Meet PNM’s mini-Warner: Tim Kee tickled by W/Cup footballers’ plight

The People’s National Movement (PNM) made a significant step towards its bid to replace the People’s Partnership government in 2015 by getting its executive party in place this weekend. And you know it is business as usual when you see a dodgy salesman holding the purse strings.

Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee, who benefitted from over a decade’s internship as Jack Warner’s Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFF) vice-president, is the PNM’s treasurer; and he has some interesting ideas about how one should treat his creditors.

Last week, Trinidad and Tobago’s 2006 World Cup players said they were running out of patience with the local football body’s failure to meet an eight-year debt and threatened to start bankruptcy periods if tangible evidence of a forthcoming payment was not made.

Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the controversial global football body's Zurich headquarters.
Photo: TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the controversial global football body’s Zurich headquarters.

It was the funniest thing that Tim Kee, the current football president, heard whole week

“I know there is a threat of 14 days,” Tim Kee told TV6. “Well, I laugh at that; because that is a joke.”

As the public ought to know by now, what is joke for politicians is hardship for people.

Tim Kee further suggested that the players “are acutely aware that we do not have money.” Oddly enough, he seemed to think this was a reason NOT to wind up the TTFA rather than the other way around.

The football executive-turned-politician—and where have we seen that formula before?—then showed the depth of his empathy to the young men who trusted him to fulfil the oath he gave with a handshake and written contract.

The TV6 reporter wanted to know if Tim Kee spoke to the aggrieved footballers recently; you know, about the little matter of the eight month late payment to the Warriors to settle an eight year old debt.

“No, I did not,” said Tim Kee. “I thought that they owed me at least the courtesy of a call. That has not been forthcoming.”

As always, it is the people who owe the politicians and must stroke their egos, genuflect and thank God it isn’t worse while being screwed.

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago national football team players and technical staff members slept at a Finland airport in May 2013 because there was no money to check into a hotel for close to 24 hours. Tim Kee travelled first class to see them play.
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago national football team players and technical staff members slept at a Finland airport in May 2013 because there was no money to check into a hotel for close to 24 hours.
Tim Kee travelled first class to see them play.

Opposition Leader Keith Rowley was one of the biggest naysayers when Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar swore Warner into Cabinet. Now, Rowley has helped Warner’s mini-me collect the keys to Port of Spain; and he has given his party’s purse to a man whose organisation could not even handle a tee-shirt sale for now deceased footballer Akeem Adams.

It is the recurring story of Trinidad and Tobago’s politics: you buy milk at the grocery and go home to discover sour cream in the carton. And the blasted ombudsman will say you have to wait five years to return it.


Editor’s Note: Click HERE to see a January 2014 interview with TTFA president Raymond Tim Kee on the debt to the 2006 World Cup players. Notice he does not mention the possibility of recovering millions in missing funds from past special advisor Jack Warner.

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  1. He is tickled by their plight?! And no one can do anything? This country has hit rock bottom with corruption…they can do anything and get away with it.

  2. U see we know whatever the colour, this town is riddled with crooks and thieves

  3. Lasana – did you see that he has now disclosed the amount paid in the first tranche that was supposed to be subject to a confidentiality agreement? Another pitiful attempt to shame and mislead the public into turning against the players.

    You make a promise the team, break the promise and then lose the legal battle to get out of your commitment. You ignore the court’s advice to attempt recovery of the misappropriated funds and then lie to the public about the reasons why you refuse to seek redress. You disregard the court order you agreed to and ignore your own executive while obtaining funds from a yet unverified source. You then breach the same confidentiality agreement you insisted on because you think it suits your purpose.

    Yet somehow this is the fault of the so called ungrateful players? We’re sorry boss – a lot of us have more intelligence than you seem to give us credit for in this country.

    We aren’t buying what you are selling.

  4. I cannot understand why he was chosen as mayor or treasurer. These choices make me wonder about what we will be seeing if the PNM become the next government. Where are the new faces?!

  5. It’s a cycle of abuse Michael Samuel. As we near the finish line with one group of molesters, we see the next in line unbuckling already.

  6. Another square peg in a round hole …… jus saying

  7. This is sickening. We seeing what going to happen to us unfold in slow motion. Allyuh, we have to make it clear that this man is not to have any role in central government. We don’t want him for sport minister and we definitely don’t want him in the ministry of finance. PNM people didn’t even have the sense to vote for Browne. Back to the deep blue sea.

  8. hmmm. His tone suggests controlled menace, indeed.

  9. Notice how he never mentions the possibility of going after millions in missing football money (including taxpayers money) from his old boss Jack Warner.
    He wants to bully and speak down to the players while giving Warner assurances that he will never go after him.

  10. For those who want further insight into Tim Kee’s thinking, here is his interview with Joel Villafana earlier this year:

  11. It won’t be funny when they make him a member of cabinet in the next PNM administration.

    For all the talk from Rowley about bringing youth into the PNM and good governance to T&T, this is the clearest sign of what we can expect in the future. Nothing is going to change.

    Funny how all the PNM jokers who parading around on Facebook have not made a single comment on these threads whatsoever. This is why we will continue to have revolving one term governments. They simply refuse to recognise that people not putting up with the nonsense anymore.

  12. Tim Kee….disappointed in how he continues to treat the players.

  13. I think current and old TTFA/CONCACAF/FIFA made a deal to continue to deprive the 2006 Soca Warriors, it’s business as usual. Apologists for the corrupt.

  14. “Like coonkaloonks in a size small costume”… Hahaha… Quote of the year!

  15. A Rock and a HARD, HARD place. We are squeezed in between like coonkaloonks in a size small costume. Annie, is all politicians oui.

  16. Earl, what does the bible say about old wine in new glasses?

  17. Tim Kee better come straight, people are tired of the web of lies from this present government, we are not willing to accept lies from anyone anywhere anymore. Politicians must account to us, we are their bosses.

  18. Just confirms that ALL OF THEM is the same damn thing.

  19. Is football and the same way I cuss Jack for not paying the boys is the same way PNM will get cuss but some of you will get real quiet now watch and see since he is now the PNM treasurer

  20. I fed up post about this Tim Kee choice, but people like it so the man dam arrogant stuepssssss

  21. Whatever high-grade weed Tim Kee is smoking, he needs to share it around. You are the one owing people money for months and you fell aggrieved that they did not have the courtesy to call you? Really? Not only are you violating a court order blatantly, but you want to add insult to injury about who should call whom?
    Mr. Tim Kee, be glad those footballers declined to call you. Had they called, you might have been rechristened with some names that don’t form parts of polite conversation.

  22. Mark but I have been asking this question since meh uncle Tim Kee took power of the TTFA eh, I taught that FIFA doesn’t allow no politrickcian to be involve in their football eh, so how come they are allowing this to happen ent. Them really good yes.

  23. We keep shooting ourselves in the foot with the selection of Jack’s Fowl Thieves to guard the coop

  24. Hope it does not come back to haunt the Party

  25. I don’t like the vibe I get from this man in either position he holds.

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