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Fuad’s family affair; taxpayers’ bill included

Do you know what your wife is up to while you’re at work?

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan has solved that problem albeit at the taxpayers’ expense.

Photo: Mr Live has absolutely no proof that Health Minister Fuad Khan was writing his wife a love note. (Courtesy PAHO.org)
Photo: Mr Live has absolutely no proof that Health Minister Fuad Khan was writing his wife a love note.
(Courtesy PAHO.org)

The Trinidad Guardian reported today that Dr Carol Bhagan-Khan, wife of the Health Minister, is set to be unveiled as the new executive director of the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA).

Not to worry though. Both parties stressed that it was done properly. And Khan insisted that it would be hell to pay if his wife was given a job directly under him for any reason other than she was the best person for that particular position.

“If the proper procedures were not followed then I would have to take action with the board,” Khan told the Guardian.

Bhagan-Khan shared details of her arduous job interview with the Guardian.

“I was verbally told at the interview that I had probably got it,” said Bhagan-Khan. “They said most likely I had got it and they will have a contract for me next week.”

The Khan’s latest civil union at the Health Ministry is in keeping with the People’s Partnership’s family values.

Cabinet Minister Suruj Rambachan previously explained Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s use of her sister on State trips and the fact that her nephews stayed at the PM’s official residence while Persad-Bissessar was often at her Phillipine home.

“It is a credit to the Prime Minister, a great example to the country, that she continues to uphold the quality of family life,” said Rambachan. “… I think the whole society will be enriched by that.”

The members of society who happen to be related to Persad-Bissessar and her Cabinet ministers would be especially enriched, of course.

Ex-Prime Minister Patrick Manning once set a marker for such brazen family gifts when he gave his wife, Hazel manning, the portfolio of Education Minister.

In the midst of such rank nepotism, National Security Minister Jack Warner stands out, for once, as a beacon of light. And Mr Live Wire is big enough to admit as much.

The United States’ FBI is supposedly compiling a dossier on Warner and his son, Daryan, has allegedly been within the grasp of the investigative bureau for the past seven months as a “cooperating witness.” Yet, not once has Warner hopped on a Caribbean Airlines flight and headed to Miami to find out what was the matter.

No State-funded “Finding Nemo” or Elian Gonzales-type rescue mission for the the former FIFA Vice-President then.

Even though, in this instance, taxpayers would probably be happy to chip in for Warner’s airfare.



What Dr Carol Bhagan-Khan subsequently told the Guardian: “I am wondering if it makes sense given all the controversy it has created. I spoke to my husband and I am kind of pulling back because I do not know if it makes logical sense to accept the job.”

What Dr Carol Bhagan-Khan did not tell the Guardian: “I spoke to my husband and I am NOT taking the job because of the controversy it would create.”

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  1. I take it we do not have laws against such blatant nepotism? Thus we are expected to just sit back and take it?

  2. Rhoda Bharath

    Thanks for keeping it real Liburd and pointing out the rank nepotism on both sides.