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Kublalsingh’s hunger strike gets lean returns

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh continues to gamble his health on the compassion, transparency and sense of justice of the People’s Partnership government and its leader, Kamla Persad-Bissessar. Arguably, it is akin to leaving your Oreos with the Cookie Monster and expecting to come home to chocolate chips.

Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal, who was once tipped by Persad-Bissessar as her future successor, described Kublalsingh’s hunger strike as the actions of a spoilt child. And the PM is yet to directly address Kublalsingh’s call for an independent body to address the Re-Route Movement’s concerns while her letter yesterday delivered little comfort.

Photo: Environmental activist and UWI lecturer Wayne Kublalsingh.

Last week, National Security Minister Jack Warner said that $4.5 million spent on a Laventille family day was excellent business if it saved just one life.

The life of an environmental activist, it seems, is not worth even the chance that a highway might not be completed.


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  1. Sorry, Lasana, although I usually feel you are on point, and I note the satirical tone, there is no way that Kamla, or any other T&T Prime Minister should give in to psychological blackmail. This country must never be seen to show weakness, otherwise the streets will be full of protesters on hunger strike. I feel that the government have not dealt well with the Highway Reroute Movements objections, but that does not give a person a justifiable reason to commit suicide. I admire Mr Kublasinghs passion, but he is an essential voice in T&Ts environmental movement and sacrificing himself will leave present and future governments with a free reign to plunder our countryside without a potent opposition. Kamla has recognised Kublasinghs gesture from a humanitarian standpoint, but cannot acknowledge his stance from a political position. This is a no win for Kublasingh, while it actually could improve Kamlas image as a strong leader who would not be bullied. I really hope Dr Kublasingh claims a moral victory and eats a doubles or two before its too late.