What they say, they say! (Video) Keshorn Walcott talks Rio 2016, critics and T&T sport…

Trinidad and Tobago’s two-time Olympic medallist and javelin star, Keshorn Walcott, talks to Wired868 about Rio 2016, critics, his return to the podium, how to get a big throw and the way forward for local sport:

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  1. Stay strong Keshorn, I know exactly how you feel, when you are great in Trinidad, you are like a diseased Dog, but there are many Trinidadians that LOVES and thank you. Congratulation from everyone in Purple Dragon karate school worldwide.

  2. Like we have to rename Trinidad “The Javelin Country” as Akeem has won gold. I am so happy for these Paralympians. Three participants and we have a gold medal. Whoopee.

  3. Well grounded individual who knows where he is going and how to get there, Jah guide always.

  4. So natural and realistic…good interview

  5. Enjoyed this interview much… Congrats again Keshorn…

  6. I always say to the critics, show me what you can do

  7. You know all who ah talk can even throw ah party

  8. So proud of him…………….. great yet humble………stay blessed

  9. So proud of this young man , I believe there is more great things to come from him as he continues to inspire other great athletes .Bright future indeed.

  10. Makes a good point…the only one from 2012 to medal in 2016 is a great achievement. Again congrats to Keshorn!

  11. This guy is so down to earth and for real i am impressed with his cool

  12. I sat riveted listening to this interview…very interesting and insightful. Proud of Keshorn and what he has achieved to date in the event. I am happy that he has not become daunted by the critics and continues to strive for greatness in spite of…all the best Keshorn

  13. system- in athletics, in business in life..

  14. Great interview. Living abroad, this is the first time I am hearing Keshon speak and I am impressed with his maturity.

  15. down to earth interview…liked this information.

  16. Champion made TNT smile while other country wish they had gotten bronze in that particular discipe

  17. Somewhere in the recesses of ,my mind, I remember Russel Andalcio begging for support for a student from his school, Toco Secondary, whom he felt had the talent to excel in the javelin throw. I do not hear his name mentioned at all in connection with Keshorn. Just asking.

  18. Very proud of this young man. My children are thrilled to have experienced both of his Olympic triumphs. He has matured so much since 2012. God bless you Keshorn

  19. Wow! Until this interview, I always thought anybody could put on national colors and and go win an Olympic medal. I didn’t know a structured system was required!

  20. I have a new-found respect for this fella

  21. thank you Mr, Walcott and I say Mister because you have grown and matured into the type of individual to be proud of , hats off to youe parents for a job well done. You have made very interesting points,and one that we are guilty of as a nation and a people.We want the results of nations who have systems in place for their athlete,a constant preparation yet we want first class results. Again thank you for the impossible from the litttle that was possible,

  22. Great interview… Very intelligent guy… Articulated his views very well… A real champion and role model.

  23. Proud of you – medal or not. Keep up the great work and doing us proud! Excellent interview.

  24. steupse the olympic commite ban meh from watching the youtube ting

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