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Guardian angel lifts skirt again; ad calls Kublalsingh a reptile

The Trinidad Guardian newspaper had observers covering their eyes again when the self-declared “Guardian of Democracy” published a photograph, presumably of activist Wayne Kublalsingh, with the headline: “Trinidad and Tobago discovers a human reptile.”

Under the photograph ran the caption: “The Kub-lal. An unusual human reptile discovered here on the pavement basking in the limelight everyday outside the Prime Minister’s office, defies medical explanation by surviving without food and water for weeks without any sign of health issues.”

It was, according to a footnote, a “paid advertisement” by a group that referred to itself as “Citizens4dhighway” and apparently gets medical advice from the same dark alley as Health Minister Fuad Khan.

Photo: The Trinidad Guardian newspaper published a slanderous attack on Highway Re-Route activist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.
Photo: The Trinidad Guardian newspaper published a slanderous attack on Highway Re-Route activist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.

Phew. For a second, Mr Live Wire thought the Guardian newspaper was run by some perverse, soulless psychopaths with less human decency than the Boko Haram, who were happy to bully, slander and vilify a frail lecturer on a hunger strike.

But, no, Guardian did not really think those things; the newspaper was paid to publish it, you see. So that makes it alright. Not so?

It is a defence that would not work in court for a hit man or drug mule. But, for a multi-million dollar media house, who knows?

Mr Live Wire is passing the collection basket around to fund a second Guardian ad, which reads: “This newspaper will screw anyone for money while its owner holds the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago for outstanding contributions to public service. Does that mean prostitution is now legal?”

Or maybe: “Wanted: Human beings with common decency to replace heartless f**ks at Trinidad Guardian who ran Kublalsingh attack ad.”

Perhaps Guardian editor-in-chief Judy Raymond can tell us what it would cost to have the people responsible for publishing that advertisement slap themselves repeatedly. Clearly the Guardian has less concern for what happens between their sheets than the average prostitute.

Photo: At least some prostitutes have standards.
Photo: At least some prostitutes have standards.

And, for those who say the Guardian is entitled to take all paid ads to run its organisation, ask yourself if the newspaper would still have published if the payer replaced the word “Kub-lal” with “Sabga.”

The popular nutsman, “Nuts Landing”, often tells a joke about a supposed shooting on the Brian Lara Promenade.

An armed assailant fired a bullet which flew straight through the arm of a bystander and killed a passer-by. The police arrested the shot bystander.

“But I didn’t shoot him,” said the bleeding bystander. “Why are you arresting me?”

“Because it’s through you the man dead,” replied the policeman.

The made-up bystander obviously had a point. But the Trinidad Guardian, which collected money and then hid its payer’s identity behind a murky, unregistered organisation, has no case.

Photo: Activist and UWI lecturer Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.
Photo: Activist and UWI lecturer Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.

But then who needs to justify their actions in Trinidad and Tobago if they have a million-dollar attorney on speed dial?


Editor’s Note: Click HERE to view the Trinidad Guardian’s apology on its digital paper.

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  1. I guess i just thought you would also criticise him on the merits of his arguments put forward on the highway….not whether he really fasting or not…but apparently that is the fashionable angle these days, attack the veracity of the strike.
    I don’t care if he is fasting. I care that state funds jumping up in a questionable project.

  2. why? Will it make a fart of difference to the real issue?

  3. I never said he didn’t sponge off..but clearly that alone won’t rehydrate him lol

  4. Where did I say it is wrong ? I just think it’s disingenuous to pretend he hides that he wallows in a pool and gets sponge baths….that info was on news and in print media….since 2012.

  5. Im all for focusing on the issue of the highway….is it wrong to critizise wayne ?

  6. So let’s make it clear….he wallows in a pool and he gets sponged off at intervals during the day. That has never been a secret. Why pretend it has been and is the focus?

  7. I wont feel guilty if wayne dies at all..i dont want it to happen..but i wont feel guilty…i think the question of him cheating is important..thst was the basis of this attack ad as well…if hes drinking water, and it doesnt matter..why not just say so?…

  8. Even if he wasn’t fasting…does it make the issue of the public project and public money any less relevant?
    I’m always fascinated by folks who want to make this be about whether the fast is genuine and side step the highway and public monies. Almost as if abusing the Treasury is not a serious issue. Because we are paying for this highway directly from the Treasury, eh.

  9. Rhoda agreed. Trini’s worried he going to dead, and they can’t admit to themselves they may be wrong and a man could die for it, so they blame him for their feelings.

  10. Obviously drinking no water but starving yourself is just as bad as drinking SOME water and starving yourself. . . I think its a matter of certain point of view. I for one recognize courage and you have to admit the man have some big cojones. . . not everyone can do what he doing and at his age. . .

  11. But since 2012 he made it clear he wallows in a pool daily. Funny though how every post comes back to Kublalsingh being a hypocrite but less meaningful discussion about the topic at hand or the important issues surrounding the highway and public monies.

  12. Well thats what im asking..does it matter…remember wayne was the one who set these conditions..hes still insisting he’s following it…if he is cheating..is it unethical ?..i think it is and speaks to his credibility..

  13. Darryn Sooooo does that make his statement any less poignant? So he drinking water. . . the man not eating anything. . . even Ghandi at 75 drank water!

  14. Start a new thread Darryn Dinesh Boodan. That’s a whole other topic

  15. Apart from media ethics anyone care to discuss the fact that kubs is obvioulsy lying about his hunger strike ..hes obvioulsy drinking water at least..does it matter? ..

  16. It’s called passing the buck. Only someone at the highest level could approve this ad. During my tenure as the Advertising Manager at the same Guardian I would not have had the authority to approve such an ad. That directive would have had to come from above. I wouldn’t dare to it as my job would have been on the line and i’m sure it’s the current Advertising Manager who’s going to take the fall if at all.

  17. After 3 days, you need water or you’ll perish.

  18. I would like to know who is bankrolling the HRM personally. Lots of radio and internet presence. Sure as hell isn’t coming out of Uncle Kub’s picket.

    • The longer the debate goes on, the more clearly it separates the shallow and blind follower from those who can discern the real issues involved in this on-going protest (whether or not one agrees with either side.) Next they may begin to question Wayne’s qualifications. How many of them have any questions about the lack of accountability and honesty in the many projects under this govt. As one said in the late 1990’s “at least we get a airport!!”

    • Homeboy, you do realize that it is possible to simultaneously be against Kublalsingh and the state? Just because one is a villain doesn’t make the other a hero.

    • And it is completely legitimate to question his qualifications. Quick question, what is his Ph.D in? Do you even know?

  19. The buck stops outside Guardian front door? Steups. That “apology” come like when yuh man start of saying “if I offended you…” as if he eh sure you hurt and vex tuh buss.

  20. Lasana Liburd I know for sure one thing I cannot accuse you of is being inconsistent. To give you an update, we are taking them to court. I can’t wait to see them try to bully the bench.

  21. I wrote when Newsday published a photo-shop photo of an old woman in Beetham. And when CNC3 was selective about its apology. I knocked Ian Alleyne for his video footage of accident victims. And I published when Garth St. Clair was being bullied by the Guardian.
    I also wrote in response of Judy Raymond during the initial editor walk-out due to political pressure at the Guardian and did a follow-up after the smoke had cleared there.
    And much more besides…
    So whatever you chose to say, I am not inconsistent when it comes to this topic.

  22. It’s called parody and Kublalsingh isn’t immune to it. Do you take exception to the caricatures in the newspapers lampooning politicians? How is this different? He is a public figure now by his own choice.

    If private citizens want to point out the utter farce of a hunger strike he is engaged in, why not?

    Because that’s what this strike is, a farce.

  23. The media in my eyes has been classless for sometime. That’s why I have never written these types of articles. Character assassination to sell papers. Every day. When we going to start giving people hope? Showcase the good instead of the bad. And yeah…don’t tell me it’s the truth! And we as citizens deserve to know what is going on. Just like we are addicted to Olivia Pope and Kim Kardashian. We need to live our lives and stop studying everyone else. How about we find something to die for?

  24. i doh think anybody should be above ridicule..

  25. He can breathe through his skin like a reptiles.

  26. maybe Lasana can answer that Michelle-he himself writes Satirical posts

  27. Nah I would feel the same regardless. I think attacking an individual in this way is classless and should be in the tabloid realm. Not respected press. I wouldn’t agree if it was Jack, Kamla, Patrick, whoever. But that’s a good question Michelle. One worth considering.

  28. Would we feel the same way if this were done to any citizen? Or have we all (WE!) chuckled at ads ran to displace faith in certain characters? I just don’t see what’s the big deal. And if there is a big deal…what are we going to do about it? Lasana Liburd has started his own media platform so he is in control of his media ethics…what about the rest of the voices here? Suggestions please?

  29. “unethical advertising is murky” Darryn Dinesh Boodan Yup.

  30. im surprised you are this concerned about issues of hypocrisy though Lasaana ,,when i tried to explain why I think wayne and David addulah are both hypocrites, you seemed to brush it aside ..:)..

  31. You know hypocrisy is my word! Lasana Liburd

  32. yes they do play the free speech card when it suits them..

  33. That’s the point i keep trying to make…how can they be saying they didn’t approve the ad’s content but then say they usually approve advertorials, but didn’t apparove this? Is a crock of shite.

  34. Media houses like to talk about their special perks under the constitution when they are under fire.
    But when they shaft their readers and/or citizen, it becomes a business with only survival as a goal. That is textbook hypocrisy.
    An unnamed person used the Trinidad Guardian to call a citizen a liar, a fraud and a human reptile.
    Like I said, those who can’t see the issue there don’t want to see it.

  35. so often, editorial goals are passed down to you at point of contact when you become hired. if you disagree, leave. or wine and hush

  36. Ok. Thank goodness they have been called out on it then.

  37. the publisher OWNS the media house…the editorial staff are usually hired. so yeah, you balance that thin line about “ethics” vs “groceries”

  38. Do all realize that the Guardian is claiming that it did not approve the “content” of the advert? The Guardian approves and/or disapproves content all the time and chooses to run ads, or not, as it sees fit, depending whether they believe the ads are politically correct, or not.

  39. in today’s climate..the goal of any print media house is to stay in business

  40. ^^ meet the publisher’s requirements without compromising your editorial goals

  41. For the record…what do you think are the responsibilities of a media house?

  42. no..that’s something i think about a lot as well Fayola…what makes bad and unethical journalism .is straightforward…there is not much debate there..but ‘unethical advertising is murky..for some people alcohol and tobacco advertising is unethical ..lottery advertising is unethical the use of sexual imagery is unethical.. playing to racial or cultural stereotypes can be unethical //I did ads for CHGOM and pitched campaigns for the Smelter–my friends called me unethical.and i felt i was…..for me personally i wont work for clients that want me to lie or make spurious claims ..but even so..should they be stopped from advertising..? ..its a grey area with no easy answers….thats why for me,, i can sympathize with the Guardian a bit ..if their policy says : we will allow groups to take out ads that look like editorials…then..thats what you do.. as long as they are not lying or engaging in anything criminal I am not sure the Guardian could have really objected to their content as a way to not run it.

  43. I hear you Darryn Dinesh Boodan. So maybe the question is what responsibility, if any, do newspapers have re unethical ads. Are you saying none? Print whatever? Genuine question, not a pong

  44. lotta trolls on this thread yaw. Lasana boy, me ain envy you nah. they peltin and there ain no umpire to call them out. when you gotta deal with all these trolls and they mess, is how yuh does have time to write the quality reporting that Wired868.com has become synonymous with?

  45. well i commented on that -they certainly have a right to publish it..i don’t think it incites any kind of violence .and the are certainly wrong to act like it was a mistake now

  46. But the thread isn’t about whether it is the most crass ad ever. It’s about the responsibilities of a media house. Or maybe I’m on the wrong thread…