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By George: Ex-CAL chairman has a flap about Guardian criticisms

Former CAL chairman George Nicholas III showed that he still has not returned to ground by suing Trinidad Guardian columnist Maxie Cuffie for not writing enough nice things about him in a commentary about the ailing national airline.

Cuffie wrote that Nicholas was “someone with no significant track record other than employment in the family firm” and “manifestly unequal to the task.”

Nicholas, in his suit, countered that he is executive chairman of Mora Ven Holdings, which supposedly enjoyed a 90 percent increase in revenue for the first quarter of 2013. Nicholas left CAL in April 2012 after 16 months on the job.

George, if your strongest case for receiving a job in 2010 was made at another company in 2013 and you could not spot the irony in saying so, then Mr Live Wire is also of the opinion that you had no significant track record and was manifestly unequal to the task.

Photo: George Nicholas III.
Photo: George Nicholas III.

Why Nicholas so yearns for Cuffie’s approval when, three years ago, then Transport Minister Devant Maharaj and Finance Minister Winston Dookeran seemed even less enthused about his tenure is baffling too. But then the chap with his grandad’s name seems a complex fellow.

Nicholas’ list of achievements to the local court, according to today’s Trinidad Express, included “nimble” motivation of 1,860 employees and his “crisis management of an aircraft incident in Guyana.” It takes a shrewd man to spin the only crash in the history of the airline into a gold star on his CV. Only, Nicholas didn’t complete the manoeuvre.

There were no further details or explanation as to why the former chairman deserves credit for anything arising from BW523’s crash at the Cheddi Jaggan Airport. We are still waiting for you to turn that mishap around Georgie. Just like CAL.

Nicholas also tried to prove his suitability for his prior post by revealing that he taught English to children at a French orphanage in 1986 and once worked with evangelists like Benny Hinn and TD Jakes.

Photo: Quick, tell George to call TD Jakes.
Photo: Quick, tell George to call TD Jakes.

If and when the time comes to perform last rites on CAL, Live Wire believes Nicholas is definitely your man.

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