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Adios Two Pull; weed-loving reporter steals Anil’s thunder

A marijuana-loving public figure has become an internet sensation after walking off the job with a shrug and “f**k it.”

Mr Live Wire is thinking that former Sport Minister Anil Roberts probably wishes he could redo his resignation letter right now.

KTVA reporter Charlo Greene decided that her time was better spent fighting to legalise marijuana rather than reading news. Fair enough; since being a journalist is so easy that even Mr Live Wire has a press pass.

Photo: Former KTVA reporter and Alaska Cannabis Club president Charlo Greene.
Photo: Former KTVA reporter and Alaska Cannabis Club president Charlo Greene.

But it was Greene’s resignation speech, delivered live during a news broadcast, which made her an online hit.

“Everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness,” said Greene, “which begins with legalising marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job, well, not that I have a choice but, f**k it, I quit.”

Now isn’t walking off the job with a shoulder shrug and a “f**k it” at your boss, precisely the thing you would expect from a “stoner?”

The anti-marijuana lobby would probably make Greene their poster girl; just like the pro-marijuana lobby. And both with good reason.

But, more importantly, that’s the end of the five minutes of fame for “Minister Two Pull” who couldn’t even roll his own joint.

Photo: Former Sport Minister Anil Roberts.
Photo: Former Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

Trinidad and Tobago’s Government ministers are even inept at f**king up at their jobs. There is probably something profound in that.

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  1. Note what she said … “I have no choice”

    So technically they were going to fire her …

    Good for her F ??? Ck them !!!!

  2. She said what everyone else is thinking, but is afraid to say it…you go girl!!!

  3. That’s gonna be one busy shop now

  4. How many of us would love to resign like her. We think it but don’t do it. Hats off to her. LOL!

  5. …she is so against the grain!!!..sister lives in ALASKA!!!

  6. Her reaction – totally what you’d expect from a “stoner”

  7. If I wasn’t self employed, I woulda told my boss the same thing! Lol. She’s a legend now.

  8. At least she’s honest!…unlike that POS, that would have you deny your own eyes!…kudos to her…displaying more courage than most people I know…and she’s right…why should only yuppified, white, Anglo males benefit from the legalization of marijuana?

  9. Aye, allyuh leave my padna alone. He’s an Englishman in New York. Only Wanted to be president for COP not no weed club. Said so himself, Two pull and whaaaaat??