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Warner strips to his silk boxers; oh dear

National Security Minister Jack Warner has vowed to treat the Trinidad and Tobago media to his British “silk” boxers.

Even Wired868, who has taken up the challenge to see Warner in court, is praying that the former FIFA Vice-President is referring to his expensively assembled legal team of British Queen’s Counsels and not something even more unseemly than he was previously credited with.

Photo: Ex-England football captain and PSG midfielder David Beckham (left) and Jack Warner. Apparently, both men are underwear models.
Photo: Ex-England football captain and PSG midfielder David Beckham (left) and Jack Warner.
Apparently, both men are underwear models.

But who can tell what is beyond the People’s Partnership’s “Man of Action” these days?

His silk warning is a significant downgrade from his previous tsunami forecasts but then the public would pay heed to an errant weatherman for only so long.

Now, that the fear factor is gone; everyone is lining up to take a pop. The Trinidad Express dusted off and re-used a 13-month-old Wired868 report on the CONCACAF Centre of Excellence today that might have had Warner wondering if Lasana Liburd is now writing under the pseudonym, Camini Maharaj.

(Wired868 report in May 2012 and today’s Express story, aptly headlined as “The Great Deception”)

In truth, Warner must be seeing his enemies everywhere.

The US State Department’s 2012 Human Rights Report was not good reading for Trinidad and Tobago as it slammed local law enforcements for police killings, its use of the State of Emergency and “poor treatment of suspects, detainees and prisoners.”

It is an exaggeration, of course. Warner remains a suspect of money laundering and under probe by the T&T police but he gets by just fine and certainly is not mistreated. Kamla Persad-Bissessar even lets him act as Prime Minister from time to time.

And just where is the supposed “Mother of the Nation” when Uncle Jack is threatening to striptease the population? She is the United States again.

Mr Live Wire suggests that Tanty Kamla takes Warner on her next US trip. He is really getting too embarrassing for us now.

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  1. As much as I’d love to weigh in about “Uncle Jack” I feel I may be repeating myself so I choose instead to focus on The Trinidad Express although I am echoing (internally) the sentiments already expressed.
    So here goes…
    The exclusive investigation the Trinidad Express refers to – was it really exclusive to them and carried out by them?

    “Warner was referring specifically to an exclusive Express investigation which found that over $100 million went missing during his dealings with local football since 2006.”

  2. Yes I completely agree. Kamla please take Jack on a US trip with u. I want him to enjoy a nice weekend where he can relax in a posh hotel and go out to enjoy some lovely site-seeing. Jack go jump on a plane and fly to the US to see your sons at least…