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Raw: Gov’t Minister bashed the People’s Partnership

The following audio clip allegedly features a Government Minister discussing the state of the People’s Partnership in general and going-ons at the Tourism Ministry in particular.

Wired868 requested clarification on the authenticity of the clip from Tourism Minister Gerald Hadeed but, up to the time of publication, he had failed to respond to our email message.

Photo: Present and past Tourism Ministers Gerald Hadeed (left) and Chandresh Sharma.
Photo: Present and past Tourism Ministers Gerald Hadeed (left) and Chandresh Sharma.

Please be warned that the clip contains adult language:

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  1. They just switched his Ministry when Sharma resigned

  2. A real rat race then Melville Foster?

  3. He did make some good points; I am curious if he was hushed with the new appointment. (ha ha ha, Lance Noel; good point too!!!)

  4. According to himm”rats all round the lady”,but he gone in to get leptospirosis.

  5. Hadeed became the Minister of Communications when Jamal was fired

  6. I wonder if he knew he was being taped?

  7. Allegedly, Inshan was the first person to air this recording…minus the cussing

  8. This was before the Chag West election

  9. The other voice allegedly belongs to Inshan Ishmael. I don’t know if that is true or not though.

  10. http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2013-07-14/hadeed-banned-lounge-car-park This article says while he was recovering from his fall they banned him from coming back. He could not have been there much longer.

  11. So the cussing was before this post then? who is the other voice on the tape?

  12. He is still a Minister Gita
    He holds a major post at Beacon Insurance

  13. From 2:10.!! Gnight with that….. the Minister sounds bloody frustrated.

  14. Minister has no cover for his mouth – he’s proven to be a wajang even before entering Government!

  15. Hadeed is still a Minister Mel Sylvester? If so, what did he do before this?

  16. Lord fadda!!! So what’s new folks!!!

  17. lol good point. At the end of the day when people get fingered for one thing in this cabinet, they committed far worst crimes

  18. Yeah… Just like for smoking weed.

  19. Well that was the reason they gave the populace. If it was for corruption and bobol charges should follow.

  20. After all this cussin,he is now a government minister.See how a little money and power could clean up your vocabulary?

  21. You think that was enough for him to go?

  22. Ah was always wondering how come a Dentist ended up as the T&T Ambassador to the U.S. Yuh see when mouth open how story does jump out?

  23. Sad to know this conversation was before the Chaguanas West election,yet this gentleman has since teamed up with those he deemed corrupt.

  24. Chandresh out of the Cabinet because he is a self proclaimed brahmin boy who allegedly likes to push sexy young girls who he involved with.

  25. Not because of corruption though and I am sure he still has an influence

  26. Well, Chandresh is no longer a Minister… Mission Accomplished.

  27. Hmm, interesting. So he went into the situation with his eyes wide open

  28. Learie, The recording was apparently made well before Senator Hadeed became a Senator and Minister.

  29. the tape was allegedly released by Inshan Ishmael who is allegedly the other person on the tape

  30. Questions: 1) Who taped and released this conversation 2) The 2nd person on the clip (not the Minister) almost sounds like he is conducting an interview or probing. Was this his intent? 3) The Minister almost sounds like if he is distancing himself but he is a part of this gov’t. Why has he not gotten evidence and gone to the DPP? 4) Has any of the people on the clip admitted it was them?

  31. From their own people? This? So me who not for them, I guess I’m free to say worst!!! I cyah even laugh.

  32. Ambassador Parsan is Chandresh nephew?

  33. Listen to a Gov’tt Minister talk about what’s going on on the inside…raw and uncut!

  34. You all need to listen to this folks

  35. Smne needs to print some “ah not in dat sh…. Jerseys ASAP

  36. lmao @Lasana Liburd, how you take dat part way Jerry say “Jack is correck ehn boi”. I can imagine how you face get squinge up! lmao

  37. Ohgyadoii! and I quote: “ah not in dat sh**” sums this up perfectly. LMAO!!! *grabs popcorn and waits*

  38. Oh geed, Michael! Only in T & T! 😀

  39. Good lord! Gerry rell facking have it level. I always trust a good cuss bud.

  40. Sounds like the other speaker was goading him…

  41. Another clip to add to our arsenal for the 2015 campaign they are imploding on themselves!

  42. Man used to be the Minister of Communication. He was communicating. What?