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Dear editor: Brace for Shiva fire—hoses not included! Poet pens ode to Shiva Boys

“Cross after cross, shot after shot, beat after beat;

“They’re all rendered helpless as the Shiva fever stifles them with heat…”

Spoken word artist and Shiva Boys Hindu College staff member, Romero Gowrie, pens a word of defiance on behalf of the defending Secondary Schools Football League (SSFL) champions.

Gowrie is a member of the One Mic Movement and was a National Youth Award nominee for excellence in Arts and Culture in 2014:

Editor’s Note: See below for Wired868’s feature on Shiva Boys High School as well as on other SSFL Premier Division teams.

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  1. Naps, Presentation and Shiva games have been cancelled

  2. Some teams just let their play do the talking Aaron.

  3. Excellent piece, makes me want to see Shiva play

  4. Love it. I looking for an answer back from Naps and Pres lmao

  5. Some time understanding your wrting style is real difficult