the right thing… now they need to set standards going forward. They should clearly outline the penalties in advance to avoid this type of nonsense

  31. Adults ought not to teach children to be dishonest. Whosoever is responsible for this should lose his job.

  32. Its unfortunate for the boys who doing the right thing

  33. And the Police anyone called them as yet? We needs to get to the bottom ah dis

  34. imagine this going on in the schools. what they really teaching d youths

  35. 1. Will the students be expelled from school?

    2. Does the investigation stop there? Are they not going to try to get to the bottom of scandal? Who did what and who knew what? Who is guilty?

    3. What measures are going to be put in place to avoid these scenarios in the future?

    • 1. Students gone already. 2. Only police can go further I think. 3. Good question…

    • Well if this is the end of the investigation then is just ah pappy show.

    • Yeah. The SSFL said they sent info on to Ministry and we will follow up.

    • Lasana – can students transfer in the middle of the school year / football season? I imaging some Fyzabad students are looking st alternative options.

    • Carlos actually yes. Last season, I remember a player from St Benedict’s transferring to Pleasantville in mid-season I think.
      But then Benedict’s beat the drop and Pleasantville were relegated!

      • Scotty Ranking

        But then what would be the basis for that transfer? All of theses things have ramifications beyond football.
        As I have stated before, there needs to be a standard across the board academically, if only because these young men (and women – don’t feel that this sort of bacchanal is restricted to the boys alone) are supposed to be at school to get an education. there need to be much clearer and rigid guidelines for academic eligibility so that these situations don’t recur.
        Once again I ask this question – do these eligibility criteria for footballers exist if the same student wants to represent the school in cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, chess, Maths Olympiad, choral speaking, debating or music festivals?

  36. Good time to set examples..this going far too long

  37. Is it that the MOE regulations say that they cannot make comments to the press ? There is that to consider . Was this list for CAPE approved by the School Supervisor when Mr Jebodhsingh was officially on vacation leave ? Was the list sent to the football group officials before the games ? Why was no query done before Fyzo reached up in the rankings ? Seems a bit strange that only now this has become an issue and the school Principal and teacher who are barred from making public statements by the Teaching Service Regulations , are being condemned by implication.

  38. Glad that at least in some aspect of Trini life wrongdoing is being reported and people paying the consequences for it.

    Sorry for the talented players who will be deprived now. These Fyzo players should now be allowed to play regular club football in order not to waste

  39. How many matches are there to go?

    • Teams have between two and five matches remaining due to a couple rescheduled fixtures relating to the weather.

    • I really don’t understand how relegation can be an option with so few games remaining. Especially for schools that weren’t in the relegation zone before. This whole mess is a result of the league’s negligence.

    • Forged documents? We can’t leave any room for administrators to do the right thing anymore. Just now the SSFL will have to be contacting Legal Affairs to double check birth papers.
      I feel for the SSFL executive. Because that kinda background checks on over 300 players won’t be cheap.

    • You only need to submit a birth paper the first time you play in the league. After that it is on file.
      I don’t feel for the administrators at all. This is not a new problem apparently and had they plugged it along the way, we wouldn’t be here. This is a ministry of education approved league. It isn’t difficult to have the ministry verify info. Especially as it isn’t for all the players.
      I feel for trinity Moka who woke up this morning outside of relegation and now find themselves there.

    • Well, I get your point. There’d still need to be a lot of double checking of exam results and so on though. It can be done of course. It’s just a drain of SSFL resources now.

    • That’s why there are penalties, the school admin is an arm of the SSFL, they’re supposed to be the first line of defence against people abusing the league. It’s very difficult with a small team and budget to police every single smart man, you implement punitive action and hope for the best. Fyzo broke the law, not just the rules, so a full expulsion is not draconian. Trinity Moka is relegation threatened due to their poor start to the league, not because of Fyzo.

  40. Is Garcia going to get involved?

  41. Not good for the school or the league at all! This could get even worse too…