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Political analyst and UWI lecturer Winford James has the simmering THA election scandal all figured out.

The Sunday Express revealed that TOP minority leader Ashford has a multi-million dollar mansion he claimed to have financed, in large part, from selling cucumbers and pumpkins. Presumably, Minister Roodal Moonilal’s famous batches of pholourie are not hot sellers in Tobago.

James believes this is precisely the sort of thing that “can” affect a political campaign.

“There are those who will support, others will dismiss it, while the independent will begin to wonder,” James told the Trinidad Express.

Clear? Crystal.

The political analyst, who had four days to mull over the issue, further warned that such matters “raise suspicions in some quarters.”

In Trinidad and Tobago’s present politically charged climate, an astute mind should not be under-utilised.

Mr Live Wire would like to know if James does horoscopes too.

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