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TTFA goes Hart-less: John-Williams sacks Soca Warriors coach at Ruby Tuesdays

Stephen Hart is out.

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) officially sacked its National Senior Football Team head coach this evening, after a meeting at fast food restaurant, Ruby Tuesdays, in Valsayn.

A TTFA release said that president David John-Williams wishes Hart “every success in his future endeavours.” John-Williams vowed to announce a new coach “in the shortest possible time.”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other's company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago National Senior Team head coach Stephen Hart (left) and Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president David John-Williams enjoy each other’s company during a press conference at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain on 19 May 2016.
(Courtesy Wired868)

No information was provided on the fate of Hart’s backroom staff, which included assistant coaches Hutson “Barber” Charles, Derek King and goalkeeper coach Michael “Brow” Maurice.

Hart took over the Soca Warriors in mid-2013 and led them to quarterfinal finishes at the 2013 and 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup tournaments as well as the Hex of the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign.

However, Trinidad and Tobago’s form dipped considerably in 2016 and his team lost seven of their last 10 outings. At present, the Warriors are at the foot of the Hex with zero points from two games, along with the United States who axed coach Jürgen Klinsmann on Monday.

The decision to fire Hart was made by an ad-hoc committee headed by John-Williams, which is believed to have included technical committee chairman and Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene, technical director Muhammad Isa, Eastern Counties Football Union representative Sherwyn Dyer and vice-president Allan Warner.

According to the TTFA’s constitution, only the board of directors can hire or fire coaches. But the board opted to allow a sub-committee to make the call.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart (right) passes on instructions to left back Aubrey David during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart (right) passes on instructions to left back Aubrey David during 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

John-Williams was easily the most influential person in the room, since he appointed Skeene and Isa to their current posts—he also works with Skeene at Pro League level—while Warner campaigned alongside him in his successful bid to be elected football president in November 2015.

Skeene and Isa, incidentally, had already ruled on Hart’s future on Monday when, in a technical committee meeting, they recommended that the board of directors make changes to the technical staff. That initial decision by the technical committee was made without bothering to speak to Hart in person or read his report on the Warriors’ 3-1 World Cup qualifying loss away to Honduras, which had not yet been submitted.

The potential flaw in the technical committee’s verdict—coupled with the backlash from the bizarre resignations of Dr Terence Babwah and Dave Isaacs from the team’s technical staff, might have prompted a stay of execution for Hart—as the board ruled that Hart should have a chance to speak before a decision was made.

But that only bought the beleaguered coach an additional 24 hours.

Incidentally, only seven of the 13 board members turned up to the Wednesday meeting, although the low turnout might have been influenced by the 5.30pm start in the middle of the work week.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president and W Connection owner David John-Williams (left) has a word with Soca Warriors coach Stephen Hart during Pro League action at the Ato Boldon Stadium on 4 November 2016.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

Hart’s exit completes the clear-out of coaches at all significant levels under the new football president.

In under a year, technical director Kendall Walkes, women’s senior coach Randy Waldrum, under-20 coach Derek King and under-17 coach Ken Elie were all replaced. King and Waldrum were both Caribbean champions in their respective categories.

In truth, Hart’s performances fell away drastically since the change in local football presidents.

In the last nine matches before John-Williams replaced Raymond Tim Kee, the Warriors defeated Guatemala (twice), Cuba and Panama, with draws against Mexico (twice), the United States and Nicaragua. While their solitary loss came via kicks from the penalty mark in the Gold Cup quarterfinal contest against Panama.

But, under the new president, the Warriors only managed wins against St Vincent and the Grenadines (twice) and the Dominican Republic in the whole of 2016 with losses to the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti, Martinique, Peru, Uruguay and China and draws with Guatemala and Grenada.

During that period, Trinidad and Tobago dropped from 49th in FIFA and fourth in CONCACAF to 78th and ninth respectively.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago coach Stephen Hart reacts to the final whistle in the 2016 Copa America play off contest at the Rommel Fernandez Stadium, Panama City on 8 January 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

Hart insisted that the bad run was no more than a dip in form and vowed to turn things around by shaking up his player squad. But John-Williams and his board members were unconvinced. And the former Canada head coach and St Benedict’s College past pupil had to go.

He was told that he was surplus to requirements for the John-Williams-led football body at a popular fast food restaurant.

TTFA press release:

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) and Senior National Men’s Team head coach Stephen Hart have agreed to part ways with immediate effect.

This follows a meeting held this afternoon between Mr Hart and members of the TTFA board of directors.

President David John-Williams, on behalf of the TTFA, thanks Mr Hart for his services over the past three years and wishes him every success in his future endeavours.

Mr John-Williams confirms that the announcement of a new head coach for the TTFA Senior National Men’s Team will be made in the shortest possible time.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Khaleem Hyland (second from right) is helped to the dressing room by defender Yohance Marshall (centre) while captain Kenwyne Jones (right) looks on after 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Khaleem Hyland (second from right) is helped to the dressing room by defender Yohance Marshall (centre) while captain Kenwyne Jones (right) looks on after 2018 World Cup qualifying action against Honduras in San Pedro Sula on 15 November 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Hannibal Najjar

    To Terry Fenwick I say that he does have a very good record here in T&T, but outside…., very, very, questionable. I do not believe that he can achieve the results with this current Hart-formed team that he was able to show with locally-based Jabloteh and FC Central. The reason is simple – these players are much more liberated, exposed, and better-reasoning than what he was faced with and had control over here in T&T. 80% of this current squad ply their trade in a much more diversified abroad setting and that would undermine his strong-hand approach that worked in a local-alone setting where players’ experiences are confined to the walls of T&T. In addition, club versus country coaching have wavering differences where the needed skills are not easily transferred.

  2. Many club managers would have had a rude awakening when they took over national teams and realised it is not the same thing. You don’t have the players constantly at your disposal since they are with their clubs and you usually have a short time to prepare the national teams for tournaments. I would not have a problem with Terry. He is also likely to be cheaper that a named foreign coach. We also need a disciplinarian.

    • Yes. It is really a symbolic gesture. Wallace had already been replaced by Richard Piper and was already on the way out.
      And none of the assistants had written contracts and just worked match to match at the whim of the president.
      So there you go…

    • But is it true that the president would come during or after training to ask the players about the coach etc. What kinda undermining is that? I think that is unprofessional and disrespectful

  3. Best dey fired de whole team…..steups

  4. T&t only qualify due to jack warner influence those so call players can’t make it to nowhere base on their performance the best coach in football right now will get the same result we are only wasting money on this team where we should b training a youth team for after Russia

  5. Brainless as well. How u cud get continuity if you fire without replacement.

  6. You can’t have eggs and make hot dogs. ……Hart used d players they gave him get better quality players on d team

  7. hahahahah Yeah them really jokey eh. Them really good yes.

  8. Alyuh see when I kneel down and pray to my father God eh things does happen eh, so patiently I will be waiting for my prayers to be answered as usual eh. hahahaha

  9. Let’s wait and see who they appoint as the next coach,

  10. The results in our past 3 games give all of us some concern, but in the past we had worst results and they still keep the coach

  11. And in my view after these 3 years we should be playing a better brand of soccer, i would gladly like the challenge to coach one of our national team in the future

  12. I truly think that our players have a big part to the firing of the coach, yes in regards to the resulte game, these players been together for the past 3 plus years

  13. Debbie Espinal i agree with all that u have said, suffice to say football business is all about Results, and the results for 2016 has not gone TNT way as well as the performances

  14. The problem with T&T football system is we just playing just to say we qualified for a world cup and thats it full stop. you can’t beat teams with that kind of mindset . Other teams go into the world cup to see how far they can advance … the footballers need to dream big the staff need to dream big etc .

  15. Brian Jordan i hear u and i still mourning!! But i want Terry give the man the work!!

  16. Not that I doubt a local could succeed (and I consider Terry a local), but I am of the opinion, we have to look at short, medium and sometimes long term when you make a change like this. Bringing in someone with a track record of success internationally is important. That way we can also assign a couple locals to assist, learn and bring that knowledge transfer and greater expertise to the local game. I hope for all our sakes the new coach is worth all this acrimony and baccanal..

  17. JW want some one he could walk all over I dont think Fenwick will want dat. I could be wrong jus my opinion

  18. Terry dont stand shit and will stand up for his rights

  19. One setta rats already stabbing Hart in the back. Not even a nine day wonder. Like allyuh forget Hart was twice nominated for ConCaCaf coach of the year. Any other Trini ever accomplish that? Steups!! Thank God the man have class something the TTFA will never have.

  20. If Fenwick so great what is he doing coaching a piss meh tail pro league club in TnT and not some hot shot team in Europe or even the MLS. Steups!

    • Your comments shows just how much you know (which isn’t much at all sir) about Fenwick. I’ll let you do your research on that. Fenwick has numerous pro league titles with different clubs. When he was in charge of Central fc he had at least 7 players on the national squad. But hey… Why should we give him a chance entire…

  21. I think the best person for the job is Terry Fenwick. But I don’t think the ttfa would ever admit to that.

  22. Thank you Debbie I thought you would find it hard to resist. I’m not sure where this is coming from but I have noted your multiple negative posts particularly about me. I can’t understand as I was only talking to your son Nicholas the other day and didn’t at all get the impression there was ill feeling.

    • No ill feeling but i am disappointed that you were so quick to dismiss Coach Hart’s achievements and big up yourself after all he did to bring passion back for football in this country something even the Pro League hasn’t been able to accomplish. Maybe it’s personal but not geared towards you. Stephen Hart is my blood and blood thicker than water. Good luck if you get the pick. You will probably suffer the same fate as he and all the others before him did. Anyway i’m done with this subject.

  23. I suspect the new manager has already been selected and contracted. My post is directed at the T&T footballing public who know the politics of our domestic game. Every other coach in T&T has participated in some capacity at National level, APART FROM ME??? One of the most successful coaches in PFL history

    • Lol..give them time..this lot dont want dissention

    • It’s beyond pathetic from selectors past and present that you’ve never got a shot at a national team be it senior or a youth team . Hopefully one day you will get that chance when the selectors look beyond skin colour

    • I avoided that skin colour talk yes Cheyenne..lol

    • Well it’s pretty obvious to be fair

    • Part of what makes Terry so successful is that he’s his own man and won’t tolerate any nonsense… EXACTLY what we need but NOT the kind of Coach this administration can control or manipulate… hopefully one day tho…

    • This has nothing to do with skin color because when they do go outside the individual will most likely look just like Terry .

    • Brian Harry Agree completely. I asked some friends of mine just recently why Fenwick has never been given an opportunity to coach the national team. I was told he did not know how to speak to people. If that is true, I guess our professional footballers need to be coddled. I have listened to his breakdown of the games and he definitely knows what he is talking about. Whether that will translate into success as a coach is another matter but that is a major criterion for being a coach.

    • If he didn’t know how to speak to people, he would not have won as many titles.
      When a coach can win with youths, it shows that he backs himself and his understanding of the game and knows how to develop players. And I remember that season that Jabloteh won the title with a teenaged Khaleem Hyland and Robert Primus in the side.
      Anybody who follows the Pro League knows Fenwick is a top coach.

    • terry is definitely s good coach

    • I don’t think it is self praise on the
      part of Terry Fenwick …..I think he stood up for himself since none of his…fans wanted to…..And it took someone like me ….whom he knows is not a “bosom pal” to speak up ….cause let’s face it…. he is a Warrior. I maintain there are locals who can do this job right here right now and Terry Fenwick and Stuart Charles are two. We gave Jack his jacket and not a dog barked. Well give Terry he T shirt .

    • Since when Fenwick became a local and ppl still think Hart from fareign. We real jokey.

    • So give Fenwick the wuk and done the story. Onwards to Russia Terry.

    • Opinions are posted here on Wired as proclamations by all and sundry. By the power invested in me I proclaim Terry Fenwick and Stuart Charles as locals. I further proclaim as locals Stephen Hart , Russell Latapy, Dennis Lawrence and David Nakhid are locals all of whom in my mi…nute view are capable technicians.

    • Debbie Espinal For the record and on the record Debbie, on several occasions I have praised Stephens work during difficult times and circumstances. He has without doubt lifted T&T football out of the grave administrators have been preparing. I am appalled at the way the TTFA have tried to tarnish Stephens management and name while trying to oust him from his job.
      He has not deserved the disgraceful way they have terminated his term as head coach.

      I understand the TTFA are negotiating with a Brazilian called Tito for the job, a predictable move given the Presidents history and comfort zone in Brazil. The good work Stephen has delivered will be decimated in 6 months because of the huge difference in culture and technical abilities here in comparison to Central and South America.

    • Debs, I’m kinda disappointed in your response. The deed’s done, no going back. Lets keep the pressure on, whoever is the manager, but Terry does seem to have a good track record

  24. Thanks for your support Jamaal and Kelvin, I think we’ve had this discussion before, the T&T senior National team must be about winning and success, development is about the youth teams. I know the nature and complexities of T&T football as I have rolled with the punches where others have gone home. I am not from this culture and recognize the disciplines necessary to ensure success for T&T. I Am the only local coach capable of securing that success. In my 17 years here in Trinidad I know the players better than they know themselves. While World Cup football seems distant, knowledge, tactics and motivation are key to the future. I see and work on the positives of T&T while minimizing deficiencies. We are not South or Central American, we do not have their typical traits we have other assets but not typical of the region.

  25. Hahahaha… I could hear dem in the stands now
    “… da man still startin Jones?? Ruby Tuesday fuh he yes!!…”

  26. Do you realize that TT football and Ruby Tuesdays are now forever entwined? I could see down the line, whenever a coach is in trouble people will be saying.” Like this coach heading fuh Ruby Tuesday boy!”

  27. Are you guys effing dottish arrrrrrr hart made our team where it is today how could you sack him at this crucial time smh really thought we were making it to Russia 2018, do you know what this could do with our team mentality stupid as fuck

  28. Stupes what a bunch of idiots TTFF getting like the WICB yes

  29. That is the nature of the game, as a coach when the team can’t win you job is on the line, nothing personal when you get fired, that just the way it is. now sack the captain.

  30. Not,only Hart but non performing players as well

  31. You change hart and leave kenwin ? Smh that’s it bye Russia ?

  32. Im hearing all kind of emotional comments, what is the Win/ loss/ draw performance for 2016 for TnT ????Lasana Liburd

  33. Lasana Liburd I am hearing that Hart was working without a contract any truth to that?

  34. Stephen Hart was classy all the way to the end. I as a Coach don’t mind being ridiculed or criticised behind closed doors but when you do it in public in front of my athletes then you have crossed the line of professionalism. In all of our sports we have this ‘coup attitude’. Please name one sport where we work as a team as a nation to succeed internationally. Our administrators work with an attitude of “leh we wait for him to trip and fall and he dogs dead” These are big men who think this way. Not only in football but in every sport.

  35. There goes our hopes for Russia ?

  36. It does not matter who coach come is the same shit until TTFA whole approach to football development , discipline before self is change TTFA is about self not country first, we have been changing coaches like is jockey shorts we are changing and what same problem TTFA take a good look inside first , the problem is not the coaches but TTFA

  37. And imagine the ex- corrupted Sports Minister doesn’t only own a professional team eh but he is also one of the Coaches, along with his right hand man Stern John, and Dale Saunders eh and they are winning to eh, which shows us once you have the right set of players that will be a done deal eh, so maybe my dictator president can invite them to his new office at Ruby Tuesday and hire the trio to continue to Coach the Soca Warriors eh. Them really good yes. hahahaha

  38. And just imagine eh they fired my Coach Hart eh, but most of the Coaches are still coaching in out bootleg professional league since the league started about 12 years ago steeuuppss, and hence the reason why the level of our football remains the same eh, and there isn’t a very large pool of players to choose from, so I will be waiting very patiently to see what miracles that our new foreign base Coach is going to perform to get us to Russia 2018. Them really good yes

  39. JW want Latapy long time now . The firing of Hart is a set uo

  40. Nah my Coach Hart will never stooped so low eh. Dion Sosa. Them really good yes.

  41. the reason he carry him ruby tuesday he wanted a public place so that coach hart could not wring some good mother so and so on him

  42. I guess when he said that he would appoint the new coach in the shortest possible time he meant that it now ‘Latapy time’.

  43. America sneeze an we catch a cold. I do not belive that any coach can take us to Russia with the team we’re fielding at present..

    • You are sure right bro. Mr. Hart is just another scapegoat in this whole matter. The necluous of this team is not strong .The indiscipline manner in which some team members fall into leading to suspension has all impacted on the teams performance. So don’t beat up Hart. Sour administrators.

  44. Good ❗️Taught he indispensable.Piece ah shit,way 2 go David,show dem U eh joking .???

  45. Lasana, I am appreciating ALL that you said in this article without explicitly stating it. Deftly done. Message received loud and clear.

  46. Why did you say “replacement” in your first sentence though Lasana Liburd? Who was he replaced with?

  47. I believe we could create a good leadership team with Russell an other senior local footballer such as Glenn an others which are willing to bring back trinidad an Tobago football

  48. They change coaches by the dozens over a period of time and is only one world cup we ever make it to. Let’s be honest Trinidad football sucks.

  49. Everyone knew from the day DJW got elected Hart time was on a countdown. This man is a just like Jack Warner in it for his agenda. How can anyone be d the head of TTFA and still have major ties to a pro-league team. This man will continue to push his agenda whether or not it’s the right thing for the team. I honestly wish the entire team get together and boycott until DJW resigns…he’s a jackass!!

  50. I don’t know why my Coach Hart didn’t get rid of Mr. Bound not to score long time nah, look what happened now eh, and as I said before he wudda cost him his job eh, my dictator president shudda also invite him to Ruby Tuesday the same eh and also buss his throat eh Them really good yes steeuuppss.

  51. Well Christmas coming so they might finally be paid before the new Foreign Base Coach fly in. Them really good yes.

  52. We are dreaming if we think another coach can get the most out of these players with the current shenanigans coming from the TTFA administration. Need to get them paid asap to help turnaround in mindset with new coach coming in..

  53. Brian Jordan like you didn’t read my previous messages , my players didn’t get paid for the games eh steeuuppss Them really good yes.

  54. Can anyone confirm if players have been paid for last four or five games? No matter who comes in will face that self inflicted nonsense off the bat..

  55. ..LOL. Well, you know Judas was at the Last Supper, eh..

  56. Just imagine they took my Coach Hart to Ruby Tuesdays eh, to have eats and drinks and then to buss his throat eh, I still cannot get over that one eh, Them administrators really wicked yes.

  57. It’s looking like that Charles. Thats usually the outcome when you have leaders who think they have all the answers to our problems.

  58. The rout is now complete the NEW JACK has succeeded in his clearing house exercise of removing all vestiges of the past administration. It is more about the internal politics of the TTFA than about the football itself, the new head honcho is firmly establishing who is the new BOSS of what has been for sometime, PRIVATELY OWNED TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO FOOTBALL. The template for the STRONGMAN type of leadership of our FOOTBALL, was laid down decades ago even before JACK and while it has produced LEADING OFFICIALS who have done very well for themselves, it has stood in the way of the development of our young natural talent, which abounds in this tiny country of ours. WELCOME TO ‘ NEW JACK CITY’.

  59. its really sad that Hart lost his job,in my view his only major problem was that he place to much faith in some players who really let him down starting with the captain who should be nowhere on the team not even the bench,Jovin Jones should return to his wingback position as he give little defensive work playing on the wing an exposes the wingback,Bocaud should be the first midfield pick on the team sheet, really dont know what became of him in the last 2 games only playing a couple mins an there should be an nationwide manhunt for strikers there must be 1 or 2 that are being overlooked somewhere

  60. Who say ‘strike squad”…Gally resurrected.

  61. JW will run t&t football to the ground

  62. Terry Fenwick is too volatile a coach. He can’t be controlled. No way in hell our good president would give him the job. After making a bad decision to sack Hart, our good president better come with a star studded top-class coach to take over the helm. Anything less we’ll be calling for his resignation.

    • I really not seeing how it make sense to fire hart to hire fenwick. No disrespect to him. Thats a backward step in my book. Only if they thinking 2022 WC

    • Carlos Lee why you say he’s too volatile and can’t be controlled? Would love to know what you’ve based such a strong opinion on ? What’s the correlation to that and his success in the proleague ?

    • Which credible coach with any sense in their head will want to work under this administration? Take note of ” credible”.

    • Reyna – His volatility in tnt football is well known. Fights with other coaches and players etc. As for the control statement, that’s not a negative on his part. More a comment about the TTFA and the fact they like local coaches they can control (player selection, friendly matches etc.). Terry does not come across as a yes man so no way in hell our good president would want to put him at the helm of the senior team.

    • Thanks for your comment, please allow me to respond.
      i’ve been in Trinidad 17 years, identified and developed local players far more than any other person or club. I have stood against the appalling treatment of players and neglect of governing bodies who have over the 17 years not progressed the game in T&T. I have never raised my hand in anger to any of my players, to the contrary, I have supported them on and off the field. I clashed with DJW because of the whole sale Brazilian players W.Connection brought in to win our “little” Pro-League asking what that does for the development of our local players and indeed the local game? I stood my ground when an opposing player had ran 80yds into my technical area to abuse me and my team, I have stood against the establishment clearly happy and content with mediocre. Multiple persons, coaches and opposing players and particularly administrators have clashed because I will not conform to their lack of standards.
      I only win cup, trophies and championships and develop and deliver top players. Removing my long spells out of the Pro-League, check the stats, most successful coach.
      The World is a changing place at this time, look at the US, Europe, Middle East, its a mess, folk have had enough of beaurocrats edging for themselves. IT’S NOT JUST ME

  63. El fútbol es parte de nuestra vida

    • Earl Best

      …pero el presidente actual sera parte de nuestra muerte.

      Sorry, Brian, it’s not poetry it’s the harsh reality; the current president will be part of our death. I have no proof except the coldness in my bones and in my veins after the sacking – without any public explanation/justification – of the man best placed in my view to engineer a rebound of our World Cup 2018 fortunes.

      I wonder if Andre Baptiste has a cousin or an uncle who in line for the post. I for one will be glued to my radio tomorrow evening when he talks to the doctor and his aide.

    • Impressive you waxing poetic this morning J… I needed Google-translate for that one!

  64. But where the Terry Fenwick fans ….and Terry you know I am no fan of yours eh but you see I batting for you. The football is the football

  65. Carlos we …starting with Me have accepted that. Now I get old I better understand the stance that people like Bertille and Alvin took.

  66. Since the World Cup came into existence we were only able to qualify once. If this norm of not qualifying continues, we will be firing coaches every four years.

  67. Cheyenne – there are several reasons why our local coaches appear less successful than foreign coaches. First local coaches are almost always given less than half the resources given to foreign coaches. Second local coaches get significantly less compensation than foreign coaches, and more importantly almost rarely get their salaries on time and/or in full. Local coaches are almost never set up to succeed. Their legs are broken by the TTFA from the beginning, yet the TTFA is quick to call them cripple.

    • ,,And I will say it ; we don’t respect ourselves but we respect white people. Don’t call me racist. It’s true..

    • Colonialistic mentality lives..

    • A football is black and white . My argument isn’t about local coaching standard it’s about what the players will respond to and I do not see them responding to any Trinidadian coach. They will walk right over him . DO NOT confuse my point and make this a racist argument .

    • ..As I said. My point is not racist. It is just a statement of fact. I could code it by saying “we respect foreign coaches more”. But the fact is that we respect foreign, white, coaches more. And that goes for administrators, players and fans. Take that as you will but I been in football here and abroad my whole life and them’s the facts..

    • Ok well my point is strictly players and if we agree they respond to that then let’s leave it there . I just don’t see a local having an impact with this crop . If all the boys were local based footballers then fine but majority are not

    • ..I agree there is no local coach to move the team forward. We just have to await the TTFA’s next move..

      • Earl Best

        Keith, the question I think you need to answer to crystallise your point is this: is it conceivable that a local coach will one day develop the competence to earn the respect of players and fans alike?

        I have heard people say, for instance, simply on the grounds that he is a local, that Hart can take us so far but no further. The implication is clear. Is that a view to which you subscribe?

        Is that a view, perhaps more importantly, to which DJW subscribes? But answer for yourself and leave DJW to Wired868.

    • Be careful Shabaaz don’t start up on you for saying that . ?

    • But Cheyenne, I think Bertille contradicted what you were saying emphatically at the 2000 Gold Cup.

    • Is everyone forgetting that Stephen Hart IS a local Coach, one of the best to lead our team at a time when we were rudderless and brought pride for the game back to our nation??? He was also succeeding until alas he suffered the same fate as other local coaches at the hands of the ego of DJW and his lick my ass administration.

  68. Jamaal like you lobbying for those two men i mention Moses again and the Russian promised land

  69. To bring tnt fball to a good standard takes time Mr hart gave the players confidence in dem self u can see it by d way dey keep d ball better , to bad it’s crunch time and results is d only thing that counts #hewastherightmantho

  70. Terence William Fenwick working for the TTFA run by President David John-williams??? This should…WOULD be interesting 🙂

  71. So Hart could not turn it around do you think Hart got a Morenio at Chelsea from players and TTFA as he and JW had issues

  72. I think both Terry Fenwick or Stuart Charles could take this team and either can turn things around

    • That suggests you didn’t think that Hart had the ability to lift us out of this mini-slump, which all coaches have. Even Pep.
      If DJW was Manchester City boss, he might have fired Pep when they were about three of four games without a win including at Celtic and Swansea.

    • Lasana Liburd Oh gawd Lasana now you comparing Hart with Pep. If Pep’s team is in a slump, because of his accomplishments and his reputation you can have faith and confidence he will find a way to turn it around. There is nothing in Hart’s resume that suggests after a string of poor performances and losses he has what it takes to do the same. Cmon man.

    • Lol. But Hart’s team beat Panama and Honduras already Gerard and drew with Mexico and the US. If he gets them to do as well, then we can finish fourth right there and go to the play offs!

    • Who’s dreaming now Lasana? Haha. He had to first identify the problems before he could have fixed them and I don’t think he knew what they were because he would have fixed them already. When the team was winning in the softest group, I wrote about the technical flaws but you know what you guys said, well at least we got to the hex. Winning solves all problems in T&T and it seems the coach bought into that, so do you, because you keep pointing back to teams we beat. Those teams watched films and fixed their flaws. We didn’t. Did anyone notice everytime Cato and Joevin started their runs from deep they were met with a double team but they kept making those dumb ass runs with no one in the box. They knew we had speed on the wings and they countered. What do we ever do to counter other teams?

    • Gerard your question was whether anything in his CV suggested he could beat those teams eh. And I’d say beating them before does that.
      Regarding tactics, I’d say with Molino and/or Bostock in central areas, we’d have a lot more variety in our attack.

    • Lasana Liburd Ah Slick there you go again. I said there is nothing in his resume that suggests he can turn around a team that’s playing poorly. Nice try Willie. Haha

  73. Saw this on a friend’s page… the mob is fickle, so this would seem appropriate

  74. Terry Fenwick and Stuart Charles are definitely local very much like they could not have called me a foreign coach in Guyana .

  75. Define “LOCAL” Stephen Hart is technically a local Coach who was based in Canada and Terence William Fenwick is technically an English-born Coach who based locally in Trinidad nearly 2 decades now no?

  76. World Cup 1998 Jamaica – Rene Simoes
    World Cup 2006 Trinidad and Tobago – Leo Beenhakker
    Gold Cup 2015 Final – Jamaica
    Winnie Schafer

    I see a trend

    • Plus I remember Jan-Michael Williams saying in a interview sometime this year that when Hart first came the team thought he was a foreigner too until he spoke ha

    • Gold Cup 2000 Trinidad and Tobago Bertille St Clair…

    • Lasana Liburd semi final . Great achievement but Jamaica reaching a final , beating the hosts in a SF is a far greater achievement in my opinion

    • Trinidad and Tobago were recorded as second place finishers Cheyenne. Because the other two teams were foreign. And we were one missed penalty from David Nakhid away from potentially winning the entire Gold Cup in 2000.
      You can’t minimalise that. And whereas Jamaica did it with a squad born outside of Jamaica for the most part and educated in academies in England, T&T did it with players like Mickey Trotman and Brent Rahim and Jerren Nixon…
      Don’t take that away from us man.
      Imagine the TTFA pulled Dwight Yorke from the side in the group stage. Then Latapy was ruled out through injury… And yet they couldn’t stop the team.

    • Fair enough . So one massive achievement for a senior team under a local coach but the other 3 with foreign coaches

  77. I can compare the work of coaches like Alvin Corneal Jimmy Blanc, Edgar Vidale with sessions I have seen in Europe and South America. When does the Caribbean man get the opportunity to grow on the Job? Off course there are areas he needs to improve on 1. How he deals with the Federation in terms of demands and what he/she accepts . 2. Man management 3. Using modern technology are some key issues

  78. Jamaal do you know who is in the running as interium and long term coach as man in town long around the football

  79. Bertille St Clair qualified a team to a youth World Cup. So did Anton Corneal. Gally came close. The time will come when the Caribbean Coach is given the opportunity to get the experience and he improves his management skills …we will then only speak of coaches

  80. Do you really think local coaches with their lack of experience , quality and coaching education and sometimes actual education can have the effect necessary on players who ply their trade abroad under “foreign” coaches ?

    It has been proven time and time again that local coaches cannot cut it … I’m including your time on that list . Latapy’s stint , Bertille’s last stint when he was proven to be outdated and done .

    I’m sorry but they will just not respond to you guys . And before you say Hart was a local let’s not forget he lived majority of his life in Canada and came here as an unknown to these players hence his effect on the team . He’s gone stale as has the team. It happens

  81. The TTFA is just as bad as The WICB-waste of time, football going nowhere!!!!

  82. No man we reasoning. Is coaching today a question of competency or geography ? The term foreign seems to demonstrate competency and local …incompetence…. I think it’s deeper than that .

    • Define “LOCAL” Stephen Hart is technically a local Coach who was based in Canada and Terence William Fenwick is technically an English-born Coach who based locally in Trinidad nearly 2 decades now no?

  83. Hope after all d work Mr Hart put into getting Bostock to come play for us he still desires too, jus thinking he might be d Birchill factor from here on.

  84. What really going this morning like the rain get to you people

  85. Fortunately Shabazz not in the race now or ever Cheyenne. So no need to include the bloke.

  86. I didn’t realize T&T and CFU teams have such a consistent history of getting out of groups in Gold Cup history – for Hart doing it twice not to be considered a strong part of his legacy smh

  87. Anyway it’s done . Let’s hope they get a proper replacement in and not some local coach who will have no effect on this group of players . Sorry but none of the crop here are good enough and I’ll include Latapy in that list. These boys need a proper foreign coach who will come in with great enthusiasm and hopefully the boys respond to his methods .

    If allyuh think them men going to respond to Shabazz , Stuart Charles or Latapy etc ???

  88. I would agree the results this year were not good enough but you also have to factor in WHY they weren’t good enough .

    The team has been beaten over and over and over again by the TTFA and it is not coincidence that our worst period comes with DJW in charge who has interfered with the first team (something tim Kee and Phillips never did)

    Results wise over the last 3 games including losing to Martinique is not good enough especially as it puts us at risk for no gold cup 2017 and World Cup hopes look faded but that happens , teams go stale , coaches go stale but don’t pretend it’s just that reason . A lot of this is to do with the working conditions set by the TTFA and DJW’s interference having a negative effect sweep through the team since January .

    • People are dreaming if they think Klinsmann would even consider working here.

    • Lasana Liburd Oh gawd Lasana let people dream nah

    • If Mourinho get fired tomorrow, some people will say he coming Port of Spain oui. I had no idea people thought we were such a powerhouse that we should be ripping Costa Rica–who defeated Italy and England–to shreds and have managers like Klinsmann waiting by his phone for a chance to coach us.

    • Lasana Liburd I said this before but it needs repeating. For me losing was one thing but the manner in which we lost was inexcusable. We played bad football. There was confusion and no cohesion. They played as if it was the first time they stepped onto a football pitch together. Something had to give. Since you cannot replace the entire team, the coach had to go. But make no mistake it was not all his fault.

  89. This is beyond ridiculous…”exciting games”? That’s Hart’s legacy? I appreciate the sentiments and Hart battling with and within a poor administration but at the end of the day football is about results…not sentiment. Once a team gets out of its group in the gold cup they reach the quarter finals…that is not any achievement to be lauded. Come in guys…I like Hart…but he simply wasn’t cutting it anymore

    • Only two Trinidad and Tobago coaches ever got Trinidad and Tobago beyond the group stage. Bertille St Clair and Stephen Hart.
      The list of coaches who failed to do that includes Rene Simoes and Leo Beenhakker. Francisco Maturana and Russell Latapy failed to even get them to the group stage.
      I think we have unrealistic expectations if we don’t see that as an accomplishment.

    • That’s the acceptance of mediocrity….the reality is that a Gold Cup quarter finals is simply not any significant achievement when put in its proper context. To paraphrase…I think we have unrealistic expectations period

  90. Stephen Hart on behalf of the fans of Trinidad and Tobago football I want to thank you for the tremendous job you did in restoring a measure of RESPECT to the National Team Shirt. While others have chosen to forget or ignore that in our previous World Cup campaign a German Coach could not even GET us to the Hex. In fact he led us to early elimination after defeats by CARIBBEAN “SUPERPOWERS” Bermuda & a Jamal Shabazz-led GUYANA. You took the helm and from the word go got us fans BELIEVING AGAIN… T&T’s 4-4 draw in the Gold cup was voted the most exciting game ever played in that competition by leading commentators in the US. Since the arrival of the new TTFA President a year ago your and indeed ALL our National Football teams at EVERY age-group level have fallen…Is it not passing Strange that when teams fail Coaches get fired and players dropped but the ADMINISTRATORS who run the show remain? I for one will miss your selfless Patriotism sacrificing time away from family and friends in Canada to do a job in which at times your salary was late in coming. May God Bless you with success and happiness in your next endeavor S.H. you are a GIANT among men!!!

  91. Hart had plenty courage, commitment to stay with a handicap:- no money for foreign camps/matches, no money to scout players. Bunch of jokers!!!!

  92. Results wise getting us to a Gold Cup QF in 2013 having inherited the team right before and played one friendly . Beating Honduras 2-0 in that tournament was the highlight … then the 2 games in Saudi Arabia were pretty exciting . 3-3 with UAE and beating the hosts 3-1 . Unfortunately going out on penalties in the 2015 gold cup QF but some of the results included beating Guatemala , drawing 4-4 with Mexico . Then the 3-3 with Mexico shortly after . Winning a friendly in Panama and also winning in Guatemala in the group of 4 WCQ was a special result . Even the draw at home to USA was solid .

    I think what’s more remarkable about Hart’s time here was his loyalty to the team under these conditions of no support from the TTFA since he’s here , to deal with Tim Kee and then this dictator president John Williams and all the abuse and disorganization is remarkable in a world where loyalty and selflessness is dead .
    Hart gave this thing his absolute all . Any other coach would have walked away .. maybe he should have but as a fan of the Warriors I’ll always hold him in the highest regard for his actions more than his on the pitch results (and they had many positive results)

    Cheers Hartie ! ?

  93. TTFF strikes again….clueless leadership or just selfish. T&T football pays the price. Good luck coach Hart and thanks for the professionalism you brought.

  94. They couldn’t just bring back latapy and put him in charge of a junior team, they want to make him coach of the senior team

  95. Change is needed if we are to qualify for the world cup, kudus to Hart he did a great job but I don’t think he could take us to Russia just my thoughts.

  96. I hope they also remove the captain to

  97. No surprise here Colin Sue….i only hope we get a competent replacement….sighs

  98. What exactly were Stephen Hart’s accomplishments as national coach?

  99. Bunch of jokers. I could rant but saw it coming, was told by someone associated with TTFF about 2 months that they looking to make Latapy the coach again, the fact that they hired his brother….. im waiting to see how continually poor thier judgement is….

  100. Ruby Tuesdays is the new board room for the TTFA. This is how the meeting went five drinks each lets fire hart.

  101. I want to publicly thank Mr Stephen Hart for his great work with the Trinidad and Tobago national football team, it is with a heavy heart that i say goodbye to a man i have respected as a brother. I wish him well in all his future endeavors, u was a class act and returned respect and stability to the national football and for this true football lovers are forever grateful. It is my wish that your are allowed to continue making a contribution to national football at some level bc u have much to offer!! God blessings, stay strong my brother u did us proud a true trini to d bone!!

  102. IMO, they have done Hart a tremendous favour. I thought he should have left a long time ago but not under these circumstances. Hopefully, they will get a coach with more experience and less decency. Hart is too much of a gentlemen to survive among guttersnipes.

  103. Half of that football side should go also

  104. Fired @ ruby Tuesday I can’t believe it

  105. What do you know…another tin-god and paper tiger comes to town…

  106. Mark my words…this will put paid to any chance we had of making it to Russia in 2018, as slim as they were in any case. Just a dotish move in my view.

  107. So my dictator president really went and hire this man to Coach our Soca Worries team eh. Them really good yes.

  108. If they don’t bring in someone like beenhakker or better this is a bad move.

    • My thoughts exactly…ok so accountabillity dor a string of horrible performances…right ok…so who is the replacement..and will the replacemebt do what is necessary to shake the squad up because much of the responsibility rests on their shoulders as well…i will be very disappointed if i hear latapy is the new coach….nothing against latas as a player and a rep for tnt or his coaching skills but hart brought us back from the lowest of lows so if you remove him the rplacement should be of beenhaker pedigree

  109. Dean a change was inevitable.. check his record. You’re a coach therefore you are aware of the business

  110. One setta low budget coaches and we have the money for better.

  111. When DJW consult others is a problem, when he doesn’t, he’s a dictator…alyuh good yes

  112. Hart did really say football is a paradox oui.

    Half the people quarreling for him to drop KJ, but vex he fired.

    So what yuh want ? Oh the irony !!!

  113. J W destroyed Wanderers cricket club and he will do the same to T&T footballer

  114. I don’t even think it’s follow fashion..just John Williams wanting his way

  115. Brethren and sistren, as many would have heard me say . . . .. this is about more than football! Frankly, fellow Trinbagonians, the way that football is being run is no different to anything else we are doing in TT. Nothing in TT works well. Governance doesn’t, the Judiciary doesn’t, the police doesn’t, the medical service doesn’t, etc. and the list goes on. We, as a nation are in the midst of a serious crisis. It is a crisis of leadership! As leaders get weaker, they become more egotistical, self-serving and aloof. A cursory look at the best leaders in the world and a comparison with what’s happening in TT would make my case easily. If we take in and digest for one moment the CEO of Pepsi in the attached link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDTVdX-enr4) speaking to vision, performance and purpose – one sees how real worldclass leaders drive actualization of purpose. Where do we see this come in TT? The performance of our national football team should not be viewed in a vacuum, as it is a manifestation of a bigger, deeper and more pervasive problem – leadership. The firing of Mr Hart is only a small reflection of this. Until we accept that there’s a bigger problem, it won’t be fixed. The fact that many immediately say that we should seek a foreign coach is also illustrative (please note that I’m not against having a foreign coach) of a sense that WE are not getting it done. Admittedly, a foreign coach who has worked at that level will bring something more and different! Most of all he won’t take the TTFF nonsense. I believe that deep down every Trini knows that better can and should be done, but there is a sense of resignation that we cannot get out of our own ways and are hamstrung by what we’ve come to accept as ‘our normal’ behaviors. So what do we learn from this latest fiasco? It is a point worth pondering. As I told Mr Livewire a few moments ago, its about time that we get together and discuss the issues that plague the TTFF, TTGF, Pantrinbago, TUCO, NCC, National Band Leaders Association, the Judiciary, the various state enterprises, medical services, JCC, etc. All of these institutions are underperforming. This is not an issue of talent!!!! Our people are bright and intellectually comparable to anyone anywhere. This is an issue of systems, structures, cultural norms. The way we select leaders is consistent with what we have come to accept. It is the way we run everything. So can we continue to do the same thing and expect better or different results? Remember the definition of madness. Right? What will we do? What should we do? TT is a good place for alcohol commercials – because we have to be drunk to deal with this crap, over and over and over again. Stay thirsty my friends.

    • Brian

      I totally agree with you that our institutions are failing and we lack professional leadership. However, where I disagree with you is that “it is not an issue of talent” and “our people are bright and intellectually comparable to anyone anywhere”. I appreciate your utilization of comparable as a qualifier and to have mutual understanding I take “bright” to mean smart.

      On the contrary, I find the majority of our population NOT to be bright and NOT to be intellectual. The cause is we continue to emphasize a learning process based on rote learning. This process has created some individuals we often term as “bright” but are no more than 10GB hard drives with little or no processing power. These individuals are often eloquent repeaters of data and systems but lack ingenuity, creativity and problem solving techniques so we can not expect them to be leaders. I have met with too many middle and upper level managers in our private sector and MP’s, Ministers and CEO public sector with Phd’s, MBA’s, CFA’s, etc and been shocked with the lack of cognitive ability. Sadly, we have not fundamentally evolved from a colonial then neo-colonial learning process that was engineered for dependency. Rote learning is not just in our classroom it is overemphasized through out the society.

      We continue to do the same things over and over again because we are a rote society; our political parties, our governance systems, judiciary are all repeaters. It’s not only rote but the strict disciplinary environment that the learning takes place. To bring this back to football, I heard Coach HART ask where are the dribblers, the boys/girls that are brave and creative to “tek” on. The reality is it has been coached out of them, I would say that our education process has also taught the creativity, thinking, reasoning and problem solving OUT of us. If we are so “talented” so “bright” so “intellectual” what was our last invention, creation, internationally recognized scholarship, etc..? Where is the prove?

      One last point, you make solid reference of our instant need for our foreign coach or foreign consultants as a reflection of what I view as our lack of confidence. I will take it a step further that even when we bring foreign coaches/consultants they can and do provide value often with detailed plans that require implementation. Since implementation, is a cognitive process not based on repeating we RARELY implement those plans. The many a corporate and ministry office file cabinet are full of coaches/consultant detailed plans we paid for begging to be implemented but as you said that requires leadership.

      Lastly, we do not need alcohol to accept this because we too have had our minds programmed to have a level of comfort and acceptance of the repetition and dysfunction.

      Naturally, I am with you that we must endeavor to free our minds to create a functional society.

      • Brian Harry

        Sean thanks for your thoughtful response to my post. I believe that where you see disagreement, we are actually in agreement. As I cited the various institutions, I was pointing to widespread collapse and system-wide failure. In my view, we need to engage in some real systems thinking to resolve these difficult issues. And yes, I think the change needed will be difficult for the exact reason you have cited – lack of cognitive abilities and the gradual de-intellectualization of our society. People do not think and are not trained to think, for we build a perception of progress and capability around passing exams so people simple study to pass exams and not think to solve problems or get things done.

        Regarding, whether we produce bright and/or smart people, I think we do, but they operate in a system where they don’t have to think and as you correctly stated “we simply repeat what we read and how we did it before”. As such we lose many of them by age 15. I have seen many of our citizens come out to the USA, Canada, and UK and perform very well – like you. I look at the energy industry where many of our engineers have multiple patents to their name – but it was not accomplished in TT – they did it when exposed and immersed in a different ‘system’, same thing in medicine and engineering. A few years ago I sat beside a senior police detective from Atlanta on a flight to TT, as he was going to POS to conclude an investigation which was being done jointly with the TTPS. I asked him his thoughts on the policemen in TT. He said, “I think that they have very good investigative skills and are well trained, but the system they work in will not generate successful prosecutions and crime reduction”. So placed within the right system we do well – suggesting that we have the raw material.

        We have never been good at implementation and I also agree with your sentiments in that regard.

        TT for many reasons has not kept up with world class practices. I think the people operate like they have lost hope. The reason why a foreign coach may be what we need at this point is exactly because he will be listened to and the local coaches we have will not command the same respect and don’t have the coaching experience or confidence on the world stage.

        I could go on and on but, its sad even writing about it.

    • Nice analysis Brian Harry, but it does ignore the ever-present influence of scale. Small is good when it sensationally magnifies our victories to the limits of the theatre also used by the big, but everything else about small is a handicap. Remember, we dance to the tune of our bigger mentors and partners while still giving them access to the minutiae of our processes. While Federation probably wouldn’t save us, it would at least show ambition. Trinidad is too darm small for all that big talk.

    • Danny, Trinidad is too small for what big talk?

  116. Foolish move…..follow fashion, except that they don’t have the resources the US does…..he has been the best manager in a long time.

  117. Mudda-So-An-So-Effin-TTFA-Jackholes!

  118. Well then you have to remove the entire staff ?

  119. That elbow man has been marketing himself for that job long time now made all the right comments during his commentary to undermine Hart we await the next chess move we might a management coaching team with the three stooges we wait

  120. I would state that the ex pats abroad will say what I say.. we done watching TT football unless Williams is removed and his minions… after reading this nonsense I’m done with local football

    • I beg your pardon how is this a nonsense decision? Klinsmann got axed and was coming off of beating T&T 4-0.

    • Klinsmann is the USA’s business though. He wasn’t fired for losing two games anymore than Hart was. That’s just on the surface.

    • Gino McKoy Really can you please enlighten me of what positive results the team has had since the Gold Cup?

    • Enlighten me when the results started to go down.. when your boy David came into power..

    • Gino McKoy You can’t blame him for that. That’s non-sense. I have no agenda just to be clear and I respect SH very much. I am an outside observer but frankly team roster selection has been debatable in recent games and certainly not in favor of W Connection’s players if that’s what you are implying. If anything some decent players coming out of W Connection have had no chance on the team. Namely Winchester and Britto. So I don’t really see your point.

    • Trini Don, explain why what the USA does isn’t our business? Or why the firing wasn’t about just two games?

    • Lasana Liburd Well here clearly it wasn’t because of only two games. Losing to Haiti the qualifier to Copa America, and most recently the game vs Martinique, among other losses or poor games added to the pot.

    • That added to it Simone. Bear in mind that this is a president who told one of his coaches that his view is all coaches should submit their resignation when there is a change of president. That is the thinking of the man.
      That was the undercurrent.
      I accept that football says a coach’s job is always in the balance when results go against you. But I don’t Hart ever really had the full support of the president and i find the way the players and staff were treated was shocking at times.

    • The connection players are not head and shoulders above the rest. . You give SH warm up matches that are not with the full team to play world class competition..you destabilize the team upon now becoming president with the players almost striking … team staff and coach going months with any pay.. should I continue? He can’t run a football body and has done everything in his power to destroy what Hart built

    • You think the potential player strike didn’t throw off the team? David was doing things to destroy Hart’s efforts … I hope Trinidad football dies… it will serve all them idiots in Trinidad right..

    • I don’t know where you have been or what Hart’s journey has to do with Klinsmann but you’ve been under a rock for the last 2 years

    • All I was saying is that removing a coach in this situation can’t be called non-sense. It’s very very common and actually even the very best coaches have been let go.

    • Because it is common doesn’t mean it isn’t wrong at times Simone. I bet you can think of lots of common occurences that are wrong.
      I think what matters is this situation here. Not what is happening in the US or anywhere else.

    • Lasana Liburd Only time will tell. But certainly this was the worst start we could have wished for in the Hex.

    • Actually no, we lost our first two in the 2006 campaign

    • Gino McKoy I said “wished for”. That is zero points with only one goal scored in first two games and 5 received.

    • I wish I could win the lottery but that’s not happening… I wish David john wasn’t president as well..

    • Simone, Trinidad and Tobago has the least pedigree of the nations in the Hex at the moment. We started poorly. But not surprisingly so.
      We have never beaten Costa Rica in a World Cup qualifier. Ever. With much better teams.
      And a loss away to Honduras is hardly a devastating result. They have a very good home record.
      You must think this is Brazil or Argentina. People have unrealistic expectations.

    • Well I personally think a few changes in the line up may make this team a third place contender.

    • We could have beat costa for the first time… however Cummings was shot, Hoyte gone… Molino prefer liming… David creating his usual disturbances to upset the team balance.. they were so jealous of Harts achievements, he set out to destroy it

    • They may Simone. Or they may not. Hart knows the players and believed he knew the right changes to improve our results.
      If his ideas seemed reasonable and the dressing room still believed in him, I’d have allowed him to continue.
      I can understand if the TTFA makes a football decision and feels they can do better. But I think, as a local coach with a wealth of knowledge in our set-up already, we should have given him every opportunity to succeed for our long term benefit.
      So now it is back to square one. A foreign coach for a short term job and back to a lesser local coach at the end of the campaign to try to rebuild. We have been here before…

    • Everything is being done to destabilize our football and prevent Russia.. David has executed his plan

    • Exactly Lasana Liburd from my short time being alive we never seem to have a national plan for anything. One that will continually birth new talent and ensure success and advancement. I thought that was the plan when they hire Hart if I remember correctly. Part was developmental and not the short term (though it would be nice) qualification for a world cup.

    • We have the talent right now to qualify but David just ruined that…

  121. I think Wini Schafer would make so much sense . Worked with Jamaica , similar in style of play. Obviously a very enthusiastic infectious type coach who inspires belief . Got them to the Gold Cup final and was unlucky to be in a group with both Costa Rica and Panama .

    Could be a masterstroke to put him on a 1 year contract and see what he can do …

    But it’s the TTFA so I fully expect it to be Latapy or SCF . Maybe some random Brazilian coach who DJW know for years .

    Schafer just screams sensible decision . Sadly the TTFA aren’t capable of making sensible decisions

  122. Good luck Harty. On to bigger and better things now that that noose around your neck is gone. Thank you for the yeoman service performed for your beloved homeland

  123. All indications point to a foreign coach. Probably South American.

  124. Hopefully we eh getting Stuart Charles or Latas as neither is ready for this level…

  125. Hart was good for T&T football. Funny enough, his team was the lone success story in the past year, even with their slide in form.
    Things look a little bit gloomier at the moment. Although I suspect DJW knows that he needs a familiar name to replace him with.

  126. David John Williams is a fraud. Very disheartening, I guess W Connection and Stuart Charles will take us to Russia.

  127. soooooo, the Board did not make the decision. Ok. den.

  128. Hart is nothing but a scapegoat. However that is the nature of the game. Regardless without an infusion of talent, we will be watching the WC without T&T

  129. If yuh dont have a hart,you dont need a head. Fire John Williams too.

  130. The question is was this organised sacking a big chess game being played by the TTFA they Hart to come the big bad wolf so the same players who worshiped him and played for him turned against him over something is this our Chelsea and Morineo wher the players got the coach fired if so was it pre arranged in the chess game of our football we all know he and John Williams had some issues like organising game with out getting the coaches opinion alluh af ffing fedup why can,t we all just get along so the question is now yon made the move who local stooge going to replace him is it W Connection coach as intirium coach testing the waters os his friends with the assurance that the players will play for the chosen one TTFA be weary of Moses who reached the promise land but could not enter for past misdeeds all i want as an ardent true supporter the only person in the airport like last campaign when thigs were not looking good in the airport to meet team at midnight in the rain all i ask is that we treat people with dignity fairly and with earned respect Mr Hart thanks for the joy you brought to me and country and for always acknowledging my presence for that sir you will always have my respect god blessings to you and family may god bless this TTFA to make the right decisions moving foward let the games begin and PR

  131. i guess our head coach will now be Earl Jean the way things going. undeserved

  132. …not atall surprised…better they bring back Bertille St. Clair….

  133. I think it had to happen but i have no faith in DJW

  134. Who now? Who could they afford to pay, who would be willing to put up with continued bs? Sigh………….. sports continue to suffer. ?

  135. Dais ok. TT & US fighting fuh last place… look like we just win it

  136. Smh…idk nah. Can we vote out DJW now please?

  137. He will Brian, he doesn’t deserve this bacchanal

  138. Is “surplus to requirements” a quote? I hope not.. God speed to Coach Hart. In the end, he was not evenly yoked when it came to this administration.. Praying he rebounds and does well wherever he ends up.

  139. I think this is the end of our world cup campaign, from the moment David John Williams took over running Trinidad football we have gone downhill,he and his cronies should have resigned instead

  140. ah man say…everybody putting all kindah ting in cup and sipping and calling it tea…
    tree bark…tea
    now somebody put they foot in it and want we drink they toe….

  141. cheyenne where we getting beenhakker money

  142. Hart-attack
    John Williams kept clogging the arteries. Hoped they paid him off.

  143. He better come good with a replacement . I hope it’s someone who will have a Beenhakker effect : address our mentality issue and have us defensively organized …. but it will probably be Latapy who will say he wants us to “knock it” and play possession football against superior teams ???

    We need to be dirty rough direct and fucking brave

  144. Im glad that someone else noticed that the dip in form came when the administration changed

  145. these people make people just give up on supporting anything local yes……WICB killed Cricket for me years ago..and seems now DJW is set on killing Football for me to in this country oui………..lawd why we blessed with an abundance of Dotish incompetent Sporting Heads!! Really have me in bewilderment smh

  146. you know how long he planning that

  147. Go Local . Experience count. Trend is on. Need a transition team for 2020 . Make the Warriors Great .

  148. I thnk TTFA were influenced by USAFA actions … Hart deserved more time … hope he successor has better luck …

  149. Like cricket we are abject failures Williams et al.don’t know heir arse from their elbow when coming to football.

  150. Problem I have with Williams is that he seems to always try to circumvent proper protocol to get his way. He’s running this association like a dictatorship, surrounding himself with a bunch of sycophants.

  151. Hmmmm I wonder if the doc will be back now

  152. This is what I think of Williams running TTFA

  153. I have mixed views about this. Hart is an excellent but hiring and firing managers are par the course. I have said before that the attitude of the players at any given time could be a reflection of the coach’s influence. He may have lost the dressing room. The TTFA executive is another story. Lasana I don’t think you could blame DJW for the team’s recent results.

    • I can’t blame him directly Fulton. But it is an awkward situation if you are the boss of a team of 20 and you suddenly have a superior who has a personal relationship and professional stake in some of your workers.
      Won’t that suddenly make disciplining them and getting them to respect your authority more difficult?

    • I don’t know the inside story. Hasn’t the squad essentially remained the same?

    • Mostly. But some of the dynamics of the squad changed in the manner I pointed out. We lost our right back Justin Hoyte and playmaker Keron Cummings for different reasons. Those were the two main changes.

    • What does that have to do with DJW’s influence?

    • I told you DJW’s influence in the earlier response to your comment Fulton. Not the second one.

    • Lasana Liburd The WC Connections players, mainly Cyrus, was given an extended run despite his very poor form, I could not understand this. If Hart was under pressure to continue selecting him, and also any inability to discipline WC players, sad… I respect Coach Hart greatly, and always took him for his integrity, If he stuck around despite being compromised, knowing it would have led to his demise, This I do not accept. I believe Coach Hart knew he had to let them dismiss him, I hope that his contract is such that he is owed a nice sum, he would have gottwn nothing if he had walked away. Where we go from here, I wait and see… Good luck to Coach Hart

  154. How legal is a sub committee making a call as such… I mean… can the TTFA give powers to such a committee to make such a decision?

  155. Well if I remember the players did say that they were going down with their Coach Hart so I am waiting very patiently to see them stand up together and strike especially when they haven’t been paid themselves for the four games they played and the strike should also be against the dictator president to step down along with the VP, and TD. Them really good yes.

  156. Earl Best

    SO NO EXPLANATION? He who pays the piper calls the tune so DJW simply sends him packing and feels under no obligation to tell us why. And I don’t mean any foolishness like saying that “the team has not been winning in recent times,” which we all know.

    If Keith Look Loy is right and Hart’s replacement is Russell Latapy or Dwight Yorke, the address of national football will have been changed to much higher up Shit Street and I shall not be visiting them until they move again.

    Unless, of course, DJW can persuade me that the move was made in the best interest of national football and not in the best interest of the president of the national football association, which, it bears repeating, is not the same thing.

  157. Thank you Brian you captured everything in your post. We in T&T thrive on failure.

  158. ..’The decision to fire Hart was made by an ad-hoc committee headed by John-Williams, which is believed to have included technical committee chairman and Pro League CEO Dexter Skeene, technical director Muhammad Isa, Eastern Counties Football Union representative Sherwyn Dyer and vice-president Allan Warner.”..

  159. Imagine that they fired my Coach Hart eh and they are still owing my players their monies for the four games eh Santo Domingo, Martinque, Costa Rica, and Honduras eh and it ain’t no set ah big monies nah. Them really good yes steeuuppss.

  160. Firing Hart is not the answer. . .until our players fix their attitude we will continue to be a soca nation not a footballing nation. Imagine we firing a man we never paid on time. . .look we too jokey.

  161. What i have observed is that DJW is forming something of a old boys club. Bringing back into the framework former personnel that were tried tested and failed. While Hart has to be held accountable for the team’s performance. There is feeling that something is wrong with the executive of the TTFA. Is a case of Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s.

  162. Nothing we didn’t expect. Wish Hart all the best and hopefully his next tenure will be with a professional, ethical organization. Thanks Harty for brining the fans back to the game after a long drought. Your Country owes you a debt of gratitude. God bless you in your future endeavors.

  163. All we have to do is look at when the fortunes started to change….

  164. just read it. Well that’s the nature of the game unfortunately. Could have a great start and a few bad days at the office and you’re out. Personally I would have like to see him stay and complete. Whether or not the change is president is the real problem is left to be seen, time will tell. In the mean time I would still like us to qualify.