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Deputy CoP gets tough and gets going on emailgate

Deputy Commissioner of Police (CoP) Mervyn Richardson is on the verge of solving the e-mail scandal that has gripped Trinidad and Tobago for the past two weeks and could feasibly spell doom for either the political career of the Opposition Leader or the Prime Minister and Attorney General.

Either that or Richardson just signed up for a Gmail account himself.

Photo: An email to the wise...
Photo: An email to the wise…

The high profile lawman was not in the mood to give any details away when he spoke to the Trinidad Guardian yesterday. But he was very generous with his clichés.

“The investigation is at a very crucial stage right now,” Richardson told the Guardian.

As if that was not clear enough, Richardson further explained that “all hands are on deck and are working feverishly to complete this investigation.”

And, to prove there can never be too much of a good thing, he then assured the public that: “We are moving along and are focused on determining the matter.”

Wired868 cannot confirm that Richardson added: “It’s not over until the fabulous lady in the Prime Minister’s office sings.”

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  1. Christine Edwards—Farrow

    Hope Dr. Rowley gets a fair trial.