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Jack’s curry tabanca

Loving, as anyone who had a Twix bar knows, does not always mean sharing.

And National Security Minister Jack Warner’s obsession with Trinidad and Tobago’s Indian population reached a new high—or low, according to your point of view—when the Chaguanas West MP refused to attend Sunday’s Divali Nagar opening in Chaguanas because Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley might also have been present.

“When I was informed of Dr Keith Rowley’s presence, at a time when the national community is so politically charged, the only logical process that followed suggested that such action would only serve to reduce this holy festival to political jostling,” wrote Warner, in a letter to the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC), “which, given the respect and love I have for the Hindu community, I chose not to be a part of now or ever.

“It is in this regard that I chose not to attend because for me, to reduce the opening of the Divali Nagar below its lofty and holy expectations is sacrilegious.”

Warner, who once seemingly advised Caribbean football delegates to open a church if they felt too pious to accept a bribe, is never shy to advise religious leaders and bragged about 20 years of faithful service to the Hindu religion and an intimate knowledge of “the honesty which it promotes and its moral values for which we all have become familiar.”

Warner’s devotion might have surprised NCIC president Deokinanan Sharma.

Sharma told the Trinidad Express he was unaware that Warner planned to attend the Nagar to begin with while he claimed that all Parliamentarians were invited annually. Not if Warner has his way, though.

Wired868 cannot confirm that the Hindu community plans to approach a relationship counsellor for advice on handling the lovesick Warner.

Or that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar—in keeping with her love for ironic appointments like Herbert Volney as Minister of Justice and Jamal Mohammed as Minister of Communication—is considering offering Warner the portfolio of Minister of National Diversity and Social Integration.

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