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Intercol 2017: Extra extra; poet predicts Shiva Boys’ triumph over San Juan North

Extra extra… Spoken word poet and Shiva Boys’ Hindu College staff member Romero Gowrie drops another cheeky number on the eve of their 2017 Coca Cola National Intercol final date against San Juan North Secondary:

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  1. OK ,I admit it wasn’t fake news. Congratulations Shiva!

  2. Hear you now lol if you all had win we would have hear your mouth Shiva is the best

  3. That is cut tail DeNyssa Furlonge

  4. Pappy will cry for the 2 goals he score to give the team the victory

  5. When carol say so is so shiva will shiver them god bless them amen

  6. Ah big steups…..see if you can visualise the lotto numbers

  7. He didn’t read the front of the papers,”Pappy crying like a baby as the intercol trophy is returned to San Juan”

  8. He has talent for real
    But come tomorrow Shiva will feel
    The full force of dem boys from Bourg
    Trust meh Shiva cut tail book….

  9. This guy has got mad talent. Waiting for Denyssa to clap back on San Juan’s behalf 🙂