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Policemen find gangster shooting school in D’go Martin… then go home

The Trinidad and Tobago Police service yesterday revealed the discovery of a “horrifying” criminal target range in a forested area off Unity Lane, Diego Martin with over 3,000 spent shells from various high calibre weapons.

What? Are you still reading?

No; that’s it. The policemen returned to the station and then went home to carry on with their lives.

Photo: Ahem... Be careful out there people. There are criminals with guns. That's got to be code beige or grey or something.
Photo: Ahem… Be careful out there people. There are criminals with guns.
That’s got to be code beige or grey or something.

As a gesture of goodwill, the lawmen supposedly sent several shells to the St James Forensic Science Centre for fingerprint and DNA testing. Or, to translate, they put the work on someone else’s desk; just like Minister Two Pull delegated his weed rolling responsibilities.

The Police Service, clearly, does not think its job is to stop or even solve crime; just to observe it. And, by that perimeter, acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams and his merry men are doing a wonderful job.

“You will realise by the find that it shows the amount of weapons which are being fired,” Inspector Roger Alexander told the Trinidad Express, “and the type of weapons which are being fired and this is a source of serious concern for us at the TT Police Service.

“Especially since this was just one area, and there are several others. And furthermore, we observed several bullet holes and indentations on the trees surrounding the spent shells, meaning that targets are being placed on these trees and criminals are training themselves to hit these targets, as the trees will cushion the rounds.”

Thank God the trees are safe now. But what about the men, women and children who will be shot next?

Does Inspector Alexander think his job stops with breaking up the gangsters’ training sessions—if he wasn’t tipping them off—as opposed to setting up a sting operation to catch them during their next practice?

Was he informing the public so that we can do our own surveillance? Is policing in Trinidad and Tobago now a do-it-yourself operation for citizens like El Pecos Restaurant?

Photo: Did you say Diego Martin is a good place to practice, Officer?
Photo: Did you say Diego Martin is a good place to practice, Officer?

“It is scary to know that there are criminal elements in this country with these type of weapons on their person,” said Alexander.

But not quite as scary as understanding the thinking of the servicemen who have the mandate to stop them.

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  1. I would think that this should have been “top secret”, stake out the premises, and get the offenders. I don’t know how these law enforcement agency do their job, where is the common sense.

  2. Seems school is now on a recess. How soon till these criminals write dey exam ? Nice going , boobheads.

  3. Why are we surprised? How many times we hear about marijuana fields getting destroyed in the forest, but no one getting arrested? Once the Police find something in the forest, you can’t expect them to stick around, or return to find the people actually responsible for it… that’s crazy talk!

  4. There probably was “gangster line do not cross”

  5. The thing about it is that every body playing politics with criminals while they getting away with murder and when the police do their jobs society against them cause the person who was arested or shot was a good person,even though he was a pest.Come on people need to get serious and support law enforcement officials in doing their jobs before we end up another satistics.

  6. The “Trinidad Express” suggested that 3,000 spent 5.56 rounds were found….so you mean to tell me that fellas walking around with M-16s, Galils, and SKSs normel, normel and nobody in law enforcement doing a thing?!?

  7. Not so sure it’s gang related, sounds more like a guerrilla/paramilitary type of thing. Coup 2 Electric Boogaloo?

  8. You would think, that they would hold back on reporting the find, and just stake out the shooting range for a few weeks. They should not even try to arrest anyone they observe at the range. They should have followed the people away and get them somewhere else.


    we have idiots for policemen (at all levels)

  9. It starts from the top cop who sings in public for a meal at the end of the day. Many will note his comments on the Mark Bassant situation with death threat received. I cannot remember where he was singing and what for……

  10. Not me eh… I sing my way thru it

  11. I overstand the need for unwinding to release some ot that pressha. Although you have to make sure not to get too er. deflated, I suppose.

  12. Kala, every day is new scandal in dis place. U read all the news so u know what I mean. Dais why ppl spend so much time in d rum shops…d pressha is too much

  13. Oh dear. Is it really that bad, Savitri?

  14. Worse yet, someone IS spending good cash on bullets for training. Wonder what sinister agenda they have 🙁

  15. True Vernal, but I guess it’s too much to expect the ‘good’ individuals to step up and protest…unless they are in the minority of course!…someone eventually has to bell the cat, but none is willing to run the risk of being sacrificed for the greater good…and I honestly don’t blame them!

  16. They aren’t all bad, besides what would you expect from those being so poorly led?

  17. I have to seem I’m leaning towards Quianna David here Vernal. They are happy to rough up the kids. Not so brave when they see gun shells on the ground.

  18. Lol…Trini police places themselves at risk? When? How?…ahm, no eh…this is just a paycheck to most…sorry to say, but this police force is a sham…

  19. I f you doh drink in this place you will go mad with the fcu*ery they come up with inno

  20. The incompetence of the police service continues to astound me. The police officers’ nonchalant attitude, lack of commitment and dedication, and poor judgement is a reflection of the leadership of TTPS. The officers are not motivated to protect and serve all citizens of T&T, not motivated to be proactive, not motivated to arrest the crime situation in T&T. They all should be reprimanded from the acting police commissioner to the supervisor of those officers.

  21. a sad lol for this one. Good one, LL

  22. I have a lot of admiration for anyone who signs up to place their lives on the line to maintain the peace, but I also feel for them when they are poorly led.

  23. I read that article earlier in the week and even I didn’t bat an eye having become so accustomed to this practice of the TTPS where they discover evidence of illegal activity and announce it instead of setting up a sting.

    Are they still confiscating caches of coke or burning fields of weed when discovered?

  24. When I hear that I wonder why we charge ppl who kill others who attacked them first

  25. The man say if a man attack u on the street u should respond with full force

    He said that on TV

  26. U ever hear Sgt Alexander talk

    I doubt brain cells are being replenished

  27. Police in this country here:

    1. Here to collect a salary

    2. Coward.

    3. Brave but when somebody start shooting they turn coward

    4. Corrupt

    5. Came in nice but get corrupt

    6. Police rarely get fired for a poor job

    7. Good cop + Bad cop = Friends

  28. Sting Operation? What is that? Policing…what is that? All the king’s horses and all the King’s men cannot put the TTPS together again.

  29. I would love to hear the logic behind this one. Anybody wants to give it a go?

  30. I I I I I I I I I I I I Does just really really not know what to say bout we policefarce again inno?!

  31. U know what dumb about this

    They publish this on the papers to warn the men not to return