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Hart meets TTFA today with job on the line; how coach compares to predecessors

The immediate future of Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart is likely to be decided this afternoon when he meets with a committee appointed by the TTFA’s board of directors.

TTFA president David John-Williams confirmed that this position was taken after a three and a half hour board meeting yesterday at Ruby Tuesdays Restaurant in Grand Bazaar, Valsayn.

“The board met until 9 last night [and] coming out that meeting,” John-Williams told Wired868, “it was decided that a committee of the board will meet with Mr Hart at 3.30pm today. Thereafter the TTFA will make a statement.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

It is likely to be a last chance for Hart to save his job after, on Monday afternoon, the TTFA’s technical committee recommended change in the technical staff, despite not meeting the coach or reading his report on the Honduras loss.

The head coach was also accused by two former medical staff members, Dr Terence Babwah and Dave Isaacs, of ignoring their advice on goalkeeper Jan-Michael Williams, which Hart and the remainder of his coaching staff and the player himself vehemently denied.

The Soca Warriors’ form has nose-dived recently with defeats in their last three successive outings—against Martinique, Costa Rica and Honduras—and seven losses in their last 10 matches.

The results leave Trinidad and Tobago second from bottom in the CONCACAF Hex with no points from two outings while, in 2016, they failed to advance to the Copa America Centenario tournament and the Caribbean Cup semifinal round.

In fact, eight of the Warriors’ 18 defeats—or 44 percent—in Hart’s three and a half year spell at the helm came in 2016.

However, the coach might argue that this statistic was influenced by a three match tour away to Peru, Uruguay and China with a second string team, as well as bad luck with injuries (Keron Cummings and Jan-Michael Williams), discipline (Kevin Molino, Joevin Jones and Mekeil Williams) and players losing form or contracts at their respective clubs (Justin Hoyte, Lester Peltier and Jonathan Glenn) or just not showing up (John Bostock and Gavin Hoyte).

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago and Orlando City playmaker Kevin Molino (right) hurdles a tackle against Panama during an international friendly in March 2015. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago and Orlando City playmaker Kevin Molino (right) hurdles a tackle against Panama during an international friendly in March 2015.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

A source close to the technical staff has indicated that Hart and assistant coaches Hutson “Barber” Charles and Derek King are considering notable changes to the current squad.

There are likely to be recalls for playmaker Kevin Molino and goalkeeper Greg Ranjitsingh—who missed out against Costa Rica and Honduras due to an internal suspension and injury respectively—while elegant England-born midfielder John Bostock will be invited to make his senior international debut again.

However, Hart is also believed to be musing over call-ups for 2006 World Cup players Cornell Glen and Carlos Edwards, who would be expected to fight for a place upfront and at right back respectively.

And 26-year-old Houston Dynamo right back Sheanon Williams—who was born in Boston and represented the United States at Under-17 and Under-20 World Cup level but has Trinidad and Tobago parentage—is also in the technical staff’s line of vision while rugged Central FC defender Andre Ettienne might also get a second look.

Although Williams’ apparent interest in the “Red, White and Black” might be tested now that former MLS coach Bruce Arena has replaced Jürgen Klinsmann as US head coach and hinted at more opportunities for players in their local competition.

Klinsmann was sacked on 21 November after two consecutive defeats in the Hex left them below T&T on goal difference.

Photo: Ma Pau Stars right back Carlos Edwards (right) takes on Morvant Caledonia United attacker Kordell Samuel during Pro League at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 22 November 2016. (Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)
Photo: Ma Pau Stars right back Carlos Edwards (right) takes on Morvant Caledonia United attacker Kordell Samuel during Pro League at the Ato Boldon Stadium in Couva on 22 November 2016.
(Courtesy Sean Morrison/Wired868)

Hart will have to convince John-Williams that an influx of new talent can make a positive difference to the Warriors’ fortunes in their Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign.

In his three and a half year spell at the helm, Hart’s record stands at 16 wins, 9 draws and 18 losses from 43 outings, which means his team have played unbeaten in 58 percent of their match with a win ratio of 37 percent.

In Trinidad, the Warriors lost just twice (to Panama and Costa Rica) in 12 matches while there was one defeat from eight competitive matches on home soil. Eighteen of Hart’s opponents—or 41 percent—were Caribbean nations.

So how does that compare with Hart’s predecessors?

Wired868 combed through the data for Trinidad and Tobago’s last eight coaches—dating back to World Cup 2006 coach, Leo Beenhakker—and compared their win and unbeaten ratios in charge.

And, for additional context, we pointed out what percentage of their games in charge were played against Caribbean teams, as opposed to stronger opposition in North and Central America and beyond.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart (centre) and players (from right) Mekeil Williams, Daneil Cyrus, Kenwyne Jones, Radanfah Abu Bakr and Sheldon Bateau at a national training session. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart (centre) and players (from right) Mekeil Williams, Daneil Cyrus, Kenwyne Jones, Radanfah Abu Bakr and Sheldon Bateau at a national training session.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA Images)

(Games—Win Ratio—Unbeaten Ratio—Ratio of matches played against Caribbean teams)

Stephen Hart                                    43 games—38 percent—58 percent—41 percent

Hutson Charles/Jamaal Shabazz  19 games—42 percent—57 percent—63 percent

Otto Pfister                                        7 games—71 percent—71 percent—85 percent

Russell Latapy                                  23 games—34 percent—47 percent—56 percent

Francisco Maturana                        32 games—53 percent—81 percent—65 percent

Wim Rijsbergen                               18 games—33 percent—55 percent—44 percent

Leo Beenhakker                               21 games— 38 percent—61 percent—9 percent

Bertille St Clair                                35 games—51 percent—60 percent—60 percent

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart. (Courtesy CONCACAF)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team coach Stephen Hart.
(Courtesy CONCACAF)

Editor’s Note: What do you think of Stephen Hart’s record so far? Can the suggested influx of talent help turn around T&T’s form? Should the Warriors coach get another chance?

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Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Lets analyse the FACTS guys, 13 games for 2016, 8 are losses, 3 wins & 2 draws… is that good performance to justify keeping a coach ??…the games we won were SvG home and away and DR . DR ranked 126 , SVG ranked 177 and well TnT rank 78….nithing special there….lets analyse the stats and remove the emotions in our thinking Lasana Liburd Brian Springer Lyndon Pk Williams Earl Mango Pierre Keith Look Loy

    • The FACTS and STATS you quote would read VERY differently Trini Don if you were to extend your research to include 2015 where off the top of my head I can recall us NOT losing in regulation time to PANAMA as well as drawing TWICE with MEXICO…ALL AWAY FROM HOME incidentally…and I SPECIFICALLY chose THOSE 2015 results because those are the SAME two countries we play NEXT in the Hex…AT HOME… but hey don’t let MY STATS and FACTS prevent you from drinking your Hart-Haterade…

    • Brian Springer he was supposedly fired for the the 2016 stats, not the 2015 or 2014 or any other year….please analyse the stats, only teams ranking over 100 we can beat ???? I honestly like the guy, but its not about my liking, but on the facts/stats

    • Really Trini Don can you please provide me with evidence of exactly where it is stated that Hart was fired for the 2016 stats?

    • I said “supposedly” Brian Springer….but the issue here is there results !!! Deal with that !!!! SVg and DR is the only team we can beat in 2016 ???? I mean under latapy we might have struggle to beat them…but it says nothing for the level of our game

    • You’re missing my point Trini Don what I believe we should look at is what are our most recent results against our next opposition in the Hex and I provided those FACTS…we drew twice vs MEXICO and lost to PANAMA… THAT is what we should be focusing our attention on.

    • Thats your problem Brian Springer, look at the ENTIRE year and analyse it, dont pick and choose to make your reference….we scored 21 goals and conceded 29, talk about that

    • But you doing the same thing Trini Don picking and choosing 2016 only you ignoring the WHOLE tenure of the man and focussing on ONE year… WHY? Because it suits the point you trying to make do don’t criticize me for looking at a LONGER term than you.

    • The moral of the story is Brian Springer is that good performance should be rewarded, but clearly 2016 is not good a year of good performance….unless you want to predict the future for 2017, and prove that Hart would have an exceptionally great football year….

    • And bottom line Trini Don one way of predicting the future is to look at the last results against the SAME opposition…SO if Hart was fired because his team was drawing in regulation time with BOTH of his NEXT opponents then he better be replaced with someone who has a history of BEATING those same two opponents otherwise we would be losing them two home games and kissing Russia 2018 goodbye.

    • Steups….u not making any sense whatsoever….in analysing data/stats you look at periods, not pick and choose…

    • You contradicting yourself I AM NOT picking & choosing YOU are because you want to leave out 2015 results and I want to INCLUDE them so it’s you who picking and choosing Master Don… Furthermore if YOU dont think you should look at our team performance vs the teams we about to play then I could understand why you confused about what I’m saying.

  2. Prob didn’t might give him some season passes and a pat on the back

  3. As long as he get his cheque he good.

  4. ..I hear you Kelvin. Indeed, you never know. But you also don’t just pick and hope. Is not a lottery. A coach, at any level, should be selected based on, 1) his formal resume, 2) his experience, 3) his achievements, and 4) the subjective judgement of his personality and “fit” for the job. After Hart they better being somebody who is clearly better..

    • Add availability and cost to that actually put cost first

    • Totally agree.. we are stuck with people within the TTFA who do not understand football and will never understand football. I’m astonished that some of those guys have the future of our football in their hands. My 7 yr old are better than some of them. But it’s what we have Keith.. we do have to hope that somehow they make a good decision going forward.

    • This is about more than having someone in TTFF who understands football. I hate to read this absolute nonsense! We need people in TTFF who understand business, understands running global competitive organizations, who understands governance . It’s as nonsensical as pan men saying that pantrinbago must have people who understand pan etc . Let the coach and the technical staff see about the technical and tactical items and let management do management. Kelvin Jack as much as I respect you I strongly disagree with that statement

    • Totally agree.. we are stuck with people within the TTFA who do not understand football and will never understand football. I’m astonished that some of those guys have the future of our football in their hands. My 7 yr old are better than some of them. But it’s what we have Keith.. we do have to hope that somehow they make a good decision going forward.

      Have u read that above statement Brian? I have clearly referred to the people entrusted in hiring and firing of managers. They don’t understand football and in my opinion are capable of selecting quality. I need no lecture about football administration as a business or football governance; that is beyond obvious.. I have been talking to specifically about football on the pitch matters.. in one of my earlier statements, if you took the time to read it, I clearly stated that administrators need to administrate professionally and leave football matters on the pitch to the manager. The manager is the most important person in any football set up..

    • kelvin, yes I understand but I’m saying that the people running the TTFF do not have to know about football to select a good coach. I’m an executive search consultant and executive coach so I do this for a living. What is required is (1) establish a vision for TT football (2). Set some goals/objectives which are broadly communicated (3) develop a strategy to achieve the vision and meet those goals (4) develop a governance process and some operating principles to guide the behavior of the TTFF and the member clubs or bodies.

      The selection of a coach is then done within this context. Because we now know the goals and we have a vision that people buy into we go to the market to find a coach – we are now looking for someone with a complete resume, who has worked at the level we want to get to (note that they’ve worked at where we want to get to), we look at where they’ve been and we find 25-30 references who we can call confidentially and get feedback on the candidate, yiu are looking for cultural fit, ability to collaborate broadly, ability to build team on and off the field, ability to generate measurable results and an ability to plan long term. This is what big corporations do and this is what I’ve said for a long time on wired868 postings that we need a corporate structure and I’m saying now we need professional executives to run it and they don’t have to know about football.

  5. There is one thing that’s guaranteed if you’re a football manager; the sack. There are only two managers that have been un sackable, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger.. the reason they were un-fireable was due to their successes. Football is a results driven business. Hart did a good job for this country and he could be satisfied with his work . He hasn’t had the quality players past managers had but he did a decent enough job. He is gone so football goes on.
    Whoever is given the job must feel the support from all. I’ve read some people already criticising possible replacements.. Terry Fenwick, Russel Latapy etc. I know Terry Fenwick very well. He is an outstanding candidate. He is passionate, he is tactically very very good and he is an obsessed winner. I’ve read some talk about his lack of experience.. hogwash. He is a former international, a premier league player, a World Cup quarter finalist. He also know our country and culture well. There are few better candidates out there – trust me in on this guys. This guy is very very good.. the only one on par or slightly superior I’ve worked with is Leo Beenhakker. Jamal Shabazz? A good coach.. does he have the personality? Maybe.. he is also a good coach. If he has the right staff he can do well. I don’t know Russel as a coach but he was our best ever player and have been going about his business in Scotland. Do not dismiss someone so easily guys. You just never know in football..you just never know.. he may be the one. Who knows? All I know is that the TTFA has to be decisive and intelligent when selecting the new manager.. our role? Pray they get it right and support your manager.

  6. Djw deserve cussing if he put latapy as head coach !!! A top foreign coach or nothing

  7. ..We will see. That would be a hard one to justify based on his previous tenure as senior coach and more recently as U17 coach..

  8. Lasana Liburd ruby tuesday Grand bazaar was gutted by fire last year, and this hart just got gutted by fire from a Ruby tuesday decision eh….dem really good yes

  9. He is a scout for Belgium I heard

  10. Don’t believe Dennis Lawrence went to Belgium with Martinez. I could be wrong though..

  11. Setting patriotism aside I cannot see Dennis Lawrence leaving his position of assistant coach under Martinez to come and take over the reigns of a struggling team. Maybe in a few years time I wud say yes.

    Don’t know who they have in mind but I believe that t dis group expected or wanted Hart to fail.

    David Williams must have done his homework and they most likely had someone in mind long before making this final decision.

  12. The idea of Fenwick or a Dennis Lawrence taking over wouldn’t be bad ideas – but it would override what a terrible decision removing Hart is

    I would compare what Hart was potentially doing for TT to what Laars Largeback & Martin Olsen were doing for Sweden & Denmark as respective coaches who held job for close to a decade

    A safe, honest and trustworthy pair of hands leading nations who knew they had flaws, limited resources (they had better than TT in resources) and knew their limits in the world football arena

    A talented but flawed football nation like TT isn’t on the verge of dominating CONCACAF anytime soon – even if the MLS trio, Bostock, veterans Glenn & Carlos came in

    The end game was always trying to qualify for Russia with Hart and even if he failed – him extending contract had to depend on – a) how competitive team was in defeat since the HEX zone has no poor teams & b) his personal will to continue

    So trading away the aforementioned qualities Hart has to go for the unknown hope of a new coach who can inspire team is unnecessary

    Now the senior team which was the one thing in TT football that has been a shining light that Hart is solely responsible for reviving – will now become part of the other side show acts of confusion in TT football

  13. So DJW, bring a Leo Benhacker , a finisher and set out our football back for the next 5 years

  14. Quote” The decision to fire Hart was made by an ad-hoc committee headed by John-Williams, which is believed to have included technical committee chairman and Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene, technical director Muhammad Isa, Eastern Counties Football Union representative Sherwyn Dyer and vice-president Allan Warner”. So lets analyze this DMU : Dexter Skeene , pro league president , Ever since I know he was in charge of the pro league his success there is the same as him making the national team, and now he is a deciosion maker …????. Muhammed Isa, Technical Director , Square peg in a round hole , Technical arrangement involve a lot of models , analysis , objectives , strategies. implementation , control , etc. see where I am going with this ..Qualifications are absent . He is making decision also . Stephen Hart brings management to the national team , you could hear it when he speaks , but because of the lack of structure in place he is limited in his progress and must now coach . Coaching at a senior level? . Now DJW, W Connection Influence , he alread have Brian Willams , Ging and bring on Stuart , whatever his name is. This foolishness is on our politics, in West Indies Cricket and now TTFA football.

  15. I think a Brazilian Coach is coming

  16. Too much boss and massa and officials in sport. The coach and players should just get their tools and be left to do their jobs. The new coach won’t make a difference. Backstabbing will always prevail to the detriment of sport in this country.

  17. Hughtun Hector …….biiiiiach

  18. I hear since new TTFA President Williams came in he has not favored Hart. I think the culture of the region and egos are to our detriment check West Indies cricket Caricom etc. I no longer feel we care about the real issues..What will happen with the Bostock plan etc ??????

  19. Terry fenwick wanted it a long time ago. I’m not sure either possess enough experience especially at this stage of the Hex

  20. When a team does this badly it’s customary that the head coach is fired. What they have to do is get a better coach quick.

  21. I have a new word ” Babwahism.”

  22. Sure they gave him a post dated cheque

  23. SMH… Scapegoat. Buy as they say it’s easier to change the coach than all the players. But I still say we ain’t going nowhere with these bunch ah players. We simply don’t have the talent. We have to bring in at least 6-7 different players to have a chance.

  24. Now seeing this – so it’s true

  25. I95 reporting they have parted ways

  26. I wish that you yourself was also one of my Coach Hart confidential friends eh Brian Harry and please never stop sharing your expertise advise etc, etc, because I am still learning a lot from my wired family eh.

  27. Folks, just review these posts and appreciate the commess and intrigue that surrounds TT football. Think about the environment and the culture that is being created around the sport. Then ask yourself “is this healthy for national football and will it lead to sustainable high performance and winning?” I respect and admire Mr Hart’s resolute and unflappable posture but is he or the national team being set up for success? This is not good for anyone – including our dreams and ambitions. Again, I’m surprised that a country with so many bright people who know better in their heads can’t find it in their hearts to do things properly. At this level talent is 10% of the equation because everyone we play will have lots of it. The defining factors are leadership, tactical preparation and psychological preparation. Woe be into us in TT as we seem to like to make a mess of everything. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Mr Hart is discussing this situation with his confidential friends

  28. Joevin Jones is one player that needs a right manager and that I believe is keeping him back. He is good enough to be playing for 1st division or even premiership team in BPL. Although I agree it takes discipline to reach there but to some extent right management is all it takes.Levi will also be bought in the next yr or so by a known club and he isn’t getting a full run out by Hart and he is playing in a good league

  29. Interesting stats, thank you.

  30. Did you ever watch a world cup? Do you know that some countries make it to a world cup with people that you never even seen kick a ball..I believe it’s all about right management with these players. Trinidad and Tobago have good enough players to make it to another world cup..My opinion.

  31. whatever gets us to Russia. Get it done, all involved!

  32. I love how optimistic my people are. They see a bunch of players who ply their trade in the pro league, MLS and lower divisions world wide and see them as world beaters based purely on “inherent skill” and “talent”. We also believe that under the “right”coach, regardless of support from the federation, internal issues etc. will be able to get us to the promised land. Our optimism is refreshing in a world of cynicism.

    • You know most Costaricans national team players play in MLS and Costarica right?

    • What’s their federation like? What are their players like? Mentality? Drive? Discipline? It’s not a straight comparison.

    • Simone, that would be apart from the half dozen players tat Costa Rica has in the Europe Champions League and the one at Real Madrid eh?
      We have all of four players in the MLS. You’re not comparing that with the squad Costa Rica has are you?

    • Ian Fitzwilliam That’s a good point. However how many always start if available? Navas, Gamboa, Borges, Ruiz. The others are MLS or CR based.

      I can tell you knowing very well Costaricans and Central Americans in general that they would be very unlikely to leave out of the line up (or roster all together) players playing their trade in Mexico. Mexico top two divisions have the best football of Concacaf and that’s a fact. CR starter Johnny Acosta is someone for instance who couldn’t crack it in Mexico Ascenso and came back to Costa Rica quickly and is a starter on the team ahead of others. So why T&T has the luxury not to play Marshall and leave Winchester out of the roster when they start for their club in Mexico? http://us.soccerway.com/players/johnny-acosta-zamora/85565/

      What I am getting to was players selection is probably where things went wrong. Way too many players from TT Pro League have been selected in my opinion. That league doesn’t require fitness, playing aggressive, under pressure, and gives way too much time for players on the ball. That is not how they play in Central America where it’s fast pace and dog fight on every ball. Much better to use players playing in Mexico Ascenso or the Central American leagues (Weslie John and Jamal Jack) than calling TT Pro league players and USL players that have been off season for 6 weeks when you play CR and Honduras.

  33. ..That is a ridiculous statement. Criticism of the manner in which TTFA is “handling” the implosion of the team – and contributing to it – is not a defence of Hart. Yes, something must be done to steady the ship and to get it back on course. But the mismanagement of the situation by TTFA doesn’t help to resolve it. Let TTFA dismiss the man and name a viable replacement if they want to. But the undermining and professional character assassination doesn’t fly..

  34. hahahahaha nah man, nah man no comparison eh the young soca worries got 22 – 0 like they were playing American football eh and we wouldn’t call for the Coaches head eh Kurtwyn Baird. Them really good yes.

  35. I am wondering!why it seems that most people here seems to be more patriotic to Mr Hart than the National team,NO wins in the last 5 games and facing elimination,regardless to who is eating and where it’s been held something must be done,I observed many here laughed at the thrashing of the of the young soca ladies and called for the removal of the coaching staff but now! Funny ?

  36. His time has passed and his tactics are predictable and not up to standard..

  37. There are a lot of good South American managers that can take Hart’s place.

  38. Even if they keep Hart for now nothing will change. They will continue to try to set him up and tarnish his reputation. So Hart will be spinning top in mud until and we need divine intervention here, we find people at the top who are prepared to put country and not their egos/own agenda first. And that and God face we will never see. So if I were to give my cousin advice,which he probably won’t take is GET OUT and run as far away as you can from those snakes but make sure they pay you first. If they can afford Ruby Tuesday they should be able to pay you. And Lasana Liburd I took note of the timing of his losses which coincided with the advent of DJW and his eat ah food posse. Run Harty Run. Buss it. Go look for a job somewhere in some other country where ethics is the order of the day and distance yourself from these losers before more damage is done to your reputation. Done talk.

  39. Soooo is he dropping Jones or what? He always looks and plays dead

    • Jones is not the real problem. There are many players on the team who no ready for real high level football. Messi will look bad in Jones’ position on that team. We only good for small sweat with plenty ” fancy flicks” and showboating. CHECK THE COLLEGE LEAGUE AND YOU WILL GET WHERE IM COMING FROM

  40. Hang in there Stephen. Don’t let them raise your blood pressure. You are a good man and your passion for the game will never wane.

  41. There goes what little support they had from me………very stupid decision

  42. Well once sanity prevails and Hart remains – good to know that at least one of MLS T&T heritage trio is being considered

    Still need them all though

  43. I’m stunned to read that the meeting was held at Ruby Tuesday. So they were discussing a matter of great national interest and which should be highly confidential and privileged in a public place . Possibly over food and maybe drinks . Wow! We are running fast to no where.

  44. Well as I said before even if the corrupted TTFA replaces my Coach Hart eh, with which ever Coach either a local or another top of the line foreign base Coach eh, our Soca Worries won’t be going back to another World Cup anytime soon unless there is a real shake up in the corrupted TTFA organization and they really start doing the right things for the players, the Coaches, and the beautiful game eh, so it is they who really needs to fire themselves and replace the organization with the real football professionals who understand the business eh steeuusspp. Them really good yes.

  45. Nice stats on predecessors, but it counts for nothing much as Mourhno prior to last season’s Chelsea debacle was brilliant (still is), but he was fired. Lol.

    I agree 100% with a team shake-up. But we can’t count Bostock as he was never here.

  46. Editor’s Note; “Should the Warriors coach get another chance?”

    But his first chance eh gone yet…has it ?

  47. Is the Rolling Stones providing the background music live for this “Bigly Weirdly”???


  48. When a coach comes in he picks his team no interfarence from the outside when this is done and no progress is made he must face his mistakes he let players with no motivation on his team keep playing them some year’s ago he made us felt a love again for T and T football but you don’t remember someone for what they done in the pass you stand to answer for the present

  49. I am hoping that they keep Hart

  50. KEYYY STAT!!

    “In fact, eight of the Warriors’ 18 defeats—or 44 percent—in Hart’s three and a half year spell at the helm came in 2016.

    However, the coach might argue that this statistic was influenced by a three match tour away to Peru, Uruguay and China with a second string team, as well as bad luck with injuries (Keron Cummings and Jan-Michael Williams), discipline (Kevin Molino, Joevin Jones and Mekeil Williams) and players losing form or contracts at their respective clubs (Justin Hoyte, Lester Peltier and Jonathan Glenn) or just not showing up (John Bostock and Gavin Hoyte).”

  51. Leave the man nah…Oh gosh! Deal with the ‘players’..

  52. Some people does really talk arseness oui. Hart brought back a pride in our football that we haven’t seen since 2006 but one set ah ass lickers stabbing the man in his back because they refuse to admit that he is being undermined by the new TTFA. left,right and centre. You think changing the coach will change the shit that passes for administration of our football? You could bring Mourinho or Guardiola and NOTHING will change as long as we have idiots running our football. STEUPS!!

  53. Just imagine eh the Soca Worries goal keeper Coach eh has been there just after 1989 eh no wonder there isn’t any improvements with our goalkeepers steeuuppss Them really good yes

    • I think if Michael Maurice was no good, Beenhakker would not have kept him around. And he did. And every coach since had an option to bring in their own goalkeeper coach too and kept Maurice.
      So he must be doing something right…

    • Well of course he didn’t accept Latapy eh because he was still playing on his team and I wudda done the same thing to but I am sure he didn’t business with his goalkeeper Coach because as I stated he had two real professional goalkeepers at his disbursal and I am positively certain that he had nutten to do with they becoming real professional goalkeepers eh. Them really good yes.

    • No Mango. Latapy was not in the national team then. He had retired. Beenhakker started in May. Latapy eventually joined the team in October or so after being unhappy at not getting a coaching job on his staff.

    • Latapy’s first game back was against Guatemala with just about three games left in our campaign.

    • Yeah and when Latapy come back was the reason why we finally made it to our very first World Cup eh, he never allowed him to play in the first two games until the crowd starting chanting for him in the last game against Paraquay eh and the commentators couldn’t believe when they saw the Magician was on the field and wanted to know where was he all this time eh, just because the Coach and Latters had a falling out he didn’t played him et all against Sweden nor England steeuuppss. Them really good yes

    • Really? Leo Beenhakker wasn’t calling the shots eh, that shot was called when the corrupted Jack Warner and his cronies sold out to my second sweetest country in 1989 eh in order for them to go to Italy 1990 because they were hosting their first ever World Cup in 1994 that made plenty millions of monies and a matter of fact Earl Carter The Spider-Man should have been the goalkeeper on that given day not no rum drinking drunken master police man who also went out the night before the game eh, hence the reason why he complained about the sun was in his eyes eh when a 40 yarder shot was scored on him and furthermore what could he have thought our two real professional goalkeepers Kelvin Jack and Shaka Hislop eh Mr Live Wire. Them really good yes.

    • Earl Mango Pierre, Beenhakker called his own shots and you have it really wrong if you thought otherwise.
      When he first accepted the job, the TTFA told him who his assistant coaches would be and he refused to accept them. One was Russell Latapy.
      He decided on Michael Maurice himself after being satisfied with his work.

  54. Oh yeah for real eh. Keith Look Loy Them really good yes.

  55. I agree is time to bench K Jones, get two antagonist up front, but leave Hart.

  56. ..Them TTFA people staying for a long time Mango. Surrounded by a board that is content to play along in return for a flight, an appointment to a committee, or entry into the stadium VIP lounge. Sound familiar?..

  57. Yuh mean whatever gets us to Qator 2022 by that time my dictator president should be long gone eh and finally their might be a president who really knows the subject steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  58. Unless our nation understands that we lack a lot of discipline then we will be forever spinning in mud wondering why we aren’t progressing. We have a very poor work ethic at all levels. Doesn’t matter if T&T brings in Messi’s coach, if we don’t have the drive and discipline to work harder then we’ll forever be mediocre.

  59. And the TTFA now have a Players Rep in their organization now eh, ah better apply for the post and really show them how to always treat our players so that they could always give 1000% at all times. Them really good yes.

  60. Nice place for Board Meeting, Ruby Tuesday, lol…. On a more serious note, The idea of including Glenn and Edwards would have positive impact on Team. It would interest me to find out which foreign trini-roots players the TTFA have scouted? I again say, there are a number of UK and Euro based players that should have been on our radar, but…. Secondly, our players seem unmotivated on field of play, maybe it is just my observation, but this is what I see. Are we addressing this? The TTFA is meeting Coach Hart, is there meeting scheduled with Players’ Rep? The Captain?

  61. It seems that it is the Ministry of National Security we dealing with here steeuuppss. Them really good yes.

  62. ..1) Meeting at Ruby Tuesday eh. OK! 2) Who on this committee if the technical committee already met – in the absence of the coach or even a report from him – and formed conclusions? 3) Is said committee now superseded by this apparently ad hoc committee? 4) Why everything so secret?..

  63. Soooo who paid the bill at Ruby Tuesday ?

  64. While in the Long Circular mall yesterday with meh player for life who is visiting our sweet country Andrew Ali the top of the line goal keeper who represented Sando Technical along with Latapy, Walkes, Leonson Lewis, and some other great players we ran into my Coach Hart and I introduced Andrew to him and said if you need a top of the line back in the days goalkeeper he is available eh, well Coach Hart just smiled eh and I also told him doh worry eh the wired family got you, yuh not going ah place. Them really good yes.

  65. #StephanHartmuststay

  66. Someone asked for Bertille St Clair’s stats, which I will now add to the story:
    Bertille St Clair 51 percent (win)—60 percent (unbeaten)—60 percent (against Caribbean opposition)…

  67. Could never understand why Maturana was fired smh

  68. There is no Jack Warner to bankroll a top-level international coach so we are stuck with Hart or Charles-Fevrier. We have to put Kenwyne and Cyrus on the bench and improve conditioning. We can win with ball skills and continuous PACE.

    • Maybe Klinsmann might do it for free. After all he’s going to be paid by the U.S. for the remainder of his contract. And if we beat them with him as coach, he can call it poetic justice. Just thinking aloud.

    • Lol. Nope. As soon as he takes a job, the USSF can legally stop paying him. Even if we wanted him, which I don’t.

    • Lol. If Klinsmann doesn’t want to work with MLS players then what the hell would he think about Pro League players?! Lol.

    • TTFA,tied Stephen Harts hands and now they want to fire him, The man was making progress.DJW, let good sense prevail ,fix our football structure , put the right/qualified people in place ,set KPI’s

    • Lasana Liburd I knew you would rain on my parade. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Praim Harripaul explain how the TTFA tied Stephen Hart hand for me please? I really would love to know?

    • If this Gordon kiss ass any harder his last name might change to Williams

    • we need to win with goals, not ball skills or pace Orson Rogers

    • When ppl talking illogical bull shit i must answer!! Raymond Tim kee was doing a good job keeping Trinidad football going after Jack Warner departure instead of giving him a chance to ppl said all kinds of adverse stuff that prevented progress!! U know what i did called Lasana Liburd continually begging a logical analysis of the situation after a while the damage done no one would touch football with a 40 ft pole another man took up the mantle and is attempting to move football forward again unwarranted attacks and road blocks continually!! I would not stand by and see history repeat itself if DJW is wrong i will say so in the public and to his face but i will not allow football to be dragged to a stand still again!! This bigger than me, Raymond Tim Kee and David John Williams at d end of the day they are both millionaires and i will get by but let’s think about the thousands of young boys and girls that football makes a huge difference to!! Let’s work together bring our skills, talents, expertise together and carry the thing to the next level! There can only be one president at a time but there can be thousands of servant leaders at all levels!! Let’s work together to fix things instead of mashing it up!

    • If you think the best place to help sport is by blindly following the president, you’re deluded Gordon. Was the problem in FIFA that people didn’t support Blatter enough?
      You do what you do. I will not hesitate to call out nonsense when I see it.

    • Lasana Liburd u know me better than that last comment!! There is no one i love better than my recently deceased mother but even she couldn’t get me to follow blindly but i always put myself in the other folk shoe to understand situation!!

    • Calvin Palos Garcia u on real shit so i would not answer u to suit! I note Lasana Liburd response to u intelligent comment and wait for a reprimand when i am on the go!! For now i will ignore ur jackassness and wait for an intelligent response bc i don’t do rum talk and that seems to be what wired has become!!!

    • Just calling it as I see it… Everything that is said towards DJW good or bad u make it your bizz to defend him and I don’t do rum talk because today is thanksgiving and am watching my team play.. so u can continue to call me whatever u want and I would continue to watch u kiss….

    • This is not the group Gordon. But he is right that you are always quick to mount a very passionate defence of DJW.
      I won’t comment on how he framed it…

  69. Interesting analysis Lasana Liburd. With the exception of Beenhaker and Wim, Hart has the next highest percentage to non Caribbean teams and a high win and unbeaten ratio. Can you say what Bertille stats were? Didn’t Beenhaker take over from him?

  70. But de Board of Directors and Technical Committee have shown themselves to be impotent so far. And these are de people deciding Hart’s and our national senior team’s future? Steups!