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What the Prakash?! COP suspends Anil

Maverick COP MP Anil Roberts was last night suspended from his political party by leader Prakash Ramadhar, which was akin to banning a teenager from doing homework. Roberts loves Ramadhar’s company about as much as he enjoys a sober Friday night and routinely ignored requests to attend COP meetings.

Ramadhar’s request that Roberts divulge the secrets of his alter ego, Minister Two Pull, was laughed off. Yet, the COP boss still could not bring himself to divorce his party of the controversial Sport Minister.

Photo: COP leader Prakash Ramadhar.
Photo: COP leader Prakash Ramadhar.

“Henceforth as I say steps will be taken to have Mr Anil Roberts removed as a member of this party,” Ramadhar told the Trinidad Express. “I know there will be difficulties in that process but we must take a decision and we will stand the consequences of that.”

So, Ramadhar has effectively taken the first step towards making a step. Deep breath, Prakash; pace yourself.

Just as worrying is that Ramadhar’s eyes and ears, just like his proverbial nuts, appear to be for decorative purposes only.

The COP boss, who was happy to ignore reports that Roberts’ Sport Ministry had allegedly funneled millions into the hands of possible gangsters, still seemed unclear about the contents of the video with a senior member of his party.

“He (Roberts) should step aside as a Government Minister until he clarifies the video,” said Ramadhar, “whether first of all if he’s in it and two, whether any illegality was taking place.”

So the COP has suspended Roberts for not responding to allegations about being in a scandalous video although the party itself, despite watching the same clips, still does not feel satisfied that it can accuse him of being Minister Two Pull.

Photo: Dancehall star Shaggy distances himself from Sport Minister.
Photo: Dancehall star Shaggy distances himself from Sport Minister.

Mr Live Wire thinks the only identifying mark not sported by Minister Two Pull in the video was an “I can’t wait to kick Ramadhar in his Prakash” tee-shirt. Come to think of it, Live Wire wants one of those shirts to buy.

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  1. If this matter was not serious one could laugh at this bunch of jokers….but is serious ting!!!!!

  2. “So, Ramadhar has effectively taken the first step towards making a step. Deep breath, Prakash; pace yourself.” hahahahaha

  3. It’s so funny that COP still think anything they do, actually matters!

  4. I remember the movie “Traitor” when Don Cheadle gave the good cop, bad cop routine… He said the only difference between the two of you is that he knows you are an asshole.
    Prakash is the dude who doesn’t know what he is…

  5. I have to admit my faith in T&T is wavering. Spoke to some educated people who seem to take leave of their senses when talking politics because they support a particular party.

    Between a lost middle class, clueless politicians and far too many crooks who are eager to steal the country’s birthright, I don’t see a future at all.

  6. oh how prakash want us to believe he is a good and honest guy, but like the rest of them he is the same

  7. Another stark naked emperor trying to impress with their morality outfit. That video is over a year old and they knew it existed before tv6.

  8. Once they held some promise as the third party. Now they are the ultimate expression in flexible morality and ‘eat a food’ mentality.

  9. makes no sense really . unless and until the PM acts Anil retains his status —- MP, Minister of sports ,Minister Two Pull, Minister Rum All day et al

  10. That is good for us he is one of the weakest links in the partnership. The partnership is leaking badly!

  11. I am exhausted by what we have for leaders on all sides . Even in the PNM we have the likes of Tim Kee and Marlene. No hope with the UNC or COP. We have to find a way forward .

  12. What an idiot . He said that the COP are updating their constitution to include expulsion. That idiot lawyer knows that retroactive rules can be challenged in court .

  13. Right now “Sports Minister” is a relative term.

  14. They both should step aside. Cop is now the living dead within the PPG. No hope in dope! Ahem no pun intended. Lol

  15. is he still sports minister ?

  16. Anil smoke he weed, get high and mash up the fete………..ah mean the party…….same ting!

  17. Anil is inadvertently exposing the inadequacies not only in the COP’s constitution but also it’s leadership.

    I give him this week’s Luckiest Man in Politics!