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What they say, they say! (Video) Keshorn Walcott talks Rio 2016, critics and T&T sport…

Trinidad and Tobago’s two-time Olympic medallist and javelin star, Keshorn Walcott, talks to Wired868 about Rio 2016, critics, his return to the podium, how to get a big throw and the way forward for local sport:

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the managing director and chief editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. Nice chat… Criticism should always be expected regardless of how poorly or superbly one performs. The key is learning to recognize destructive and constructive criticism, learning from it and turning it into an asset. As long as you are ‘doing’ you should expect criticism and you should yearn for it. “Criticism is something we can avoid easily… by saying nothing, doing nothing and being nothing” – Aristotle

  2. That is Role model!! Man is perfect for our children in their forming years and primary education .
    I love Keshorn

  3. I like the way he has improved his PR skills

  4. Olympic come Olympics go is the same damn thing The governments habe nothing in place for our Athletes and always expect greatness in order to get greatness you have to work and put structures in place to get the great results…….. Well done Keshorn Walcott u have made us proud #TNT?⚪⚫

  5. I think it is good for the athlete’s brand too. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt.

  6. It is very smart because the media can mess with your head and reputation when they are ready so steering clear is a good idea.

  7. Keshorn doesn’t like media overexposure. In that he tries to limit the number of times he is front of a camera.
    I remember Shaka Hislop was the same as a player. I think that’s smart.

  8. Great interview. I am happy that he has become more outspoken but has a level head.

  9. Too bad the all the haters couldn’t bring home Olympic Gold medals!!!

  10. Nice addition/expansion of the wired868 brand.
    (Sorry if I’ve missed other videos such as this that have been produced previously.)

  11. What a role model for our youth. Thank you Keshorn. I feel as proud of you as your Mom. I was happy that the world saw our flag. May God continue to bless you and increase your talent.

  12. For those who would like the interview in a format that they can share with friends off Facebook.

  13. Very well spoken and extremely realistic. Athletes expected to perform and deliver, but where are the systems for training and development…

  14. Good interview, good highlights, good production. Continue being ah Champion star boi! ?

  15. Excellent interview Continued blessings and may you soar to greater heights.

  16. Yes young man, I am so proud of you not just for the Olympic medal. Keep on going, keep on growing.

  17. Keshorn has truly matured. Great interview ?????? may God continue to bless you with good health to continue on your journey.

  18. Those who make comments and keep criticising do it & don’t have a clue about sports,m post times can’t& will never understand what the word ‘repeat’in sports means.what sad they can’t even repeat some things in their own lives but expect an athlete, to win gold medals every time,not a clue what it takes,they need to understand what it entails & then talk if they understand that,their utterances will be different, I am positively sure of that. Keshon I know you will not let the detractors get to u especially those who think because they have the power of the pen,to print ridiculous articles like Keshon fails, not winning gold is a failure hmm only in TT, another using media to say mediocrity. Says a lot but they on media & feel it’s their power.

  19. This was pure Gold! (Pun intended! Lol) but seriously, this very successful young man has only just begun and is still growing into his own. Nothing but pure greatness awaits on the horizon for him!

  20. Blessed and favored… handsome tooo

  21. Keshon in all you are in do remember let God be number one in your life . So P G F

  22. I agree with Keshorn. That article that headlined that he ‘failed to repeat’ his last Olympic performance, was in poor taste (despicable even). Great interview!

  23. Aye this is ah real REAL interview…I like and appreciate your honestyyyyyy!!!! WE NEED AH DAMN SYSTEM,want things done and always last minute,we don’t have professional athletes here cause hey always have to be begging fuh some damn thing and funding themselves out of their own pockets in many cases…RIDICULOUS…

  24. The man sound like ah Tobagonian eno boy…Lmao Trying to talk ‘proper’ buh that twang coming out…lmao…Do yuh think Keshorn Walcott,we proud of yuh,is all ah we medal

  25. Can I say how much I love this guy????? He is destined for greatness. His attitude sets him apart from most.

  26. I enjoyed this interview…keshorn u have ur feet really planted in ur training and also in the face of adversity you stand strong and didn’t seam to waver. Continue on this path and greatness will follow…proud of u

  27. A gentleman with a great attitude! ???? So proud!

  28. Thank you, well done, We are very Proud of You, may God continue to bless guide and keep You

  29. He melt my heart yes…I’m so proud of him all over again….

  30. What a brilliant interview! So impressed with this man! Two time Olympic medalist and so down to earth. Good to get an understanding of the hard work and dedication that goes into achievements like this from his perspective. For a Trinidadian to medal at an international level is amazing! We have the talent.. It’s clear.. But our athletes lack the support and resources.

  31. Look at Keshorn….you have grown into a fine young man. No longer the shy guy we met four years ago…..spoken like a “Champion Bwoyyy!!!”

  32. Really good interview…you are so well spoken and humble. You’re right about the lack of structure and support for our athletes too…I hope the relevant authorities take heed and improve on that. Keep up your good work!

  33. Well executed interview …..and all the best to you in your future endeavors .

  34. Thx To Your Mom. For Bringing You, Into This World. Don’t You Ever Change. Always Keep It ??? You’re Blessed. Always Know That. Much Blessings To You! Big Up! Nuff Respect!. ?☝✌??

  35. This is such a great candid interview! Glad he addressed critics, kept a positive attitude & gave advice for sports moving forward.
    Wired868, pls pls pls interview other athletes. We’d love to hear of their experiences as Olympians. 🙂

    • We have at least two more to come within the next week or so. In one, we speak to several Olympic athletes at once. In the other, we speak to TTOC president Brian Lewis. None of those are on camera though.

    • Two more to come. Woohoo! 😀
      Not on camera. Awww 🙁
      But taped interviews are sooo much better. We see the humans behind the articles – their facial expressions, tone of voice, body language. Yes, I’m whining.
      I felt like I was sitting on the couch with you guys like a maco.
      Is it the costs?

    • Honestly? Yes. It is the costs. We will try to do video from time to time and it is really nice that people appreciate them.
      But we do have to be mindful of the costs… At least until we start making big bucks like the Trinidad Express! 🙂

    • I understand. Still bummed though.
      But hey,
      just win the lotto then all of us will be happy. ?

    • Hahaha. Well, keep liking and sharing our work. That shows corporate T&T that we are worth investing in. We put the vast majority of our income right back into producing a better product for our Wired868 community! 🙂

    • This was a tremendous interview everything was perfection
      The questions, the responses, the setting, the production.
      Arguably the most professional I’ve seen in T&T well done Mr Lasana Liburd
      Keshorn is such an inspiration, I wish more of our young people can be exposed to him, he is a gem

  36. Proud of you Keshorn…. Thank you for representing our twin island! Ur a gentleman!

  37. Oh my he has mature so much, not as shy.. Lovely interview Keshorn ??????

  38. Keshorn. I love the attitude. Proud to have you representing TT… Congrats

  39. What a charming, down to earth young man. And he represents us! Thank you Keshorn Walcott, thank you to his parents & family for helping mold this athlete’s outlook..sensible, mature & sure.

  40. Wow…. best interview I’ve heard in a while… I actually didn’t want it to end… congrats again

  41. I am so proud of Keshorn and how he has matured and grown as a man and as an athlete. There’s only good to come from him.

  42. Walcott’s right, T&T do need a structure

  43. I loved this interview! Keshorn is really a one in a million. So well spoken..mature and focused. Nice production from Bmobile too.