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Raw: Gov’t Minister bashed the People’s Partnership

The following audio clip allegedly features a Government Minister discussing the state of the People’s Partnership in general and going-ons at the Tourism Ministry in particular.

Wired868 requested clarification on the authenticity of the clip from Tourism Minister Gerald Hadeed but, up to the time of publication, he had failed to respond to our email message.

Photo: Present and past Tourism Ministers Gerald Hadeed (left) and Chandresh Sharma.
Photo: Present and past Tourism Ministers Gerald Hadeed (left) and Chandresh Sharma.

Please be warned that the clip contains adult language:

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  1. That is really the crux of the matter – and you called it right. I shudder
    to think what they would have done to George Chambers, someone I really
    liked and knew at a personal instead of a professional level. In fact,
    they did with the Tesoro thing. It’s really open season now. I don’t
    think Gerry had a clue what he was getting into. Now that the toothpaste
    is out of the tube (as HR Haldeman said to John Dean on the Watergate
    Fiasco) nobody will be able to put it back and we may end up with a Colgate Complex.

  2. Yes. He was set up. This wasn’t about unearthing some massive corruption or anything of the sort. It was just to get him into trouble.
    And the insinuations he made were obviously newsworthy.

  3. Understood. I can just see myself in that position though. Scary.

  4. In no my opinion, the uproar over this recording has nothing at all to do with Gerry’s verbal delivery. I had no problem with it in a private discussion.
    I was more interested in the claims made against the behaviour of the cabal. The message rather than the messenger interested me.
    Of course, I haven’t missed the fact that Gerry has risen in the PP rather than headed towards the exit after this. And I don’t exactly applaud his role in Anil’s rise either.
    But I don’t have negative feelings about Gerry because of this clip. It might even be the opposite. This is nothing like the Room 201 home video in my opinion.

  5. Kathy, Mike, Lasana. The one thing I know about Gerry, and why it bothers me more than most, is he is a soft-hearted person. I’ve have heard him raise his voice, lose his temper about somebody and then help them when he finds out they’re in trouble. I saw him cry like a baby when ANR and Karl died. He virtually worships the PM and will do anything for her. There are many times some of the people who know him or meet him for coffee at Adam’s try to get him to keep quiet but he is Gerry – he grew up in Cobo town – and you can’t keep him down or quiet. It is not that I am commending his behaviour but I cannot totally condemn it either. He feels strongly about TNT and expresses himself forcefully. The recording is one side of Gerry but without hearing the other side of him it is easy to write him off. I have stayed out of politics while working on the fringes of it but this new age of invasion of privacy, evasion of truth and and diversion from the serious business of governance scares the heck out of me. A guy just cut across me and I instinctively rolled down my window and called him an asshole. If he had his cellphone on record consider the headline, “Old, fat, bald indian journalist calls honest law-abiding citizen an asshole.” I have to watch my contents in a big way.

  6. The children today inheriting a world that is less fun.
    Any photograph or email can come back to haunt you. They will have to be incredibly disciplined to avoid a Minister Two Pull moment.
    We hopefully have not all had that sort of Room 201 experience. But we all had moments or conversations that we would not have wanted to be recorded.

  7. As I’ve said before,the word PRIVATE, ( meaning confidential ) will become null and void within five years,with the way the world is shrinking,and as the need for scandal grows.

  8. Thank you Tony for the above. “What do you want from me, my FRIEND?” Fayola. ‘All that Glitters isn’t Gold” I guess. To me, Gold is not money, its, yes, friends. This new trend will get worse.

  9. When this came up last night on Facebook I asked Gerry again this morning and he repeated that while he said it in anger he really had no evidence at the time and none now about corruption in the organisation. I first met Gerry when he was an NAR ANR activist and supporter and he persuaded me after the coup, in 1991, to be the Chief Information Officer for the PM’s Office working with ANR. I replaced Dr. Shaw and Roy Rique (for a while). Apart from his language, I found Gerry remarkably truthful – he has not lied to me as far as I know in the 23 years I’ve known him and he is a person of his word. Seeing that I worked with Dr. Williams, was close to Mr. Chambers, worked for ANR., went to school with Manning, helped Panday a bit and taught Kamla, I’ve met and worked closely with many, many politicians here and elsewhere. Gerry has a temper and says stuff that is rough but then immediately after he is all repentant. Essentially he is a very soft-hearted individual. I really feel that if he was talking to a relative, it should not be held against him. But this is a new era of politics and despite my own media background, not something I am comfortable with. I would hate for some of my more scurrilous reminiscence to be taped and made public. In fact, I doubt that there is anyone who never imputed the worst motives and behaviour to their colleagues and bosses. What I do when someone uses a “dem say” against me is to say exactly that – we all reach the point where we criticise, condemn or even malign the people around us at work and at home but judge me by my actions instead of what someone else or (in this case) a tape says. When someone tells me something about someone else “in confidence” I ask, “Why are you telling me this? What do you want from me?” I know that person wants me to take a certain action or tread a particular path. I hate being manipulated like that.

  10. Anybody else concerned that so many close “friends” have taken to recording each other and then bussing mark?

  11. I ent hear a good “Back Back” song like that since the Mighty Sparrow. 🙂

  12. No problem. I asked Gerry about it and he told me that he was under
    pressure as Chairman of the Airport Authority to do stuff that he wasn’t comfortable with and that is when, in a private conversation with a very
    close relative who asked him what was bothering him, he lost his temper and vented his anger. What was interesting is that he says that he really has
    no subsequent evidence to support anything he said hastily that day.

  13. Fair enough Tony. I actually wasn’t sure of the timeline at first.
    I will change to “bashed” the PP. It won’t show up on links that already went out. But it will look different on the site.

  14. Philip yuh preaching really good man, because I have yet to understand why the masses in our sweet country continues to follow that present corrupted government eh, like them don’t have any understanding or what eh or it is ah race thing. Them really good yes.

    Power anywhere where there’s people. Power anywhere where there’s people. Let me give you an example of teaching people. Basically, the way they learn is observation and participation. You know a lot of us go around and joke ourselves and believe that the masses have understanding, but that’s not true. And even if they did, it wouldn’t make any difference. Because with some things, you have to learn by seeing it or either participating in it. And you know yourselves that there are people walking around your community today that have all types of degrees that should be taking part in this discourse but are not here. Right? Because you can have as many degrees as a thermometer. If you don’t have any practice, they you can’t walk across the street and chew gum at the same time. ENT???

  16. ah just love it when ah start the bacchanal eh, to drag the intelligence and the wisdom out from alyuh brains eh, meh brother and I know that you are loaded……’teach, teach, teach, I am all ears.

  17. No Earl you called it wrong it’s not white supremacy it is called Elitism! When we get a hand up we never look down at the poor and downtrodden but instead we continue to reach up looking for another hand up forgetting our downtrodden brothers who are giving us a push up!

  18. The fact is that we all live under a system of white supremacy, even in our sweet country. Them really good yes.

  19. Why call that racism Earl, we all had the chance to pull our boot straps up some did and some did not others are there waiting for uncle whoever to come pull it up for them, what else could uncle Eric do force feed them???

  20. But the PNM is racist the same ent, because I have yet to understand as meh uncle Farakan said when he visited our sweet country and saw the conditions that our black folks was still living in eh, with a country with so many resources and billions of monies ent and he said that he couldn’t understand how a black government eh, that ruled our sweet country for over plenty of years eh and our black folks wasn’t living in better conditions. Them really good yes.

  21. A powerful story Earl:

    A passerby found a sparrow lying on its back on the sidewalk with its legs pointed up towards the sky. The passerby asked what the sparrow was doing, and the sparrow answered that she’d heard that the sky was going to fall.
    “And you think you’re going to hold it up with those little legs of yours?” scoffed the passerby.
    “We do what we can,” said the sparrow. “We do what we can”

  22. The headline is misleading. He was NOT a government minister when this was secretly recorded.

  23. Be careful with what you say in any phone conversation you may be recorded……it will be used against you at a later date…so be careful…

  24. Listen to the details of it. He has been recently fired. He calls Jack to commiserate on something and he refers to “if she lose this election” couple that with the mention of SNC Lavallin….and the window of time seems to be between Jack leaving the party and the Chaguanas by election.

  25. This conversation takes place around the time Jack left the party, before the by election.

  26. Sounds more frustrated than wajang

  27. The other speaker was trying to get at the truth as the Minister saw it.

  28. These politicians/rats have guts more than a calabash yes!

  29. It shows the calibre of those who call themselves leaders in this land(Irregardless of party)

  30. They just switched his Ministry when Sharma resigned

  31. A real rat race then Melville Foster?

  32. He did make some good points; I am curious if he was hushed with the new appointment. (ha ha ha, Lance Noel; good point too!!!)

  33. According to himm”rats all round the lady”,but he gone in to get leptospirosis.

  34. Hadeed became the Minister of Communications when Jamal was fired

  35. I wonder if he knew he was being taped?

  36. Allegedly, Inshan was the first person to air this recording…minus the cussing

  37. This was before the Chag West election

  38. The other voice allegedly belongs to Inshan Ishmael. I don’t know if that is true or not though.

  39. http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2013-07-14/hadeed-banned-lounge-car-park This article says while he was recovering from his fall they banned him from coming back. He could not have been there much longer.

  40. So the cussing was before this post then? who is the other voice on the tape?

  41. He is still a Minister Gita
    He holds a major post at Beacon Insurance

  42. From 2:10.!! Gnight with that….. the Minister sounds bloody frustrated.

  43. Minister has no cover for his mouth – he’s proven to be a wajang even before entering Government!

  44. Hadeed is still a Minister Mel Sylvester? If so, what did he do before this?

  45. Lord fadda!!! So what’s new folks!!!

  46. lol good point. At the end of the day when people get fingered for one thing in this cabinet, they committed far worst crimes

  47. Yeah… Just like for smoking weed.

  48. Well that was the reason they gave the populace. If it was for corruption and bobol charges should follow.

  49. After all this cussin,he is now a government minister.See how a little money and power could clean up your vocabulary?

  50. You think that was enough for him to go?

  51. Ah was always wondering how come a Dentist ended up as the T&T Ambassador to the U.S. Yuh see when mouth open how story does jump out?

  52. Sad to know this conversation was before the Chaguanas West election,yet this gentleman has since teamed up with those he deemed corrupt.

  53. Chandresh out of the Cabinet because he is a self proclaimed brahmin boy who allegedly likes to push sexy young girls who he involved with.

  54. Not because of corruption though and I am sure he still has an influence

  55. Well, Chandresh is no longer a Minister… Mission Accomplished.

  56. Hmm, interesting. So he went into the situation with his eyes wide open

  57. Learie, The recording was apparently made well before Senator Hadeed became a Senator and Minister.

  58. the tape was allegedly released by Inshan Ishmael who is allegedly the other person on the tape

  59. Questions: 1) Who taped and released this conversation 2) The 2nd person on the clip (not the Minister) almost sounds like he is conducting an interview or probing. Was this his intent? 3) The Minister almost sounds like if he is distancing himself but he is a part of this gov’t. Why has he not gotten evidence and gone to the DPP? 4) Has any of the people on the clip admitted it was them?

  60. From their own people? This? So me who not for them, I guess I’m free to say worst!!! I cyah even laugh.

  61. Ambassador Parsan is Chandresh nephew?

  62. Listen to a Gov’tt Minister talk about what’s going on on the inside…raw and uncut!

  63. You all need to listen to this folks

  64. Smne needs to print some “ah not in dat sh…. Jerseys ASAP

  65. lmao @Lasana Liburd, how you take dat part way Jerry say “Jack is correck ehn boi”. I can imagine how you face get squinge up! lmao

  66. Ohgyadoii! and I quote: “ah not in dat sh**” sums this up perfectly. LMAO!!! *grabs popcorn and waits*

  67. Oh geed, Michael! Only in T & T! 😀

  68. Good lord! Gerry rell facking have it level. I always trust a good cuss bud.

  69. Sounds like the other speaker was goading him…

  70. Another clip to add to our arsenal for the 2015 campaign they are imploding on themselves!

  71. Man used to be the Minister of Communication. He was communicating. What?