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Raucous in Rio: Black Friday for T&T sport fans as Mr Live Wire looks to Jesus

Oh gorm allyuh… I can’t take the pain no more. If Jesus is a Trini, then he must be wearing a “Team Thema” jersey yes!

For the first time in 24 years, Trinidad and Tobago is facing up the possibility of leaving an Olympics Games without a medal to show.

Photo: Talk the truth, Jesus... You vexed Thema didn't go to the Olympics nah?
Photo: Talk the truth, Jesus… You vexed Thema didn’t go to the Olympics nah?

At that last barren tournament, the Barcelona 1992 Olympics, Ian Morris looked to have finished a creditable third in the 400 metre final behind American Quincy Watts’s Olympic record dash of 43.50, only to be beaten to bronze by a dip on the line by Kenya’s Samson Kitur.

Morris, Trinis lamented, was probably minding somebody else’s business at the time.

But not even picong can rescue a day in which the two island republic lost, not one or two, but three chances to medal within a three hour stretch!

The only way tonight could get any worse is if Kristyan Gokool pulled up at your front door looking for a wingman for a spin in Siparia.

Mr Live Wire considered kicking the dog but didn’t even have the heart for it. With the way our luck is going, he would have ended up in the hospital with a dog bite and Anna Ramdass woulda write and tell people iz throat cancer!

Yes people, in one single night Trinidad and Tobago’s 4×100 metre women’s team failed to medal while the men’s 4×100 and 4×400 teams were disqualified for lane violations. The Britain and India, incidentally, were also disqualified in their 4×400 metre heats while the USA men were stripped of their bronze medal in the 4×100 men with Canada benefitting from their error.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Lalonde Gordon (left) receives the baton from Jarrin Solomon during the men’s 4x400m relay heat at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on 19 August 2016. (Copyright Johannes Eisele/AFP 2016/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Lalonde Gordon (left) receives the baton from Jarrin Solomon during the men’s 4x400m relay heat at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on 19 August 2016.
(Copyright Johannes Eisele/AFP 2016/Wired868)

The 4×400 team had finished third and would have advanced to the final, whereas the 4×100 men were never in the medal hunt. Lalonde Gordon, a bronze medalist at the London 2012 Olympics, was adjudged to be the guilty party for the 4×400 team while Emmanuel Callendar stepped on the line for the 4×100 men.

An appeal by the Trinidad and Tobago contingent for the former violation, according to the Trinidad Express, was thrown out.

Whatever. Even US swimmer Ryan Lochte could see that they robbed we!

Wired868 is contractually obligated to mention that Usain Bolt led Jamaica to first place in the 4×100 final for his record ninth gold medal. Yeah yeah. Greatest sprinter ever. Good for you.

But it’s hard to congratulate your neighbour on his beautiful new sports car when you can’t even get your “roll on roll off” to start.

So only the United States women allowed to invoke the “tips, play over” rule?! And where was Ian Hypolite and his silver tongue when we needed to charm the socks off the IOC? He was liming in the ESPN studio with Shaka Hislop nah?! Steups.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago's Keshorn Walcott competes at the Moscow 2013 World Championships. (Copyright AFP 2016/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago’s Keshorn Walcott competes at the Moscow 2013 World Championships.
(Copyright AFP 2016/Wired868)

Keshorn boi, you better pelt that iron like Zandolee tomorrow! Over one million Trinbagonians depending on you to be the Sugar Daddy of the nation.

No pressure.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. Now I have a problem with the attitude in the para starting if we had a couple of medals under our belt…. If we would be having the convo about the performance of the athletes. You see mediocrity is one thing I cannot stand. Criticism is not the only thing to make you strong, why are we not speaking about revising policies, funding, investment in young athletes, ensuring proper functioning of federations, strengthening Sportt after the disaster of the last five years, strengthening programs out of ministry of sport. Why is everyone just posing and not talking substance? Is it me? Am I on the wrong track?

  2. I’m all for supporting our competitors win, lose or draw. It’d be great if those in a position of leadership supported them too.

  3. Why am I reminded of a Minister who held a simultaneous sporting portfolio?

    I’m not in a position to say whether the job (commentary) affected the side gig (Chef de Mission), but I will express continued exasperation at how the decision-making processes fail to take the appearance of propriety into account. I mean, past the attempt to backdate moves to make things appear proper.

    Also, of course the conversation is only going to be had when things don’t go well. That is when you’re supposed to ask where things went wrong. (Though, if every Trini medalled while the Chef de Mission was on TV, one might question the need for one.)

  4. And what sweet is that the TTOC tried to covered their asses by posting it up on their social media like they engineered the whole thing. Lolol I LOVE THIS PLACE. ???

  5. And how dare anyone “criticize” lol. I give up yes.

    • Giving up, my dear, is playing into the enemy’s hands; that’s exactly what the forces of evil, so to speak, want you to do.

      Does not the poet exhort us to “…not go gentle into that good night,” to “rage, rage against the dying of the light”?

      He’s refers to something, I know, far more permanent, far more unforgiving. But does the message not hold good for these potentially soul-destroying battles as well?

      Methinks thou hast to look in the mirror and ask thyself that question. When good men and women are silent, evil wins the day.

  6. Why is it wrong to want better for our athletes and our country? I don’t understand

  7. Ohhhh I seeee. So it was a side gig. The Chef de Mission that is. Clearly we were the after thought in the equation. Lol. This country jokey too bad oui. Calisa Paulson Tonya Ayow

  8. ..Truth is that were it not for Kishorn, Machel, Michelle, Shaka and Dr. Hypolite, Trini would have been even MORE SHAMED than it is now. Rio is our most forgettable Games EVER. Good job Ian..

  9. Doc doh Hoyt yuh head you will next be relevant in Tokyo in 2020. It is time for the socawarriors bandwagon.

  10. (Trinidad Guardian)
    According to Dr Hypolite: “I do not know how people will accept it, but I will say to you though that prior to being named as chef de mission, I was interviewed for the position at ESPN before accepting the role as chef de mission. I did not get a response, so I went ahead and accepted the role as chef de mission, which I reported to Brian Lewis, president of the TTOC, who gave his blessing that I could function in the chef de mission role given this assignment”

    “The chef de mission role is not a singular role. I do not advocate all responsibility to myself. I have a very solid team, including the deputy chef de mission and I think all of these things influenced Lewis’ endorsement of my position.” Dr Hypolite told the Sunday Guardian: “I will state categorically that at no point in time were any of these functions compromised by my being at ESPN. All matters, administrative or otherwise, have been carried out successfully without any problem. In addition, my schedule at ESPN was particularly adjusted so that I was able to perform all my duties and functions as chef.”

    “People are prone to judge T&T’s performances on the basis of medals which is understandable, as we see Jamaica continue to win medals while we would like to be part of the action. On the other hand, we have managed to reach some finals, and yes, if you reach a final, you can win a medal. We have had some mishaps and we have not had the medals expected, or that everyone wants, but I think everyone needs to understand that none of our athletes is going outside there to do poorly, but rather, give of his or her best. This is an extremely high level of competition” noted Dr Hypolite.

    “If we had a couple of medals under our belt, we would not be having this discussion, but this is the way life is. When you accept responsibility, you get this type of criticism and the athletes are aware of it. It will only serve to make them stronger” he said.

    “We have got to continue our thrust and we have got to continue to support our athletes. We tend to be fair-weather people, support them when things are going right but turn our backs when we are down. If we want to compare ourselves with Jamaica, we have to look at them. When Usain Bolt failed in 2004, he was wrongly criticized in Jamaican circles, but they quickly found themselves and began to give him support and that is exactly what needs to happen in T&T” Dr Hypolite concluded.

  11. Is dr.ian hypolite the manager of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation in Rio?

  12. Pl. Apply the gate method on those athletes

  13. What did T&T place in the4××100? 7th., and they were disqualified. What a thing! Peter paying for Paul and Paul paying for all.

  14. They did say God don’t like ugly?

  15. Hear nah Lasana Liburd, I enjoyed your Rio chronicles more than I have the Olympics. Make this a book so that I can catch up on those I missed, please. Hilarious!

  16. Federated…dat is pure backwardness…

  17. Somebody went Les Couteaux and put obeah on our athletics

  18. llol: “Juesus is Team Thema”

  19. I was choking in bed at the dog bite … If Anna R was mih neighbour I too woudda be diagnosed with the throat cancer epidemic

  20. Expectation of podium finish: If you have a history (particularly recent) of achieving podium against top competition and are healthy then you are expected to give a podium performance.

    Possible and/or Probable: If you have a lane it is possible to get a podium finish. The probability of a podium finish increases with the quality of recent performances, top notch performance on the day (no errors) and the possibility of better athletes misfiring (for athletes ranked less than top 5 in the world).

    Look at recent rankings of our athletes, the games they medalled in, and the competition in those games and decide whether expectation or possibility of a podium finish is better suited.

  21. If we are foolish enough, with our small size, not to at least get federated with the other islands to go up against monolithic giants like China and USA, we deserve all the licks we get. Although I’m a Barbadian, Tobagonian, Trinidadian, I sometimes get some strong Jamaican feelings.

    • Joining together without a plan or leadership is not the solution. What you haven’t been following the West Indies?

    • Five million people with almost identical backgrounds operating as eighteen independent countries will never make sense. Today they announced that – Olympic medals per capita, Grenada won the Olympics (empowering Grenadians). But interestingly, with the same results as a unified English speaking Caribbean team, Olympic medals per capita, the federated Caribbean would have won the Olympics (empowering all of us).

    • Danny Holder…one reply to that suggestion. I don’t know how old you are or if you read at all, ask anyone about…THE FEDERATION.

    • Mervyn Skeete, I read some paragraphs or a chapter on our victories in slavery every day. The Olympics has done its job to make us aware of what we are collectively capable of on a global stage. We are the best, but not with one arm tied behind our backs.

    • Danny Holder you still haven’t gotten my point about your suggestion re “a Federation”…it didn’t work when the WI islands were trying to join as one…it will not work now… Politics, independence etc…look at what’s happening with the WI cricket team, it was even suggested in soccer to go to the WC, that’s the reason I questioned your age.

    • Holder …. the point being suggested is that in theory it seems a good idea but, the bias, “politricks” and greed of those in organisational and administrative positions in the various islands can and (based on our ongoing and recent history with West Indies cricket) will f*** it up. We do not communicate or get along well enough to successfully navigate the prospective of a unified team.

    • Malik Johnson, none of those minor problems supersede the need for stronger representation globally. We wouldn’t even be free if not for the exertions of Haiti, Saint Lucia, Grenada and Jamaica. Cricket is a good example, we were unbeatable when we were properly united in the 1980’s. I get as much pride from being neighbours with Ambrose and Walsh and Bolt as I ever did with Lara and Bishop and Crawford. Most independent analysts predict that the end of oil and the the reign of solar and wind is within ten years, then we rich Trinidadians will be reduced to the same level as our neighbours, and then we will see the need for brotherhood more clearly.

    • I agree that these “minor problems” (as you put it) don’t supercede the “need” for stronger global representation. What I am saying is that “it does” …so maybe it’s not as minor a problem as you may think. People seem to bypass the one connective aspect of every successful partnership …. “communication” ….. you could have all the resources and talent in the world without proper communication to come together …you’re as effective as superman vs kryptonite.

    • Danny Holder, you seem to be hooked on your point and it appears useless even trying to get you to look at things from a different perspective. I brought up the point re cricket in one context, you in turn brought it up but what you are not considering is that cricket..now…is not cricket what it used to be, I do not wish to involved individuals, but…the formats are many as opposed to what it once was, you should know all about that…the different administrations..WICB, WIPA…all in a mess…guess why? And you are suggesting the West Indies as a single force. At one point there was talk aboutTT going it alone in cricket…guess why…no sah.guess again…peace out.

    • Malik Johnson and Mervyn Skeete, it would be a betrayal not to include my observations and experiences in my perspective. From a Trinidadian perspective, we won one bronze medal this time, but from a West Indian perspective we hit a rich vein of gold and conquered all that we could athletically survey. Other bigger more sophisticated countries invest big to disguise the fact that we Caribbeans are the supreme athletes of the world and without us everything sporting is under-representative and unambitious. Why should I, a Bajan, Tobagonian, Trinidadian settle for one bronze medal when I have rights to seven gold medals. I choose not to be conned into believing that we are one million when in actual fact we are 200 million. Even if we slave descendants decide to compete against those from USA and Brazil, it doesn’t seem appropriate to whittle down to one million to do so.

  22. the PP Govt. gave TT a brand new Aquatic centre, a brand new Cycle Velodrome, a brand new Tennis centre….TT start preparing for Tokyo Olympic in 2020…and stop winning….

    • The country has facilities that were paid for with taxpayers money and they need to be put to the best use for athletes in the various sporting disciplines as are necessary do that they can benefit all our athletes.

  23. the PP Govt. gave TT a brand new Aquatic centre, a brand new Cycle Velodrome, a brand new Tennis centre….TT start preparing for Tokyo Olympic in 2020…and stop whining….

  24. Lasana…have no fear..on Saturday, “He will Rise again”. Keshon Walcott will rise again…I have full confidence.

  25. The illustration pictured is POOR baton passing, the delivery and receiving is almost to the side and the lanes are about 4′ wide, hence the reason the receiver’s left hand should be stretched backward and the person delivering, his hand should be stretched forward, it’s a technique which has to be practiced….notice how Bolt received with his left then switched to his right hand….so, run with baton in right hand…deliver to left hand, that way, you dan’t run into the receiver, OR run with baton in left hand, deliver to right hand.,practice, practice practice.

    • Bolt’s method actually slows him down though as he takes a couple strides to transfer the baton and get up to speed. It’s only his phenomenal pace that compensates for the switch.

    • Kendall Tull , yes I assume he was down because of his height in relation to the person handing off..my point was referring to the method of transfer of the baton..right hand delivery to left had receive and left hand delivery to right hand receive..that has to be established pre race..in any event. look at the photo…at no time they should be abreast…just saying.

  26. Negativity is contagious and it is no respecter of countries also.

  27. I went straight 2 sleep after that farce of an Olympics d anger adrenaline is a good sedative ???… i don’t even want 2 watch it 2day???… but i have 2 see Keshorn??? i hope Rudder reach over he say he was going with a cokeyea broom n various bushes??? but seriously though this Olympics just proved 2 me that it IS just another platform 4 d Americans 2 prove supremacy#justmyviews

  28. Reading this made meh ‘VEXNESS’ go away, yes! But ah have a feeling by the end of the day, ah go still want to kick somebody from the TTOC or one ah dem T&T coaches in Rio, especially Ian!

  29. Dunno whether to laugh, cry or cuss!

  30. Well I finally got to read it. Nicely written as usual but really to heartbroken to even manage a smile ?. The 4x400m really hurt because I was hoping for a medal there. I have faith Keshorn will bring it home but after our last 2 Olympics with our multiple medals even a gold will feel like a consolation prize. At this point T & T could season a whale yes. We just have to put this whole sour mess behind us and start grooming our promising 16 and 17 year old athletes for Tokyo.

  31. Hermes, god of sport, is vex. First, because the TTOC allowed a travesty of sportsmanship to prevail with little more than a handful of tweets and then because Trinis chose picong instead of rallying around their struggling athletes. The TTOC and all dem fresh-mouth Trinis better appease the man before 2020, eh. Our athletes don’t deserve this mess.

    • G-d has left Trinidad because of how corrupt and immoral it has become. It’s not just about sports and our athletes. We as a people have to take a stand against evil and corruption in our country or the worse is yet to come.

      • US swim team took most of the medals, same for S. Korea in Archery. Kenya and Ethiopia in long distance races, China in diving These are all righteous nations, that prayed, sacrificed virgins and killed infidels, and are not corrupt. Had nothing to do with their sporting programs and previous record in these events

    • I was being tongue-in-cheek, but yes. Corruption has pervaded the entire society and things won’t get better until we address it.

  32. Sean Powder

    Every time I read it, I cant stop laughing

    But it’s hard to congratulate your neighbour on his beautiful new sports car when you can’t even get your “roll on roll off” to start.

    Still hopeful that javelin will fly tonight.

  33. A blessed morning Lasana! Thank you. My poor throat soar but giving Praise to the Almighty……..there MUST be a reason for this ?

  34. Do you know exactly what the violation was ?

  35. Ay! Lasana! It write nice an everyting – but keep Siparia an we MP good name outta alyuh Olympics commess, yuh hear?!! We have we own crosses to bear! ??

  36. Ugh… To be the individual the judges say caused the DQ…

    • What I am curious about, since I find there have been way disqualifications than normal, could there be some technical reason/s? Lanes barely met standard for size? Angles? Light in their eyes?

    • All I can think of is new rules that might not have been properly related to the athletes by the respective officials. Or not properly practiced.
      I’m struggling to make sense of it otherwise.

    • Well, Lalonde Gordon was the athlete fingered for the lane violation. 🙁

    • This might help…lane violations apply ONLY on the bends, it is perceived that you cheated (yuh took a short cut), while on the straight, even though Japan stepped on the line, no advantage was gained. In the case of USA, their exchange took place outside the designated area (zone)..ALL track athletes should know these rules..even in field events, you have embarkations…you step outside, you get the RED flag, long jump ditto…there are even times during which you MUST complete your effort/try, the athlete has to take full responsibility, btw lane and zone infringements are not new rules.

    • One amendment Mervyn – if you step out of your lane on the straight and impede another competitor, I think you would also be disqualified if I am recalling the rules properly. That’s what happened in the Women’s 100m relay.

      Note that stepping on the line being a disqualification is nothing new in concept. Think back to 2012 and the same thing happened in the relay races then as well.

    • Kendall if you recall in the “walking race”, I believe a Chinese bumped the Canadian, there was a DQ, the Canadian was awarded Bronze, the Chinese appealed the decision and the Bronze eventually went to the Chinese..point is even though there is no lane and lines..bumping someone out of stride could pose a problem… this is one of the reasons why Managers are important.at these big games or for that matter any sporting event…to convey rules to contestants. Sometimes at lower level games or in domestic competitions, experimental rules are implemented with, so it’s important to be on the ball…..long discussion.

    • The rules I saw specifically applied to the shorter races. It made a direct statement that they don’t apply to longer distances. I posted then elsewhere in this thread.

      I wasn’t following the walking race but I am not surprised that the DQ was overturned. Unless there is a specific rule for that race, the lane violation and obstruction rules don’t apply.

  37. Well Malik outside of Keshorn and Cleopatra in field, I guess the track has more options idk.

  38. Thema’s hurt, pain and grief fall on TNT sport team to Rio that will teach people that God is alive. Do not do unjustice to people.

    • There is little margin for error in track. The width of the lane, the length of the hand off zone etc. If you make an error and breach the rules you will be dq’ed. God need not get involved

  39. This selection seriously below par … I could count on one hand our legitimate medal contenders ….. embarrassing ….

  40. All kicks and joke aside about Marissa blight the entire team. Why do you think we have not at least maintained our performance this time Lasana? And I didn’t see the lane violation, did we really?

    • I forgot to mention that Britain and India were also disqualified for lane violations. I didn’t see it.

    • Ian Hypolite et al saw the violation from the aerial view. He seemed to have accepted it but was still hopeful. Last Olympics there were no lane violations on our part and we benefited from violations of other teams. Machel ran in the fastest 400m race ever but was not fast enough to medal. Extremely credible run on his part but not enough to medal. Generally over the years our athletes have been a step behind the top 3 or 4 finishers. But occasionally if we get everything right and other falter, we can medal. In contrast, Ato was consistently a top 3 athlete at the height of his career and it showed with his medal count.

      I don’t think the explanation for our lack of medals needs to be complicated.

  41. I’m also contractually obligated as a Caribbean national to post a heart eyes emoji for Bolt ? ?

  42. Nah no pressure at all. lol
    Have to admit – tonight hurt like hell to see dqs.

  43. Hmm. We took the Dick and blight our team ?