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Will and no Grace: Express digs through Seetahal’s estate

The Trinidad Express newspaper and its editor-in-chief Omatie Lyder pushed the boundaries of good taste this morning as the leading daily newspaper made the last will and testament of slain attorney, Dana Seetahal SC, its lead story.

And, to be clear, Mr Live Wire means that Lyder pushed “Good Taste” into a dark room to be water-boarded, beaten and probably forced to listen to Winston Dookeran speeches ad nauseum.

Photo: Trinidad Express editor-in-chief and MATT assistant secretary Omatie Lyder.
Photo: Trinidad Express editor-in-chief and MATT assistant secretary Omatie Lyder.

At a time when the Budget, a brazen attack on the Besson Street police station, gay rights, Trinidad and Tobago’s stance on ISIS, a missing police file on Junior Sammy’s son, Sean, and the accidental shooting death of 17-year-old Ricardo Mohammed by a lawman all cried out for further probes and analysis; the Express opted to rummage through Seetahal’s gifts to her family, friends and staff members instead.

And why?

Well, the only reason given for the intrusion by the Express was because the paper “obtained” it.

It is possibly the weakest justification for screwing someone since former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson, in his admission that he was HIV-positive, said he slept with hundreds of women because they were there.

Investigative journalist Anika Gumbs and her boss, Omatie Lyder, may never have to explain why naming who got the cash and who got the furniture from Seetahal’s estate was a matter of public interest.

Did Seetahal leave all her earthly possessions left to former insurrectionist Yasin Abu Bakr? Was there an autographed picture with former Iraq President Saddam Hussein? Or maybe a book on conflict of interest bequeathed to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan?

Then how could Express justify this invasion of Seetahal’s private space?

Photo: Dana Seetahal SC was gunned down in Woodbrook in the wee hours of Sunday 4 May 2014.
Photo: Dana Seetahal SC was gunned down in Woodbrook in the wee hours of Sunday 4 May 2014.

The next time Express pontificates about the bigwigs that operate as though they are a law unto themselves and without consideration for anything but their narrow self-interests; Lyder, who, ironically, is an executive member of the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT) should point a finger inwards.

Only corbeau feasts on the dead. For God’s sake, let Good Taste live in peace.

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  1. After reading the Trinidad Express Newspapers this morning they should be ashamed. I asked the question..”and this concerns us ..how?”

  2. Well said,I don’t know but these personal things in my humble opinion could lead to more CRIMES…..Imagine I as a bandit knowing Mr. X or Ms Y getting X amount of dollars or at some point in time their worth going up,WOULD I NOT TARGET THEM OR THEIR FAMILY….I already know what their worth is….EASY TARGET….EVERYBODY READING NEWSPAPERS OR EVEN IF I ENT READ IT,MIH BANDIT PARDNER WOULD READ AND TELL ME…just my humble opinion

  3. freedom of speech and they ruin family lives. shame on them

  4. This was very distasteful. I now expect to get all the details on all our politicians wills….in due course, of course.

  5. This is a personal thing , the public does not need to know . Common EXPRESS . Like i have to look at the Daily Express in a different light now .

  6. and it is the most expensive paper to advertise in

  7. I hope that one day I will be seeing an article in the Express about Omatie Lyders estate and will

  8. This is very disappointing. I always ranked the Express newspaper above the rest but I guess stuff like this sells. Not sure the Editor in chief would appreciate her business out there though.

  9. Can’t wait to see Jack Warner’s will.

  10. An $18 million estate for a prominent SC doesn’t raise any eyebrows for me Fayola Bostic. They make over $1 million in one good case and she would have had people begging her to take their money.
    So that can’t be it from the Express. And we shouldn’t have to guess what good they were trying to do anyway.

  11. Her family should sue the Express for this…. It high time that the media houses knows their boundary!!!

  12. Exactly Lasana. How is that the public’s business?

  13. I recoil in horror at how Express through its Editor in Chief and Gumbo pimped and prostituted the details of Ms. Seetahal’s S.C. Will. These beneficiaries are now double-victimized, firstly by the heinous UNSOLVED murder of their loved one and now by the Express setting them up as would be targets of kidnappers, robbers and other criminals. I have no choice but to boycott the Express until its professionalism and standard of journalism are in evidence.

  14. I don’t believe Dana’s murder will ever be solved, swept under the rug as it has.

  15. I doubt that Fayola, my feeling is they refuse to sit by and see this murder case die a ‘natural’ death, and will do what is necessary to keep it in the public eye for as long as is necessary. Anyway, I await a public condemnation from the affected parties, i.e. the beneficiaries under the will, to form an opinion on the publication of this private document.

  16. Was it to make us raise an eyebrow at the size of the estate and question how it was amassed?

  17. We stopped buying express for the habit they have of such distasteful inconsiderate reporting. This give such affirmation to that decision.

  18. On the upside I found myself promising to go to a lawyer to straighten out what little affairs I’ve got.

  19. Nah… Ms Andrews.. u givin dem journalists(I dare say) too much credit and also u probly givin John Public too much work to make the link… Swear… i didnt even venture down that road… furthermore, if that is the basis, then wouldnt making such revelations about her estate put these indivuduals at risk, just as the deceased was?.. ah mean… it divided… but we know who it went to and how much dey geh…

  20. From the Live Sport revelations to this? Shameful.

  21. Lasana, IF all the beneficiaries named in the will did in fact give consent to having the details made public, for whatever reason, would that be an acceptable reason for the Express to do so?

  22. The relatives full names were used all was missing was their addresses phone numbers and google maps with a sign “please rob me or worse” over their current location. Express should be sued for this!

  23. If so, Erline, they failed to miserably to make that link. And there was no need to reveal down to persons who got $25,000.
    But SCs get over $1 million for one case. So I don’t think a $18 million estate sounds suspicious in the least. I just don’t buy that defence.

  24. Big man ting… all she relatives get put up!… all dey cocoa in d sun!!!

  25. It may be that the express is suggesting there’s a connection between the size of Seetahal’s estate and her death. The information may have some importance but they could have done a better job explaining what that could be.

  26. Boy, that was the most tasteless bit of reporting I have seen so far this year. That reporter, entitled multimedia investigative journalist (what a joke), wasted all that ink and valuable time to peruse and regurgitate the specifics of Dana’s will. An activity that the T&T public could have done if any one of us were interested. This reporter who seems anxious for a ‘BIG SCOOP’ fails to understand that we would have been more interested in a journalist’s conclusive investigative report on LifeSport or on the alleged corruption and financial mismanagement related to the highway project to Point Fortin particularly the portion through the lagoon. Shame on the editor-in-chief to approve that disgraceful piece of poppycock.

  27. Good info for kidnappers an seeing the value of that property i have to wonder what the editor thinking.

  28. I do understand your point Lasana, in the end I hope the murder of this great woman will be solved.

  29. That story was the most macabre piece of maccoing I’ve ever seen.

  30. Even if one member did, I doubt very much that the dozen or so people named all gave consent. And I still don’t see where public interest is served here.

  31. It was ABSOLUTELY UNNECESSARY to publish those details. Why did we need to know this? Let’s put targets on the REST of the family now. Brilliant journalism, Express!

  32. Well written as per normal Lasana, but if there is truth that a family member or members approached the Express to have this published, I think she or he or they, should come forward and give such reason, sometimes desperate times requires desperate measures, a sacrifice of privacy for justice may be worth the effort.

  33. Well, the Express has earned that tongue lashing today. And I do feel sympathy after some really good investigative work from the paper recently like in its Life Sport coverage.
    I hope the Express directors are having Omatie Lyder explain herself as we speak…

  34. As far as I can see, all these newspapers are the same – crass and vulgar while parading as paragons of virtue and moral compasses etc

  35. What did you think of that piece Cedriann? I kept waiting to see what was unusual about her will that required publication. I’d be happy for anyone to point it out for me.

  36. This article expresses my disgust perfectly!

  37. This is some of the most crass and abhorrent “journalism” I have witnessed. The Express should apologise to Ms. Seetahal’s family for this disgraceful, unnecessary and tactless intrusion into her private affairs.

  38. Wow…should we assume then that for anything to get printed in the Trinidad Express it simply has to be given to them? Really a weak excuse!